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					Unit Title: Narrative Unit 1 Stories With Familiar Settings                 Year Group: One/Two

Description of Unit: This is a unit of work based on the film Babe. The     Teaching Objectives:
final outcome is a sustained story using interesting story language and     1.Speaking
punctuation appropriately. Watch the whole film before you begin the             tell imagined stories using the conventions of familiar story
unit. I really enjoyed this project and so did the kids. It worked really          language (Y2)
well to start with lots of real experiences as a stimulus for writing .My   2.Listening and Responding
job share really liked it too and we are planning to try and do a similar        listen to a talk by an adult, remember some specific points and
thing every half term                                                              identify what they have learned (Y2)
                                                                                 explore familiar themes and characters through improvisation
PLEASE NOTE:                                                                       and role-play (Y1)
     Phonics has not been included on this plan and should be taught       7.Understanding and interpreting texts
       discretely for at least 15 minutes per day                                make predictions showing an understanding of ideas, events and
     Independent and guided tasks do not include differentiation,                 characters (Y1)
       this should be added to meet the needs of the class                       give some reasons for why things happen or characters change
                                                                            8.Engaging and responding to texts
                                                                                 visualise and comment on events, characters and ideas, making
Resources: (Film version of The Sheep – Pig)                                       imaginative links to own experiences (Y1)
                                                                            9.Creating and shaping texts
                                                                                 use key features of narrative in their own writing (Y1)
                                                                                 sustain form in narrative, including use of person and time (Y2)
                                                                                 find and use new and interesting words and phrases, including
                                                                                   story language (Y1)
                                                                            11.Sentence structure and punctuation
                                                                                 use capital letters and full stops when punctuating simple
                                                                                   sentences (Y1)
                                                                                 compose sentences using tense correctly (y2)
Week 1   Whole class shared text/sentence and word         Independent/Group work                  Guided Group                      Plenary
Day      work
1        Visit to the farm. Experience the farm
         setting. Discuss what they can hear, smell, see
         and touch. Learn about the different animals
         and how to look after them.
2        Generate vocab from their visit to the farm.      Make a mind map using pictures and      Work with an identified group     How would you
         Think about what it felt like to be there. Use    writing of what some of the animals     to support composition            describe what a farm
         the senses. What they learnt about the            felt like? What they heard? What it                                       is like to someone who
         animals. Use a mind map and record ideas on       looked like at the farm?                                                  has never been? Each
         IWB.                                              What it smelt like? Allocate a                                            group to feed back.
                                                           different sense to each group
3        Explain that going to make role play area into    Y1 Paint and use furry fabric to make    Work with an identified Y2
         a farm called ‘Red Barn Farm’. Watch the part     different animals to go on the mural.   group to support composition
         of the Babe where Farmer Hoggett drives           Paint the hills for the fields
         into the farm with the pig for the first time.    Y2 Make signs and labels for Red Barn
         (Very quick snippet of film). Feedback on what    Farm
         it is like. Explain they are going to make
         animals and tractors to go on a mural to be
         the background (setting) for ‘Red Barn Farm’.
4        Continue working on the setting for ‘Red Barn     Y1 Write labels with words to           Work with an identified Y2
         Farm’. Demonstrate writing labels for             describe the setting                    group to support composition
         vocabulary to support the setting.                Y2 Write labels with phrases and
                                                           sentences to describe the setting
5        Watch the same part of the video as on Day        In mixed ability pairs (one more able   Ask different groups to explain   Using the IWB ask
         3. Use a ‘Zone of Relevance’ on the IWB to        reader per pair) get them to make       and justify why they put words    different groups to
         choose which words best describe the setting.     their own ‘Target Board’ for setting.   in different places on the        choose which one word
         Explain that this is a target board and words                                             target board.                     they would to put in
         which really describe the setting need to be                                                                                the centre of the
         in the centre. Add words from yesterday.                                                                                    target board. Ask if
         Get the children to explain why they think the                                                                              everyone agrees.
         words should go there.                                                                                                      Why/Why not?
Week 2   Whole class shared text/sentence and              Independent/Group work                                      Guided Group                       Plenary
Day      word work
1        Invite large animal vet into the class to talk
         about caring for the animals and what the job
         entails. Use of IWB for pictures of the
         animals being made better. (photographs and
         gallery). Children to generate questions orally
         for use in discussion
2        Watch part of Babe that is Babe’s first time      In pairs – pretend it is some exciting news. Interview      Look out for those who are         Discuss what the
         at being a sheep pig. Whilst watching think       Farmer Hoggett on what happened. Swap roles, interview      beginning to understand the        characters are like.
         about how Babe feels? Sheep feel? Farmer          Babe and the sheep.                                         characters feelings. Focus on      Give speaking frame on
         Hoggett? After watching hot seat Babe and         Differentiation:                                            working with children who are      IWB. Farmer Hoggett
         Sheep. How did it feel? Was it exciting?.                                                                     finding the role play more         is ______ because in
                                                                                                                       difficult                          the story he…
                                                                                                                                                          Babe is ______
                                                                                                                                                          because in the story
                                                                                                                                                          he… Fill in speech
                                                                                                                                                          bubbles for the
3        Watch the same part of the film, continue         Role play what happens next when Fly goes to talk to Rex.   Look out for those who             Show role play. Do you
