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Financial Planning Online Review Course
The financial planning Online Review Course is designed to prepare students to sit for the CFP® Certification
Examination given by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.1
The Online Review Course consists of:
     • An introduction to the CFP® Certification Examination, with a suggested study program and test-taking
       information, including previously released questions from the examination
     • Content outlines covering the six subject areas of Kaplan University’s online Certificate in Financial Planning
       program and the entire 89-topic list for the CFP® Certification Examination
     • Multiple-choice review questions with feedback at the end of each examination topic
     • An online simulation of the CFP® Certification Examination, consisting of 300 multiple-choice questions and three
       case scenarios that include previously released CFP® Certification Examination questions. Students are encouraged
       to take the online simulation multiple times and the results are scored separately each time. Feedback for both
       correct and incorrect answers is provided.
The Online Review Course is delivered via the Internet. Students log in to the program using their own personal user
name and password, and they enter into their own personal classroom online.
In addition to online coursework, students have access to a discussion board, where they can post questions about the
course materials and examination topics or discuss their preparation for the CFP® Certification Examination with other
class members and the instructor. The Online Review Course is led by experienced Kaplan University faculty, many of
whom are practicing financial planning professionals with experience at premier financial services companies.
We recommend that the Online Review Course be completed in approximately six to eight weeks after finishing a
financial planning educational program. For individuals who qualify for challenge status (see list below) on the CFP®
Certification Examination, the Online Review Course is an excellent platform for independent study and review. It should take
approximately 15 to 20 hours per week, plus an additional 10 hours each time students complete the simulation of the CFP®
Certification Examination.
The Online Review Course may be supplemented by the optional Live Review Course. The Live Review Course, hosted in
conjunction with Dearborn Financial Services, provides an intensive classroom experience focusing specifically on the
CFP® Certification Examination and what is necessary to pass it. (Note: The Live Review Course is offered separately and
an additional fee will be charged.).2

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can take the Online Review Course?
1. Graduates of Kaplan University’s online Certificate in Financial Planning program (included as part of program
2. Graduates of other CFP Board-Registered Programs;
3. Individuals who have not completed a registered educational program and intend to challenge the CFP® Certification
   Examination. In order to challenge, one or more of the following designations must be earned: CPA, CLU, ChFC, CFA®,
   JD, and PhD in business or economics.

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How much does the Online Review Course cost?
The Online Review Course is included in the program tuition for students in Kaplan University’s online Certificate in
Financial Planning program. It is also available for $795.00 to graduates of other programs and “challenge” students (such
enrollees may wish to separately purchase additional Kaplan University educational program textbooks). Thus, for
graduates of the Kaplan University online Certificate in Financial Planning, the Online Review Course is a significant
benefit of program enrollment.

When is the CFP® Certification Examination given?
The examination is given three times annually during the third weekend (Friday and Saturday) in March, July, and

What score do I need to pass the CFP® Certification Examination?
The CFP Board does not publish a passing score standard for the CFP® Certification Examination. However, Kaplan
University’s Online Review Course has been professionally designed so that if test-takers can achieve at least an 80 percent
correct score on the Kaplan University simulation of the CFP® Certification Examination, they should be successful on the
actual exam.
In addition, we recommend that you consider attending our Live Review course, which provides intensive classroom
instruction supplementing the Online Review Course. The Live Review course offers you the advantage of receiving
instruction and advice from Live Review experts and CFP® professionals.

Who developed the Online Review Course?
The course was developed by top professionals in the financial planning field:
      • Keith Fevurly, former executive director of Kaplan University’s Financial Planning Education Program and former
        member of the CFP Board’s Board of Examiners (responsible for developing CFP® Certification Examinations).
      • Jeff Mershon, chair of Kaplan’s Financial Planning Education Program and former associate executive director of
        CFP Board of Standards, Inc.
      • Ken Zahn, CFP®, Kaplan University Advisory Board Member, who provided content development assistance. Ken has
        conducted Live Review Courses since introduction of the examination in 1993 and currently has one of the highest
        pass rates among Live Review course providers. Mr. Zahn has also assisted with content development of Kaplan
        University’s Live Review.

When is the best time to take the CFP® Certification Examination?
It is recommended that you take the CFP® Certification Examination in the next exam cycle after completing the Online
Review Course, while the information is still fresh in your mind. This will increase your probability of success.

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM and      , which it awards to individuals who successfully complete initial
and ongoing certification requirements.

Kaplan University does not certify individuals to use the CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM and        marks. CFP certification is granted solely by Certified Financial Planner Board of
Standards Inc. to individuals who, in addition to completing an educational requirement such as this CFP Board-Registered Program, have met ethics, experience and examination requirements.

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