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business form management


									Business Forms Management Association
           Symposium 2004

   Writing Your Symposium Report
         Sunday, May 23, 2004
            Reno, Nevada

                  Presented by:
                  Judi McClellan
        Fairview-University Medical Center
              Minneapolis, Minnesota
              Phone: (612) 273-3112
               Fax: (612) 273-1142

          Home: 9533 Inver Grove Trail
          Inver Grove Hts., MN 55076
                (651) 455-8185
                  OVERALL OBJECTIVE

Ensure management knows the value of your symposium



            1.    Lead paragraph

            2.    General statement

            3.    Classes attended

            4.    Networking contacts

            5.    Product displays

            6.    Potential cost savings

            7.    Overall value

            8.    Budget
1.   Lead Paragraph - Should express a statement of appreciation
     for the opportunity to attend the symposium.


     I found this seminar to be informative and thought provoking. Thank you
     for allowing me to attend.

     It was a pleasure to be a participant at BFMA's Symposium 2004 in Reno,
     Nevada. This year’s symposium theme was “Dynamic Forms, the Silver
     Lining of Your Enterprise”.

     I'm grateful to (your company name) for allowing me to participate in
     BFMA's Symposium 2004 in Reno, Nevada.

     Thank you for allowing me to participate in BFMA's Symposium 2004 in
     Reno, Nevada.

2.   General Statement - Should include an overall purpose
     of Business Forms Management Association.


     Business Forms Management Association's purpose is to provide quality
     forms-systems education and to enhance individual competency and
     professionalism, which will enable its members to help their employers
     achieve organizational goals of increased competitiveness, productivity and
     economic success.

     Business Forms Management Association's purpose is to promote good
     management of forms-systems integration, throughout all industries and
     governments. It does this through education of the business public and its
     own members in the principles and techniques of forms management and
     related areas.

     Business Forms Management Association was formed 45 years ago. It is the
     association for forms and information systems professionals. Their slogan is
     “We capture the information that makes business run!”
BFMA is an International, nonprofit organization of professionals
committed to the improvement of productivity through forms-systems
integration. They provide the best and most current forms-systems education
possible and have found new technologies, new tools, and new methods to
challenge forms professionals.

BFMA is a global network of form and information systems professionals
who use and develop the technologies driving the document systems
industry. Their mission is to provide immersive learning, training and
networking opportunities that advance the sound, innovative use of forms
and documents – both print and electronic – needed for businesses to

BFMA is a resource, which further educates us. It seeks to raise
professionalism in the forms and information systems fields and realizes the
need for working in the broader systems scope in its short and long term
planning and education efforts.

BFMA is an association that educates and empowers us with the knowledge,
skills and resources needed to make informed decisions to improve business

BFMA’s symposium structure of track (skill set) and field (subject manner)
allowed me to focus on the design and development sessions, which better
utilized my time.
2.   General Statement Continued - Primary reason for attending.

     Areas you can address are: educational classes, committee
     participation, networking (camaraderie), Special Interest Groups
     (SIGS), Product User Groups, and product displays.

     Technologies are changing constantly. Every year companies have
     different priorities. These two areas alone can be the primary
     reasons for attending every year.


     The BFMA Symposium 2004 was educational and an opportunity for
     individuals in the same profession to meet and exchange ideas. It was well
     organized and implemented. Attendees came from around the world to
     exchange ideas on ways to improve forms design, data capture, information
     systems and workflow.

     BFMA Symposium 2004 offered a learning environment with hundreds of
     educational opportunities to enhance my present knowledge, expand career
     horizons and improve the understanding of the work relations with peers.

     BFMA Symposium 2004 provided access to the knowledge, technology and
     resources that will enable me to take advantage of new opportunities and
     offer (name your company here) solutions to our complex challenges that
     confront our businesses today.

     BFMA‘s educational focus provides training in how to effectively use forms
     and documents to better manage business processes and present new
     opportunities for improved efficiencies as business operations accelerate in
     the digital age.

     BFMA’s 35th annual international symposium was a learning and
     networking event that offered the most dynamic venue in the industry for
     tapping the networked community of forms and information systems
     professional worldwide.
3.   Identify Classes Attended

           State: Relative value to attendee and work

                    How this value can be applied to current and future

                    Specific education received regarding management
                    edict goals, projects assigned, or areas of challenges

                    Quality of instruction and content


     All but one and one half-hours of my class time were in specific skills
     development. The topics that were best presented and more informative were
     techniques for better analysis and procedure flow-charting.

     Dr. Ben Graham’s course was excellent. He lectured and provided hands on
     experience for business process improvement benefits as a tool for system
     analysis. This has taught me the logic behind calculating benefits to determine
     the bottom line effectiveness of an improvement.

