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business company information


Trade directories for the UK and overseas are available to find contact details,
product information, names of directors, basic financial information etc. General
titles include:

      Key British Enterprises
      Covers the top 50,000 companies, with sections for cross referencing by
      industry, location, export markets etc. Volume 4 has rankings by sales,
      employees within county and industry.

      Waterlow’s (Major) Unquoted Companies
      Financial and market profiles on 20,000 leading unquoted companies in
      Great Britain. Individual in-depth profiles, 4 industry league tables and 3
      top 1000 league tables.

      Directory of Directors
      Allows you to search by individuals and by the companies they work for

      Stock Exchange Yearbook
      Comprehensive listing of all the companies listed on the London and
      Dublin stock exchanges

      Who Owns Whom
      Contains information on approximately 310, 000 parent companies and
      their 890, 000 subsidiaries in most of the major business locations

      Lancashire and Greater Manchester Business Registers
      These local directories of business locations include businesses on the
      basis that they have five or more employees or a turnover of £250,000
      per annum

Specialist directories are available for certain services and industries

      Building Societies Yearbook
      Includes key financial and statistical data on each society and sector wide

      Freight Industry Yearbook
      Comprises a buyers’ guide and sector by sector coverage of important
      issues in the freight industry

      Retail Directory
      Contains information on over 6, 500 companies across the UK retail sector

There are many websites giving free access to company and business
information, such as:
      Companies House
      The official UK government register of companies

      An online resource offering access to the financial data and annual reports
      of listed companies in Europe and the US

      A subscription website which provides a great deal of free information on
      UK and US companies and individuals in business

      FT Annual reports
      A website providing access to companies’ annual reports by name and by

      Northcote Data
      A company reports database which allows you to search for information
      across a wide range of subjects and sectors

A company website will often contain information such as history, contact
details, product information and annual report.

Bolton Libraries subscriptions
These are resources which Bolton Libraries can provide access to within Libraries
or remotely via a password

      FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy)
      A database of up to 2.5 million UK and Irish companies. FAME can
      produce customised information and allow you to:

      Obtain financial information about companies

      Identify company directors

      Search for brand names

      Produce direct-marketing mailing lists of information, tailored by
      geographic location, type of activity, turnover or by company size.

      Also included is access to the Data monitor market research service.

      British Standards
      This gives access to all British Standards Institute publications. It is
      available within Bolton Libraries and also remotely from any PC. Copyright
      restrictions apply. It can be searched by name, subject and BS number.

      IDS Paybenchmark
      The IDS database gives information on average earnings, actual pay rates
      for shop floor and office jobs in named organisations, and pay settlement
      trends. Comparisons are made for similar posts across the country, on an
      hourly, weekly and monthly basis.

      The Occupation Health and Safety Information Service is a suite of
      products provided by IHS UK. It includes full text copies of all Health and
      Safety Executive publications, as well as guidance from dozens of other
      organisations. All UK health and safety legislation and associated
      Approved Codes of Practice as well as a range of relevant European
      Directives can also be found here.

Background information on companies and other useful information can be found
in newspapers and trade magazines. Titles include:

      Building Services Journal
      Business Informer
      Caterer and Hotel Keeper
      Contract Journal
      The Grocer
      Printing World
      What to buy for Business
      Product Information

To identify who makes or supplies specific products and services we have a
number of directories. General titles include:

      Contact details for around 105,000 companies and over 19,000 product

      Thomas Global
      Worldwide website for suppliers

      UK telephone Directories (full set) and Yellow Pages Worldwide
      also accessible via their website.

To support you...
We have a large selection of printed works dealing with management
techniques, financial procedures, employing staff, marketing and overseas trade,
and other aspects of running a successful business:

      Company Mailing Lists
      Using the FAME database, we can create mailing lists to specific criteria
      such as location, number of employees, turnover, executives, products
      etc. These mailing lists can be supplied as a spreadsheet, by email,
      downloaded in the library or printed out.
Croner’s Business Information
Titles include Buying and Selling Law, Employment Law, Office
Companion, Reference Service for VAT, Reference Books for Importers
and Exporters and for Self-Employed and Smaller Businesses.

HM Customs and Revenue’s Tariff

UK Financial Statistics Parliamentary Legislation

Books on management and setting up a business

Newspapers and magazines
Including The Financial Times, The Economist and Management Today.
National Daily Newspapers
Available in hard copy and as an online archive, NewsUK, allowing full
text searching over several years.

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