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                 Minutes of Meeting held on Friday 25th June 2004
                            Driffield Community Centre
                                       12-2 pm


Carol Upton (chair)                    -            MAT Manager
Detty Tyler                            -            Connexions Development Worker
Rose Ellerington                       -            Disability Project Worker
Jayne Herring                          -            Care Officer
Jayne Stead                            -            CAMHS
Sue Rogers                             -            CAMHS CPN
Maureen Taylor                         -            Local Network Fund
Bruce Taylor                           -            Local Network Fund
Andrew Eastwood                        -            Educational Psychologist
Sue Pylee                              -            Locality Co-ordinator
Annette Ellis                          -            Youth Worker
Sarah Juggins                          -            Participation Development Worker
Lisa Clappison                         -            Connexions PA
Margaret Killin                        -            Town Council Rep
Gilly Barrett                          -            Kingsmill School
David Frost                            -            Humberside Police
Les Adams                              -            Safe Communities
Sharon Watts                           -            HERCH
Sue Collier                            -            School Nurse
Dee Lazenby                            -            Development Manager


Pete Dawson                            -            Project Support Manager
Barbara Woodcock                       -            EWS
Darren Squires                         -            Creative Play
Marion Ross                            -            CAMHS
Rosie Staveley                         -            EWO
Lee Dibnah                             -            The Lilacs
Emma Backhouse                         -            Mencap

Carol welcomed everybody to the re-launch of Driffield Children & Young People’s Co-
ordination Group meeting.

Minutes of last Meeting

The meetings of meeting dated 21st May were agreed to be a true record by the group.

Presentation – Local Network Fund
Maureen and Bruce Taylor visited the group today to advise the group about the Local
Network Fund.

The Local Network fund is available for small local groups, perhaps of young people, or
parents, who need between £250 and £7,000 to organise or run an activity with
disadvantaged children or young people aged between 0-19 years and disabled young
people up to the age of 25 years. The organised activity must focus upon children and
young people, the fund cannot fund activities that only benefit adults and you must have
people volunteering to help with your activity. If you are struggling to acquire a volunteer
please contact Pauline Kamode at ERVAS on 01482 871077 who runs the volunteer
bureau and has access to available volunteers within the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The groups who cannot be funded include individuals, Statutory organisations, national
organisations, activities that help only one child or family, projects for personal profit.
Day trips and residential outings will only be funded if applicants can demonstrate a
benefit to the children and young people beyond the trip or outing. Applications for mini
buses are unlikely to be funded.

The type of projects the Local Network Fund are looking for include activities that give
children experiences, or help them achieve goals that other children may take for
granted; activities that help families improve their living standards and cope with the
difficulties that come from being on low incomes; activities that help children who are
isolated or alone; giving children and young people the chance to express their opinions.

Before an application form can be sent you will need to confirm who is representing you
and what you want the funding for and telephone 0845 113 0161.

Presentation - Participation Development Project – Sarah Juggins

Sarah ran a competition with children & young people to name and design a logo for the
Participation Project – the project is called UP2U PROJECT.


   East Riding of Yorkshire wide
   Funded by the Children’s Fun and Children’s Trust
   Managed by the Children’s Society
   Until March 2006
   Children & Young People’s Local & Strategic Planning

Success so Far: -

   Press Conference
   Recruitment
   Questionnaire
   Dog Fouling Group
   Regional Consultation
   Identity

Future Developments: -

   Website – now up and running
   Newsletter
   Children’s Champions
   Children’s Bank
   Recruitment
   Children’s Club

The Children’s Champion for Driffield is Detty Tyler, however, Detty does not have any
contacts within the Hornsea area and it was suggested that the group have 2 Children’s
Champions, one covering Driffield and one covering Hornsea.


Place on July’s agenda Children’s Champion for Hornsea Area.

Sarah confirmed that the children and young people who have been involved within the
project have thoroughly enjoyed themselves – one young person even said “It’s better
than playing on my Playstation 2”!!

If you require any further information with regards to the Participation Project please
contact Sarah who is based at the Children’s Society REACH Project, 22 The Wier,
Hessle or telephone 01482 640093 and their website is

Family Links Project – Sharon Watts

Sharon Watts visited the group today and did a 10 minutes presentation advising the
group on the Family Links Project.

The Family Links Nurturing Project provides two things: parent education and emotional
health and well being for primary schools.

     The project was introduced from the USA to the UK Schools in 1994
     Raises self-awareness and self-esteem
     Takes a whole school approach
     Trained school based staff to use consistent techniques to manage behaviour
     Train parent group leaders on a 10 week programme
     All schools in East Riding received appropriate information

If you require any further information with regards to the Family Links Project please
contact Sharon Watts on

Election of Vice Chair

Carol informed the group that it would be beneficial for the Co-ordination Group to have
a vice chair in case Carol is unable to attend any of the meetings. Annette Ellis
volunteered to be Vice Chair of the group.

Dental Health Project – Sue Collier

Dental Health Project bid was discussed during last months meeting and turned down.
Sue Collier, School Nurse visited the meeting today to discuss the project in more detail.

Vicky Bailey runs the project in Driffield and visits primary schools where all 5 year
olds/new entrants received a dental pack. When the child receives the dental pack the
parents accompany the child which enables Sue Collier to be available for parents to
approach if they have any concerns about their child’s health.

Sue to ask Vicky how much per pack is. The number of children due to start school in
September is approximately 350. Vicky to attend next months meeting to update group.


Vicky Bailey to attend July’s meeting to update group

Access Fund

As suggested during last months meeting it may be beneficial for the group to hold an
access fund of approximately £5,000 which is part of the Inclusion Fund for small
projects to place bids of up to £200 into this fund. Dee informed the group that an
application will have be made to the Children’s Fund Core Team requesting the amount
required for the access fund and a member involved in Driffield Co-ordination Group will
have ownership of this fund and will keep appropriate financial records.

Group to discuss this again at next meeting.


Access Fund to be on July’s agenda.

Any Other Business

Carol informed the group that the co-ordination group will be receiving a CAMHS Grant.
More information about this will be available at the next meeting in July after the Chair’s

Future meetings of Driffield Co-ordination Group to commence at 12.30 – 2.30 pm.

Date and Time of Next Meeting

Friday 30th July 2004 at 12.30-2.30 pm at Hornsea Cottage Hospital.


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