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Grace Garcia

Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting a new business venture off the ground is challenging and rewarding. Along the
way a little expert advice can go a long way and save you from some costly mistakes.

You're probably thinking, "How much will that expert advice cost?" I have some good
news for you. This expert advice will cost you nothing when you use the Small Business
Development Center's services.

You not only get expert advice but you get resources such as a start-up packet, on-line
training, guidance with developing a business plan, financial projections and business

We offer seminars and workshops at no cost or for a nominal fee from which you can
obtain further business training.

Whether you are already in business or just starting a new venture, seek training
opportunities to better manage your business. The SBDC offers a wide variety of
business management training topics such as sales, marketing, business plan,
insurance, franchising, government procurement, Web site building, taxes, customer
service, exporting, bookkeeping and a wide variety of human resource topics such as
employee policy handbook, basics of HR, warehouse safety, violence and harassment in
the workplace, hiring employees, etc.

The SBDC's online training features up to 26 business management modules to choose
from. If you cannot find the training you are looking for, there are numerous online
training opportunities on the Internet. For example, and offers a wide variety of free online training.

To avoid some costly mistakes, participate in the SBDC's Small Business Management
Certificate program for entrepreneurs, it is highly recommended. This program is
celebrating a one-year anniversary this month and to date has 60 participants enrolled in
the program.
The program equips entrepreneurs with a good foundation for running a successful
business. Participants must attend eight required start-up seminars, two online advance
seminars and sit on a one-on-one advising session within a year's time to complete the
program. Participants also receive valuable resource tools such as "Starting a New
Business in San Angelo" guide book, QuickBooks "Simple Start" software, business
start-up and tax seminar CDs, business magazines, and a program notebook for easy
access to all the training handouts and presentations.

This program is specifically for people who want to start a business or who have been in
business for less than one year. However, we welcome all business owners who
determine that they can benefit from the program.

At completion of the program participants will understand the importance of preparing a
business plan, exploring financing options, keeping good records, marketing their
product and complying with sales and IRS tax requirements.

Remember to seek expert advice for whatever stage of business you are currently in. It
can be in the form of one-on-one-advising from a business professional or from formal
training such as seminars and workshops.

Call the SBDC for free advice, and visit our Web site at to begin
enhancing your management skills to successfully start, grow and succeed.

"Business Tips" was written by Grace Garcia, Business Development Training
Coordinator of Angelo State University's Small Business Development Center. Contact
her at