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Possible Phases of Development

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									Development of Support Services Partnership South West London

1.     Executive Summary

       The success of the SSP in Year 1 has demonstrated the real added value it can
       bring to the organisations in the in the South West London sector.

       In particular it has highlighted the opportunities that strategic estates capacity can
       bring to support and facilitate the huge change programme faced in South West

       It has therefore been agreed that all health partners in South West London (i.e. 5
       PCTs, 7 Trusts and 1 Health Authority) should join the SSP organisation and that
       they should contribute a small sum per annum to develop a new strategic estate
       and planning capacity.

       This will bring ideas and vision to clinical strategy development and help develop
       sector or sub sector wide solutions to complex problems facilitating the creation of
       achievable clinical strategies supported by realistic estates/capital plans.

       This paper proposes that Wandsworth Primary Care Trust should continue to host
       the expanded organisation and that detailed planning should proceed upon that
       basis. A report will be presented to the board once detailed corporate governance
       and risk assessment arrangements have been clarified.

2.     Context

       The SSP currently manages circa 300 staff with an annual income of £13m and
       has £150 m of projects under commission in various stages. It has had a
       successful first year maintaining all services over the transfer to PCT’s, taking on
       some areas of additional work; developing effective relationships with its partners
       and delivering added value in new emerging areas.

       The significant challenge of the first year, apart from the establishment of the
       organisation and keeping all services operational, has been responding
       appropriately and effectively to an increasing range of requests from across the

3.     Identifying the future need

       The SSP is well positioned to develop new/expanded services in line with the
       needs of the sector. As an organisation however it is currently under resourced to
       meet the additional demands being placed upon it by both existing partners and
       other NHS colleagues in the sector.

       It has in place a corporate governance structure, which makes the partnership
       working a reality. It has evolved and is developing further flexible management
       arrangements to meet widely differing needs of the range of partners.

4.     How to develop the SSP

       In making any changes the CEO community want to ensure that the SSP remains a
       customer focussed, responsive, high skill organisation focussing equally on all
       partners regardless of size or purchasing power. The existing governance of the
       organisation is perceived as effective, hosted by Wandsworth Primary Care Trust,
       and expandable to include other partners.

       The SSP therefore needs to grow sufficiently quickly to meet a range of new
       demands whilst avoiding the pit falls of size, bureaucracy or remoteness.

5.     Proposed Phases of Development

       Phase 1            Establish and build strategic estates advice across sector
       2003/04            - April 2003

                           Develop capacity for service modelling and project definition in
                   capital linked projects across sector

                          Extend major capital projects capacity for SWL&STGs

                          Extend operational capacity to cover other PCTs.

       Phase II           Extend major capital projects delivery capacity – via in
       2004/05            house and management of contractors

                          Extend major capital projects capacity for SWL&STGs

                            Extend/strengthen technical expertise across all estates and
                   facilities areas

                          Extend operational delivery – as required

       Phase III          For further discussion and development
       2005 +

6.     Implication for Wandsworth Primary Care Trust

       As host body Wandsworth will need to carry the increased responsibility that this
       development will imply. Initially in financial terms this will mean an additional £250-
       500k income and 10+ staff. Potentially the Support Services Partnership could, of
       course, grow further to support its 14 partners and this could amend the
       implications for the Trust. The areas of impact for the Primary Care Trust are

         1.        Direct support services – as discussed in the host body agreement.
         2.        Corporate governance for the partnership on behalf of the sector.
         3.        Risk (financial, operational and reputation risk).

7.1    Direct Support Services

       In discussion with relevant Directors of services in Wandsworth Primary Care Trust
       it is clear that at present there will be no great change to the services (such as
       payroll, HR etc) which are required. These will be reviewed on a regular basis to
       ensure that Support Services Partnership is appropriately resourced by these
       services and it does not act as an unnecessary drain on these departments.

7.2    Corporate Governance

       The initial arrangements for Corporate Governance are perceived to have worked
       well within the Partnership and partner Primary Care Trust’s and they have been
       amended as the situation has evolved. It is proposed that the existing governance
       arrangement will be built upon to create an appropriate system, which remains non-
       bureaucratic and flexible to meet the needs of the Partnership. This is likely to
       include the continuation of the Support Services Partnership board as a committee
       of the Wandsworth Primary Care Trust board with a non-executive chair and the
       participation of the Support Services Partnership’s Chief Executive Officer in the
       audit and risk management processes of the trust.

7.3    Risk Management

       The risk sharing agreement will need to be visited with the proposed parties and
       examined to reflect the new arrangement. It is assumed this can be achieved
       without increasing the financial or operational risk for Wandsworth Primary Care

8.     Proposal

       It is proposed that the Chief Executive of the Support Services Partnership should
       undertake detailed discussion with the current and proposed partners to clarify
       issues of Corporate Governance and Risk Management. Once these are clear
       Wandsworth Primary Care Trust should be asked to confirm if it is prepared to
       continue to host the Support Services Partnership.

      Ann Radmore
      Chief Executive,
      Support Services Partnership


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