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CAA Basketball Traveling Program by dfhrf555fcg


CAA Basketball Traveling Program

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									                  CAA Basketball Traveling Program
                       Waiver Request Form
                         2009-2010 Season
  (Please use this form if you live within Chanhassen High School attendance area,
                and wish to try out for CAYBBA traveling basketball.)

Date: ___________________

Player Name:         ______________________________________________________

Street Address:      ______________________________________________________

City:                ______________________________________________________

Home Phone:          ______________________________________________________

Parent Name:         ______________________________________________________

Grade and School for 2009-2010 season:_______________________________________

Player Signature:    ______________________________________________________

Parent Signature:    ______________________________________________________

CAA Basketball Approval:    ________________________________________________

CAYBBA Acceptance:          ________________________________________________

2009-2010 Waiver Request Deadline is September 15, 2009

Please mail completed waiver request to CAA Basketball, PO Box 113, Chanhassen, MN

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