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									APPENDIX C:

Staffordshire Moorlands Play Strategy                            Draft Action Plan 2007-12

The structure of the Action Plan relates to the 5 key themes of the Staffordshire Children and Young People’s Plan.

Theme 1                  Being Healthy

Policy     Proposed Actions                                                                        Lead           Partners           Resource       Timeframe
                                                                                                                                     Implication1   2

P1         1. Provide healthy exercise opportunities through activity programming on               SMDC           Play Council       No             Short
           playschemes and youth activity programmes

           2. Make Play Strategy presentation to PCT to raise profile of play as a contributor     SMDC           Play Partnership   No             Short
           to improving children’s health.
P2         3. Consult with Children and young people with disabilities (through Play Council) to   Play Council   SMDC               Small          Short
           identify priority needs re access to play opportunities

           4. Expand specialised programme for children with disabilities and increasing take      Play Council   Play Partnership   Yes            Medium
           up on inclusive schemes by children with disabilities.                                                                    unknown

           5. Convene Access Review Group with partners to produce 5 year action plan for          SMDC           Play Council       Small          Medium
           improving access to play spaces for children with disabilities.

           6. Extend access to special schools for children with disabilities outside of school    SCC            Play Council       Medium         Medium
           hours (evenings and weekends)

    Very “broad brush” concept – eg small = less than £5,000 (one off or p/a) – Large = minimum £50,000 (one off or p/a)
    Short = years 1 to 2; Medium = years 2 to 3; Long = Years 3+

Theme 2                Staying Safe

Policy   Proposed Actions                                                                      Lead        Partners           Resource   Timeframe
P3       7. Identify any specific issues that prevent greater participation in play            SMDC        North              Small      Short
         opportunities by children and young people from minority ethnic backgrounds.                      Staffordshire
         Prepare action plan based upon findings.                                                          Race Equality
                                                                                                           Youth Service
         8. Review maintenance and refurbishment programme for District & Parish council       SMDC        Parish Councils    Medium     Medium
         sites and where possible improve quality in relation to findings of completed
         quality assessments.

         9. Partnership members adopt Position Statement re “Managing Risk”                    SMDC        Play Partnership   No         Short
P4       10. Explore the potential for input into the Staffordshire Local Travel Plan (LTP)    SCC         SMDC Planning      No         Short
         to identify safe routes to schools schemes and the potential for extension to         Transport
         routes to key play and recreation facilities. Explore potential for “homezone” type

         11. Ensure Play related Secured by Design principles are followed in relation to      SMDC        Play Partnership   No         Short
         new developments.

Theme 3                Enjoying and Achieving

Policy   Proposed Actions                                                                      Lead        Partners           Resource   Timeframe
P5       12. Partnership members adopt and use recommended good practice models for            SMDC        Play               Small      Short
         design of play space (including Guidance on inclusivity)                                          Partnership

         13. Prepare 5 year action plan and funding strategy for refurbishments/new            SMDC        Play Partnership   Large      Medium
         provision of play and youth spaces and facilities (including “wild” informal play
         spaces) based upon strategically identified priorities. Conduct audit to identify
         informal playspace. Promote play on appropriate “natural” play space.

Policy   Proposed Actions                                                                   Lead      Partners           Resource      Timeframe

         14. Review targeting of Playschemes based upon strategic findings of Play          SMDC      Play Council       No            Short
         Strategy. Review fees and charges to improve access for low income families.

         15. Develop projects aimed at providing informal indoor and outdoor meeting        Youth     Play Partnership   Medium        Medium
         places for young people eg youth shelters and youth cafes                          Service

         16. Plan to expand provision of mobile provision, detached work, outreach and      Youth     SMDC               Medium        Medium
         PODS in Staffordshire Moorlands to introduce youth projects to rural areas with    Service   Play Partnership
         no venues for provision

         17. Submit bid to BIG Lottery Play Programme with portfolio of projects derived    SMDC      Play Partnership   No            Short
         from Play Strategy priorities.
P6       18. Maintain and develop the Sports Development outreach schemes and               SMDC      Youth Service      Yes unknown   Short
         community arts projects for young people in the District.