     Dr. Ben Graham, Jr.’s session on Time Management covered the psychology
     and techniques of time management. This session has shown me how to “polish
     my skills” for making the most of my time.

     Gary Stephens from ConocoPhillips presented a session on “How to Put
     Together a Request for Proposal.” This session has provided me the tools to
     accurately compare vendor information as (your company name) moves
     forward with our RFP.

     One of (your company name) goals this next year is to migrate to electronic
     forms. Russ Gould, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for FileNET Corporation
     explained the importance of simple forms routing to complex multiplex
     workflow processes. This session will definitely help us in our transition.
The seminar pointed out numerous elements important to a cost-effective
forms management program. (Your company name) areas of strength are
adequate master files and record keeping, a consistent forms numbering
system, strong coordination between forms management and reprographics
and purchasing, and management support.

William Hill’s basic “Forms Analysis and Redesign” session has reinforced my
abilities to continue to meet the needs of (your company name) in future
analysis and redesign assignments.

One of my goals this year is to help select an E-forms system. The session
presented by Paul Wernet, President of Formatta Corporation, provided a
walkthrough of the basic steps and timelines to manage the procurement
process in an organized manner. He also emphasized the importance of
developing an appropriate RFI/RFP for our organization.

One of (your company name) goal is to decentralize a portion of our forms
while maintaining control. At the Special Industry Group Session, (the other
company name) has just completed this task. My first step is to organize,
implement and be responsible for a Forms Task Committee. This will keep us
in the "driver's seat."

Workshops were structured to provide how-to-do-it techniques. Ideas that can
immediately be applied to benefit (your company name)
 - Ensure good design & construction of every form for efficiency
 - Originate and maintain specifications
 - Educate and assist operating personnel
 - Stop creation of useless forms
 - Understand procedures
 - Create a competitive edge by properly managing the information processing
      at (your company name).
Speaker Paragraphs:

Top rated instructors conducted the formal session covering all facets of
information resource management. Four of BFMA's course instructors, Dr. Ben
Graham, Robert Barnett, Ray Killam, and Frank J. Garner, III were among the
leading instructors and recognized authorities that conducted one or more of the
75 plus scheduled sessions.

I was very impressed with the quality of courses offered and with the
professional manner of the speakers.

Joyce Hamlett, Manager of the Forms Management group and the On-Line
Production group at Westinghouse Savannah River is a member of the
Department of Energy Forms Solution Exchange Team and a speaker at the
Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA). She
is also a member of Westinghouse First Line Supervisor Advisory Council, a
team designed to promote communication between upper management,
middle management and non-exempt employees. Her session on “Basis of
Developing a High-Performance Team with the People Skills Technique”
will certainly benefit (your company name).

Speakers throughout the United States, Australia, and Switzerland presented
lectures and workshops targeting some of the most complex topics in the
industry today. Their level of professionalism and knowledge has provided
comprehensive aid for the myriad challenges facing us today.

The e-forms panel forum (composed of Symposium sponsors who offered
e-forms products) was an exchange of information that enhanced my
understanding of the capabilities of e-forms now and in the near future.

The end user panel consisted of representatives from companies that have
implemented enterprise-wide forms solutions. They addressed
implementation strategy, IT support (or lack of), level of e-forms
implemented, issues/problems encountered, features they particularly liked
or wish they had. This information will be extremely valuable as we
proceed to implement our own e-forms solution.
4.   Networking Contacts - State specific contacts made along with any
     ideas gleaned through networking.


     I have been able to get the names of seven other companies that use (name the
     product) for forms design. I know I will be able to learn new techniques from
     the other companies that have our system in place.

     The symposium was the perfect opportunity to meet colleagues in related
     professional fields from the U.S., Canada, and other parts of the world to share
     innovative ideas, get answers to individual problems and avoid potential
     problems by talking to people who have "been there."

     Symposium 2004 offered other learning opportunities that are as valuable as the
     formal sessions. Fellow attendees, from around the globe, shared insights,
     frustrations and know-how.

     Networking with several attendees who have established electronic forms have
     broadened my perspective and will definitely be a resource for me to utilize as
     we look at establishing our own electronic forms systems at (your company

     The networking at the symposium gave me the resources to help us develop our
     forms into an electronic format.

     Networking with fellow form systems professionals has provided me with
     contacts and resources that will help me throughout my own personal growth
     and development.
5.   Product Displays - On specific technologies you may want
     management to review. Attach materials received, which reflect
     pictures, specifications, cost, etc. or mention you have them
     available upon request.


     Many of the forms industry’s leading vendors and manufactures were in
     attendance at the Symposium 2004. I was able to have hands-on
     demonstrations of the latest products and technologies that are shaping our
     profession. I have detailed information of products and programs that might
     suit (your company name).

