Draft Service Specification January 2006

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					DRAFT 1. 27-01-06


          PRIMARY CARE

Jane Rosoman
Head of Primary Care Counselling
Ealing PCT

0208 893 0298
Fax : 020 8326 3575
DRAFT 1. 27-01-06

1. Service Aims
To provide assessment and treatment for brief psychological therapies
including counselling, CBT and brief psychotherapy to patients registered
with GPs within Ealing PCT.

Counselling is a process whereby individuals are given an opportunity to explore,
discover and clarify ways of living more resourcefully and with a greater sense of
wellbeing. Counselling is concerned to address and resolve specific problems, making
decisions, coping with crises, working through conflict and improving relationships with
others. Therefore counsellors focus on patient choices in their life circumstances as a
basis for their work. Counsellors may use any of the following methods listed within an
integrated brief therapeutic approach of 6-12 sessions;

The Service undertakes to provide placements for honoraries and trainees in
counselling psychology. psychotherapy and counselling.

2. Client Group
The service is available to patients with mild to moderate difficulties, suitable
for help within a limited time frame of 6-12 sessions. Referral criteria

The service mainly sees patients from…….years although…….

3. Location of Service
The Service operates form GP Practices and health centres across the PCT.
In addition some rooms are available from psychological therapies centre
within the Mental Health Trust. An evening session is available in facilities
provided by the Asian Family Counselling Service.

4. Hours of operation
Sessional during surgery opening times ( 8.30 to 18.00) plus two evening
sessions (days?) from 5.30-8.30pm

5. Source of referrals – see criteria attached
The referral pathway is via the GP, graduate mental health worker and
gateway worker. There is a reciprocal agreement to make and accept
referrals from other psychological therapies and the mental health resource
centre (psychiatric services).

6. Treatment Pathway
      a. Integrative counselling and psychotherapy
      b. Client centred therapy
      c. Psychodynamic therapy
      d. Cognitive behavioural therapy
      e. Existential and phenomenological therapy
      f. Interpersonal therapy
      g. Systemic and family therapy
      h. Mediation and crises resolution
DRAFT 1. 27-01-06

       i. EMDR
       j. Energy Fields Approach

7. Skill Mix and Staffing levels
All staff are qualified professionally registered psychological therapists with
either BACP, UKCP, BPS or BCP. Currently there are;
     ….WTE band 6
     ….WTE band 7

Developments in the service would include the recruitment of band 5 staff who
have a professional qualification and are working towards accreditation or
chartership (psychology).

8. Physical Resources
Accommodation ie quiet designated room, access to telephone and IT
equipment. Each member of staff requires access to a two drawer filing
cabinet for safe storage of records.

9. Response time and waiting time
It is the target of the service to have waiting lists of no longer than 4 to 6
weeks. There are currently longer waiting lists particularly in areas such
as Notholt and Greenford. A new pilot designed to bring waiting times
down has been started. It offers an initial consultation to ensure the clients
on the waiting list are appropriate (motivated and suitable for treatment) and
are clear about alternative options. It is hoped this consultation can be offered
within 1 month of a referral being received.

10. Activity Measurement and Activity Forecast
Currently, activity – both clinical and administrative, is recorded manually on
an activity sheet. It is completed weekly. The aim is to have 75% face to face
clinical work (3 clinical hours to one admin hour). +/-10%

11. Cost of Service
About £350K (not including regeneration and renewal money)- check
with Tony Thomas what to put in here

12. Performance and Quality Monitoring
A counselling review was undertaken in 2004 which highlighted the need to
develop the service to comply with PCT standards. These recommendations
have been followed . Clinical Governance is achieved through clinical
supervision and adherence to Ealing PCT policies and protocols. It is hoped
to institute CORE which will provide service benchmarks and is a client risk
assessment tool. It also measures outcomes.

13. Quality Framework
The Service is committed to the highest quality achievable and that quality
and clinical governance standards meet best practice requirements of the
DOH and Ealing PCT . The Service follows the policies and protocols of
Ealing PCT.
DRAFT 1. 27-01-06

The Supervision guidelines follow best practice of professional associations
There are service guidelines and in addition, the service follows NICE
guidelines for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD ( explain) self harm
and eating disorders.

Each counsellor follows the code of ethics and professional practice of their
body with which they are registered. All counsellors have to complete an
annual CPD (explain) of 30 hours for professional registration.

The service follows Ealing PCTs complaint policy and seeks to resolve any
complaints through informal means in the first instance.

Patients views are sought over course of treatment and dev elopement of