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Stacy:   Why are you shivering this morning?

Tim:     I didn’t sleep a wink last night.

Stacy:   [Laughing] I don’t believe you Tim.

Tim:     [Shivering] there is a bully in this school and
         his name Ducky, he hunted three year nine

Stacy:   [still laughing] there is a Duck in this school,
         how cute.

Ducky:   [Angrily] who called me a Duck?

Stacy:   [Scared] I didn’t call you a Duck it might be
         your imagination.

Ducky:   (Went away)

Tim:     [Shocked] Stacy, you lied to him.

Stacy:   [Amazed] I didn’t get bullied.

Tim:     I’m not happy about that.

Ducky:   [Angrily, he came to Stacy] why did you lied
         to me I might be your big bad bully in

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