     The product displays gave me an opportunity to view and learn about new

     I had the opportunity to visit product displays to evaluate their forms
     management software. Reading literature on a product is no substitute for a live

     There were personalized demonstrations that showcased the latest technology
     and applications evolving within the forms systems environment. Private
     showings were available for small groups or on a one-on-one basis. I have
     more information (brochures) available upon request.

     The vendor exhibits were interesting and they heightened my awareness of
     changes and advancements taking place in the forms-systems integration

     The networking luncheon on Wednesday with my peers was outstanding. I’ve
     made contacts with people who will become invaluable to me as (your company
     name) transitions from paper to electronic forms.
6.   Identify Potential Cost Savings

     Identify any potential cost savings you can generate resulting from ideas
     or new skills learned.

     Make sure to implement these ideas and make them visible to
     management as they occur.

     Whenever reporting savings, tie them to symposium.


     If you cannot identify a specific cost saving, a general statement of how you are
     working smarter by not reinventing the wheel, and the networking resources
     you have to find out information are absolute cost savings.

     BFMA professionals have used a basic standard for evaluating forms savings
     that hold true in most cost benefit analysis we perform. For every dollar spent
     on printing a form, another $150-$200 is spent in the processing of that form. It
     is critical that forms professionals not only look at printing costs but also the
     work flow and processing requirements of a form to evaluate and determine
     cost savings. We will apply the above to all of our forms analysis and reports.
     On a quarterly basis, we will show the improved savings.

     One of the areas (your company name) is investigating is moving from paper
     based forms to automate capturing of information on our forms. There were
     several sessions that talked about companies saving up front capturing
     information electronically but did not consider the people costs dealing with
     problems relating to inaccurate information captured. Before we implement
     our system, these sessions will help me to calculate our overall costs and what
     happens to them when we introduce an automated capture system.
7.   Overall Value - Should indicate overall value of the symposium
     and that you are looking forward to attending next year.


     Five tracks (basic, management, workflow, information systems, and vendor
     product tutorials and panel discussions) were presented in a concise,
     understandable fashion so you could absorb the techniques and knowledge.
     These tracks also corresponded directly with the fields of knowledge (design
     and development; forms management; information systems; and workflow)
     covered in examinations for BFMA’s certification program, Certified Forms
     Systems Professional.

     BFMA provided over 75 formal sessions, special interest groups, keynote
     and panel speakers, special events, and vendor demonstrations/exhibits. It
     was truly a premiere instructional and networking symposium.

     The annual symposium sponsored by BFMA provided the primary
     opportunity for information resources management professionals to learn
     about the latest technological developments in this multi disciplined field.

     This year’s symposium featured industry leaders who are changing the face
     of business operations with new forms models, documents, systems and
     technologies. They addressed all aspects of the contemporary forms and
     document profession along with some of the most complex topics in the
     industry today.

     For over 35 years, BFMA symposiums have helped thousands of
     professionals build careers in every facet of information resources
     management. Today, an explosion of information is processed via
     computers, micro graphics, and optical media expands. Designed for all
     systems and analytical professionals, Symposium 2004 truly integrated
     forms and information systems functions.
Overall Value - Continued

The well-rounded program was designed to reach every level of experience,
novice to expert, and to provide new and exciting insights into business
management and into the constantly evolving fields of information sciences.

Digestion and implementation of all this information will take several
months, but our electronic forms program has received a good foundation of
constructive ideas and information sources thanks to the speakers, sponsors
and interesting people I met.

BFMA’s 2004 Symposium enabled me to achieve the knowledge and ability
to help (your organization’s name) become more competitive, functional,
and economically successful.

BFMA’s 2004 Symposium course curriculum featured an entire spectrum of
forms expertise, from the most fundamental to the cutting-edge, including
many classes focused on the industry’s web-driven systems.

You may want to add this sentence to your overall statement: “I have
brought back the complete proceedings of all sessions presented at the
symposium for the other analysts/employees to share.”

The following sentence can be added at the end of each above paragraph:

    “I look forward to attending the 2005 Symposium in Orlando, Florida.”

    “I look forward to one of the analysts attending the 2005 Symposium in
     Orlando, Florida.”
8.   Prepare a Budget

     Prepare cost figures for next year.

     Do not include in your report. Submit in normal budgeting cycle.

     Attach copy of the report to your budget proposal.

     Throughout the year, any savings resulting from your attendance at
     Symposium should be included.

                           Proposed Budget for
                          2005 BFMA Symposium

                        Airfare                   $ 700
                     Hotel Room                   1,100
                     Registration                 1,000
                     Meals/Misc.                    300
                    Estimated Total              $3,100
                    Your report is now finished

      Be sure to set up a meeting with your supervisor

Don’t just hand it in. Set up a time to meet with your supervisor.

Discuss areas of particular interest to him or her.

Highlight your supervisor's "hot button" areas.

Close by saying you look forward to attending next year’s symposium.

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