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									Derbyshire Extra Care Housing

General Information

Whitfield house - Glossop

The Whitfield House Extra Care housing scheme was developed
through the remodelling of a residential care scheme owned by
Derbyshire County Council (DCC). The development enabled the
original building to be maintained to provide all of the communal
facilities plus four apartments. An extension was built at the back
which provides the other accommodation. The scheme was
developed in partnership with South Yorkshire Housing
Association (SYHA) and opened in October 2007.

In terms of management arrangements, the scheme has a
manager employed by SYHA. Care staff are provided by an in-
house DCC care team and housing support staff are funded by
DCC Supporting People and managed by SYHA.

The scheme has 45 apartments,
33 for rent
3x2 beds
6x1 beds

12 for sale
6x2 bed
6x 1 beds
No shared ownership

Size of apartments
1bed = 50.9m2
2 beds =57.9m2

The scheme offers accommodation for single people or couples
over 55 years of age who have some level of care need.

1 bed = £115,000.00
2 bed =£140,000.00
1 bed =£71.69
2 bed= £83.18
Waltham House - Wirksworth

This scheme is a remodelling of an existing Grade 2 listed NHS
building plus a new build extension.
The scheme has been developed in partnership between
Derbyshire County Council, Housing 21, and Derbyshire Dales
District Council. A local charity the Wirksworth Care group has
contributed to the capital and revenue costs through local
fundraising and has also purchased two units which will be used to
provide respite care.

The scheme will offer a range of communal facilities as well as a
Derbyshire County Council day service. The aim is that the
facilities and services available at the scheme will benefit people
from the local community as well as the residents that will live
there. This will ensure that the scheme truly becomes part of the

In terms of management this scheme is managed by Housing 21
that employs the scheme manager. A tender was issued for the
care contract and this was also awarded to Housing 21. The Day
Care service will be provided by DCC using a mixture of in-house
staff and Housing 21 staff, where there is capacity. The respite
units will be managed on a day to day basis by DCC using care
hours from the scheme care contract. Housing 21 staff employed
at Waltham House will also provide domiciliary care to local people
in the Wirksworth area.

The scheme has 39 apartments –

14 for rent

15 for sale
2x1 beds

(Two of these will be used as respite units)

10 for shared ownership
2x1 beds
8x 2beds
The scheme offers accommodation for single people or couples
who have a local connection to the area are aged 55 years or
more and have some level of care need.

Stonelow Court - Dronfield

Stonelow Court is being built on a former residential care home
site in Dronfield. The scheme is a new build and is being
developed in partnership between DCC, South Yorkshire Housing
Association SYHA and with Derbyshire PCT and will be completed
in spring 2009. As with other Extra Care schemes Stonelow Court
will offer a range of communal facilities that will be available to
residents and others in the local community.

The scheme will have 44 apartments

22x2 bed flats for rent
8x2 bed flats for outright sale
10x 2 bed flats for shared ownership
8 beds intermediate care

The scheme offers accommodation for single people or couples
over 55 years of age who have some level of care need.

Virtual Extra Care

Harehill Court

This is a former sheltered housing scheme that has been
upgraded to offer an Extra Care type service. The building is
owned by Chesterfield Churches Housing Association. A Service
Level Agreement between the DCC and the association has been
drawn up detailing what care and support is provided by the
various parties. Discussions are underway regarding the future
installation of telecare to the units.

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