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									   Aboriginal Capacity and Development Research Environment (ACADRE)

                                  Small Travel Grant

                                  Deadline: April 7, 2008

ACADRE Program Overview
The ACADRE program is an initiative of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research –
Institute for Aboriginal Peoples Health that is coordinated through the Centre for
Aboriginal Health Research. The main goal of ACADRE is to increase the number and
variety of health researchers available to work with and/or for Aboriginal communities
and academic institutions. The following primary research themes have been identified:

   1.   Population Health
   2.   Health Services Research
   3.   Child Health and Development
   4.   Ethical Issues in Aboriginal Health Research
   5.   Dental disease prevention/health promotion
   6.   Other – determined by partnerships with the Centre, including clinical/health
        sciences research

Small Travel Grant
The ACADRE program offers a limited number of grants up to $3000 for students,
community-based researchers and community research partners to support research
related travel. Activities supported may include participation at national/international
conferences, travel to research meetings and other research activities requiring travel.
Recipients of the ACADRE Travel Grant are required to present a report at the next
ACADRE colloquium.

The program is open to students, community-based researchers and community
research partners in Manitoba and neighboring regions of Nunavut who are engaged in
Aboriginal health research. Priority will be given to applicants of Aboriginal descent.

Note: CAHR-ACADRE must book flights and conference registration on behalf of
successful applicants.
         Aboriginal Capacity and Development Research Environment (ACADRE)
                                    Small Travel Grant Application
       For office use only
       Date application received: ___________________
       All necessary documents received                   □ Yes          □ No

Important: Please not that it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all required documents are submitted
by the closing date. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applicant Name:________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:________________________________________________________________


Telephone:______________________ E-mail:_____________________________

Are you Aboriginal*?
  □ No          □ Yes

(*Aboriginal includes Metis/Inuit/First Nations, American Indians, and the Indigenous peoples of
South and Central America.)

Students – please complete the following:

          Degree Program: Undergraduate □                       Masters □             PhD □

          Year of study in degree (for 07/08 session):
                  □1st year     □2nd year      □3rd year                 □4th year



          Area of research interest: ___________________________________________________

          Name of Academic Supervisor(s):____________________________________________

Community-based Researchers – please complete the following:


          Title/Position: ______________________________________________________

          Name of research project: ____________________________________________
Travel Funding Request:

Dates of travel: ___________________________________________________________

Purpose of travel (e.g. name of meeting/conference): _____________________________
Provide an overview of the conference/meeting/research activity and how this will help to
achieve your academic/research goals. If you are presenting at a conference, please attach a copy
of the abstract for your presentation.

                    Expense                                     Amount requested
Travel (airfare, mileage, etc.)
Meals (see attached for per diems)
Other (please specify - e.g. taxi fare, public
transit, etc.)

                                    Subtotal              $
           Travel funding from other sources            - $
         Total Funds Requested (max. $3000)               $

NB: you may not be funded for total request. Funding amount depends on the number of
applicants and availability of funds.

Signature of Applicant: ______________________________

Completed applications should be forwarded to:

                           Linda Diffey, ACADRE Program Coordinator
                              Centre for Aboriginal Health Research
                                Suite 715, Buhler Research Centre
                                   The University of Manitoba
                                      715 McDermot Avenue
                                  Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 3P4
                                       Fax: (204) 975-7783
          Manitoba First Nations – Centre for Aboriginal Health Research

                 Travel Policy for Meetings/Conferences



Air Transportation - reimbursement of public transportation costs will not normally
exceed the equivalent of the lowest logical cost of air transportation. The lowest logical
cost of air transportation is defined as the most economical class of air travel over the
most efficient route taking into consideration specific travel requirements. The back
portion of the ticket is required for reimbursement. If an electronic ticket is issued,
please provide the boarding pass issued to you.

Private automobiles - should be limited to those trips where no suitable public
transportation is available or where private automobile is more economical considering
all costs. When a private automobile is used, a rate of $0.33 per kilometer is paid. You
must provide the number of kilometers driven, description of the trip (starting from where
and driving to where), make, model and license number of vehicle.

Taxi fares - related to University business are allowable expenses. Where available, hotel
transportation should be used to and from the airport. A receipt is required and must be
attached to the traveler's travel and business expense claim invoice.

Parking expenses related to meetings are allowable expenses when receipts are provided.

Accommodation and Meals

Reimbursement for accommodation will be limited to reasonable amounts in the
particular circumstance and will not exceed the single occupancy rate. If staying at
private residence, $30 is allowed. A signed receipt is needed for reimbursement.

Reasonable expenses for meals while traveling on University business will be reimbursed
by actual costs. Claims for meals and incidentals must be listed and may include taxes
and gratuity. A per diem is allowed if no original receipts are available at the following
rates: Breakfast $10, Lunch $10, Dinner $20.

If traveling outside of Canada, the rates are Breakfast $15, Lunch $15, Dinner $30.
Travel and other business expenses can be reimbursed only by submitting an invoice,
which must be accompanied by original cash register/credit card receipts/invoices. The
invoice must list each expense separately and should be submitted to the Center for
Aboriginal Health Research as soon as possible following completion of each trip.

NB: University of Manitoba Travel Expense claim forms may be downloaded from the
university website:

Expense invoice must include the following information:

•   Name of person being reimbursed and their social insurance number (required by
    University policy). The invoice must be signed and dated by the individual claiming
    the expenses. If an agency is to be reimbursed, the social insurance number is not

•   For travel:
       o the purpose of the trip
       o the persons/places/organization visited
       o dates of the visit

•   Original receipts (e.g. air/rail fare passenger coupons, food/meal receipts, detailed
    hotel bill, receipts or other proof of payment) and documents/explanations to support
    and verify all expenses claimed. Credit card receipt slips alone are not valid receipts
    for these types of expenses.

Travel expense claims are to be sent to the following:

                           Della MacNeil, Financial Assistant
                          Centre for Aboriginal Health Research
                                 University of Manitoba
                           Room 715, 715 McDermot Avenue
                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba
                                        R3E 3P4

                                    Tel: 204.789.3243
                                    Fax: 204.975.7783

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