         until the bit where Rex becomes jealous over      What does she say? How does he react?                       understand how Rex and Fly         think Rex/Fly would
         Babe. Stop the video before Rex attacks Fly.      Differentiation:                                            may feel and understand the        have felt like that?
         Why does Rex react in this way? Role play                                                                     jealousy. Focus on working with    Watch the very next
         and hot seat the two dogs on how they feel?.                                                                  children who are finding the       snippet of film where
                                                                                                                       role play more difficult           Rex attacks Fly. Is
                                                                                                                                                          that what you
4        Watch the same part of the film as                In mixed ability pairs (one more able reader per group)     Work with one group, ask them      Using the IWB ask
         yesterday. Use IWB ‘Zone of Relevance’ to         make a target board for one of the characters. More         to explain and justify why they    different groups to
         look at the character of Babe. Which words        able to add to word lists and use their own words. Less     put words in different places on   choose which one word
         would we use to describe his character and        able cut and stick the words on the board.                  the target board.                  they would put in the
         why?                                              Differentiation:                                                                               centre of the target
                                                                                                                                                          board. Ask if everyone
                                                                                                                                                          agrees. Why/Why not?
5        Explain they are going to draw their very own     Draw on A3 card a setting for their own farm story.         Support one group as they draw     Children to swap
         setting for a farm story. Think and discuss       When completed, children to describe their setting to a     encourage use of vocabulary        settings and describe
         what you might find on a farm. Don’t think        partner orally.                                             orally to describe their setting   each others using
         about the animals but the background, e.g.         Differentiation:                                                                              appropriate vocabulary.
         hills, barns, tractors, ponds, what time of                                                                                                      Children to give their
         year it is etc.                                                                                                                                  own farm a special
         Whole class shared text/sentence and           Independent/Group work                                  Guided Group                      Plenary
Week 3   word work
1        Using the farm story box with little plastic   Story boxes on tables with the plastic animals in.      Encourage them to use the         Show some of the
         farm models and the story on the IWB of        Using their own farm setting maps and the animals,      story language that was in        stories from the
         the ‘Horse who thought he was a cow’ Get       tell partner a farm story about an animal who thinks    ‘The Horse who Thought he         digiblue.
         some of the children to help tell the story.   he is another type of animal.                           was a Cow’.                       Re-tell ‘The Horse
         Read the story a couple of times but                                                                   Use the ‘digiblue’ and LSA to     who thought he was a
         standing up and using movements to                                                                     video some of the stories told.   Cow’ with actions.
         explain the words in red.
2        Re-tell the story with actions. Using shared   Write opening using some of the story language.         Guided to write Give              Have you met your
         composition compose a similar opening to                                                               direction on punctuation and      target?
         a class version. Where do we put a full                                                                story language.
         stop? What have I forgotten?. Encourage
         them to write quality not quantity. Refer to                                                           It.
         children’s targets.Need to think about full
         stops and capitals.
3        Re-tell story with actions. Think of really     Write next part Thinking of story language used in     Guided to write Give              Have you used the
         good actions for Everyday, Next and            shared and targets.                                     direction on punctuation and      story language? Have
         Finally (taken from the story). Compose                                                                story language.                   you achieved your
         the next two parts to the class story using    .                                                                                         target? Underline in
         those three words as the starts to the                                                                                                   pencil where you
         sentences. Remembering capitals.                                                                                                         have.
4        Re-tell the story with actions. Re read the    Complete story using a good story phrase for the        Guided to complete story          Have you met target?.
         shared story so far. Write the last part       ending (not they all lived happily ever after). . Use   using a good story phrase for     Share your story with
         (Events and Resolution) to the shared          words on Post Its                                       the ending. Check full stops      a partner. What did
         story. Emphasis on full stops and capitals                                                             and capitals.                     you like about their
         and use of the story language.                                                                                                           story? Did they use
                                                                                                                .                                 lots of good story
                                                                                                                                                  words? What were
5        . Watch Babe in full and enjoy!.
Role play area-       Speaking, Listening
Made into Red Barn    and drama
Farm                  Puppets in the role
Farm yard setting     play area
made by children      Hot seating
on week 1 day 3 and   Questioning
4                        Painting the setting
Wooden spoon                        and farm
                                              Parental support-
                                              Letter to tell them
                                              about work
                                              Request farm
                                              stories- especially
                                              Dick King Smith
                                              Bring in farm puppets
                                              or toys or
                        Enrichment            pictures/photos

Music – Listen to the
                                          Learning Styles-
                                          Visual – video clips,
 in the film and the
                                          drawing story maps
      moods created
                                          creating the role play
                       Visits/Visitors-   area through art
                 Large animal vet talk    work
                     Visit to the farm    Kinaesthetic- acting
                                animals   out in drama
                          yard animals    When reading the
                Drawing and designing     story of The Horse
                their own farm            That thought he was
                                          a Cow, reading with
                                          actions and movement

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