         19. Target activity programme schemes in those areas identified as in most need    SMDC      Play Partnership   No            Short
         either in terms of child deprivation indicators or youth disorder “hot spots”.

         20. Secure funds to expand network of community run Junior Youth clubs across      SMDC      Play Council       Medium        Medium
         the District targeted as advised in the strategy.
P7       21. Develop integrated publicity and promotional material highlighting play and    SMDC      Play Partnership   Small         Medium
         youth facilities provided by the various partners in the public, voluntary, and
         where appropriate private sector.

         22. Maintain and further develop integrated publicity for the public in terms of   SMDC      Play Partnership   Small         Short
         play and youth services and schemes.

Theme 4                Making a positive contribution

Policy   Proposed Actions                                                                    Lead           Partners              Resource      Timeframe
P8       23. Maintain and develop local consultation in relation to playground and youth     SMDC           Play Partnership      Small         Short
         facility developments

         24. Consult with the YOMAC on a regular six-monthly basis regarding relevant        Youth          Play Partnership      No            Short
         play and youth issues.                                                              Service

         25. Establish a School/Play Area “twinning” system. Link an appropriate local       SMDC           Schools               Medium        Medium
         school to play/youth facilities for ongoing consultation purposes. Introduce an
         annual “customer satisfaction” survey through this system.

         26. Partnership members adopt “Hear by Rights” Framework                            Youth Serv.    Play Partnership      Small         Short
P9       27. Develop and implement a training and support programme for town and parish      SMDC           Parish and Town       Small         Medium
         councils in relation to play space development and management.                                     Councils

         28. Promote the availability of grants schemes for local parish and voluntary       SMDC           Parish     Councils   Small         Medium
         sector play and youth initiatives.                                                                 Play Partnership

         29. Adopt principle of enabling town and parish council’s to own/manage their own   SMDC           Parish Councils       Small         Medium
         play spaces and youth facilities (if that is their preference)
P10      30. Audit voluntary play, youth and uniformed organisations operating in the        Play Council   Play Partnership      Small         Medium
         Moorlands. Explore the potential for establishing a local network for such

         31. Further develop mobile play and youth schemes eg Youth Truck to serve rural     Youth          Play Partnership      Yes unknown   Medium
         areas.                                                                              service

         32. Provide encouragement, support and training to build capacity in local          Village        Play Council          Yes unknown   Medium
         communities to extend the number of community based village play schemes.           Agents

         33. Prepare a plan for the development of extended schools arrangements to          SCC            Schools               Small         Long
         improve Play provision, particularly in the Rural areas.

Policy   Proposed Actions                                                                      Lead           Partners           Resource      Timeframe

         34. Identify a rural school and implement a pilot extended schools play project.      SCC            Schools            Yes unknown   Medium

         35. Explore transport options to improve access to play opportunities from rural      SMDC           Community          Yes medium    Medium
         areas eg subsidised buses, community transport etc                                                   Transport SCC

Theme 5                Achieving economic well-being.

Policy   Proposed Actions                                                                      Lead           Partners           Resource      Timeframe
P11      36. Review the Local Standards proposed within the strategy for play/youth            SMDC           Play partnership   No            Short
         provision when preparing PPG 17 study and work towards the provision of facilities
         to meet those standards.

         37. Review Supplementary Planning Document to ensure appropriate Play/Youth           SMDC                              No            Medium
         provision and maintenance in relation to development proposals.

         38. Prepare a funding plan (internal and external) to identify potential sources of   SMDC           Play Partnership   Small         Short
         funding to help implement Play Strategy proposals. Apply for appropriate funds
P12      39. Provide a programme of youth and play training in support of both paid and        Youth          Play Partnership   Small         Short
         voluntary play/youth workers (including disability awareness and inclusion            Service

         40. Develop nationally recognised quality assurance scheme/s for play service         Play Council   Play Partnership   Medium        Long


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