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									SABRE                   Creativity and Innovation Programme
                                                                       12-13 December 2008
The Sabre programme will help you create the future for your business by training a team of your people to
think creatively and to innovate effectively.
Creativity and innovation are essential elements in every business strategy.
Irrespective of whether your business operates in a mature industry or in a
young, growing one, there are always pressures to improve
performance. The traditional approaches of rationalisation, copying or
in other ways “squeezing more from the lemon” will only ever help a
company so much.
Beyond rationalisation lies the exciting world of creativity and innovation. But these
demand a different set of skills. Few managers have been trained how to be creative or how to
innovate effectively. And, at the heart of innovation lies thinking – and even fewer people have been
trained to think effectively.
The Sabre programme sets out how your company can train its managers to improve their skills in
these vital areas. Sabre uses a series of techniques to demonstrate how people think, how their
thinking can be improved and how they can use these skills to generate truly new ways to improve
corporate performance.
Armed with new skills, your managers will focus on the key issues that confront your business and
tackle them in new ways, producing a wealth of exciting, “breakthrough” ideas. These ideas will be
developed and assessed down to a portfolio of high scope ventures that will help shape the future for
your company.
Before the workshop, we will agree your key issues with you. Typically these may include business
strategy, new products or services, performance improvement, problem solving or overcoming
corporate mindsets.
Benefits include a team trained how to think creatively and to innovate effectively, higher levels of
personal effectiveness and a wealth of high scope “breakthrough” ideas, focused on how the
company can improve its performance in the key issues that confront your business. In short - the
future for your company.

Programme BENEFITS
SABRE will:
    Provide your company with a methodology to help managers understand and improve their
    thinking skills.
    Help managers to improve personal performance through training in the appropriate use of
    thinking styles.
    Improve communication and teamwork across the group by helping managers to understand
    how other people think and how to interact more effectively with them.
    Train managers in techniques that will improve creative thinking skills, creative idea generation,
    idea development, idea assessment and idea implementation.
    Use these skills to focus on your key business issues and generate a wealth of exciting,
    innovative ideas to help your company break through into new ways forward.
    Assess and develop your ideas down to a portfolio of high scope ventures, focused on your key
    business issues that will shape the future of your company.

WHO Should Attend
MANAGERS, DIRECTORS of organizations who need to overcome blockages to growth or greater
                                                                                           Sabre Dec 08 - 1
Intellectual Approach
In every enterprise it is people’s thinking that generates real wealth from resources. Of all skills,
thinking is the most strategic: improve thinking skills and the value added by a person, team or
department will improve dramatically.
However, few people in business have been trained how to think. People may have had some
exposure to the rational, analytical thinking processes used in business; they will have picked up
some thinking “habits” as they experienced certain situations; but their true thinking potential often
lies untapped. Worse still, they have no way of explaining to colleagues how they may be thinking nor
what kind of thinking may be required for any particular task.
Sabre harnesses the power of two proven systems to improve the way that people think and then to
use those skills to tackle key business issues in innovative ways.
Effective Intelligence
Effective Intelligence is a tried and tested route to explain the thinking process and to improve the
thinking that people do. The system was originated by Jerry Rhodes in the 1980’s as a result of an
extensive research project with Philips in Europe. Since then, the system has been extended into a
wide range of applications covering the key types of thinking processes that matter in business and
education and to individuals.
Sword Innovation Process
The Sword Innovation Process was derived in the late 1970’s. It is an effective way to help companies
generate exciting ideas that will lead to “breakthrough thinking” and “next generation” innovations.
Sword programmes have been run by over 2,000 companies and have been responsible for many
thousands of exciting and profitable ways forward for a wide variety of companies.

Workshop FORMAT
A mix of working styles is used, including individual activities, group activities and work in small,
departmental teams. At all times, emphasis will be placed on high levels of involvement and on
experiential learning, i.e.: “learning through doing”.
Delegates will be encouraged to learn about their own thinking styles and about how other people
think. They will be trained in appropriate thinking behaviour and, importantly, how to use these new
techniques to tackle real business issues.
Delegates will be able to assemble individual and departmental Action Plans to take forward and
implement new ideas generated during the workshop. These ideas will focus on issues both “inside”
and “outside the box” and will be targeted on areas that will help the company to make significant
breakthroughs in performance through the use of new thinking.

Date:                     12 & 13 December 2008 (Friday & Saturday)
Time:                     9:00 am – 5:30pm
Medium of Instruction:    English
Venue:                    Hong Kong Productivity Council
                          1/F, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
Fee per participant:      HK$7,200 / HK$6,500 (early bird enrolled by 15 November 2008 or group of 2)
                          *The programme is under the application process of the New Technology Training
                           Scheme (NTTS) of the Vocational Training Council (VTC) for a training grant up to
Max Class Size:           25

                                                                                            Sabre Dec 08 - 2
Workshop AGENDA
DAY 1 – December 12 (Friday)                       DAY 2 – December 13 (Saturday)
09:00     Arrival & Coffee                         09:00     Arrival & Coffee
09:15     Introduction and Objectives              09:15     Review of Day 1
09:30     Introduction to effective intelligence   09:30     Idea Generation Exercises (cont’d)
          thinking skills                          10:45     Initial Idea Portfolio Assembly
          Creative thinking and idea generation    11:15     Coffee
          Feedback on scores and explanation       11:30     Introduction to Idea Assessment &
          of EI                                              Development
11:15     Coffee                                   11:45     First Assessment Gate (New, Relevant,
          Using EI to Improve Creative Thinking              Actionable)
13:00     Lunch                                    13:00     Lunch
          Idea Generation Exercises (a selection   13:45     First Development Stage (Mind
          will be used depending on key issues)              Mapping)
          Company Modelling                        15:00     Tea
          Needs & Means Battleships                15:15     Second Assessment Gate (Scope
          Remote Connections                                 Analysis)
          Problem Solving                          16:00     Second Development Stage (Venture
          Overcoming Mindsets                                Justification)
15:00     Tea                                      16:30     Final Portfolio Selection
15:15     Idea Generation Exercises (cont’d)       17:00     Action Plans
17:30     Close

John O’Connor        is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading authorities on business
                      innovation and new product development, and has over 20 years experience in
                      helping businesses innovate successfully. Initially, this experience was gained
                      as Director of Innovation Services at the Barnsley Business and Innovation
                      Centre, one of Europe’s largest and most successful Business and Innovation
                      Centres. In more recent years, John has been the managing director of
                      Excalibur (UK) Ltd one of the United Kingdom’s premier innovation process
                     He has also worked with many UK       local authorities and Business Links to
                     assist smaller companies (SME’s)      to innovate via the highly successful
                     Scimitar Programme for SMEs. As a     result many of these smaller companies
                     have increased their profitability    and grown in to large international
John has an MA from the University of Leeds and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel
and Development, The Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Market Research Society.
He is also co-author of the book Competing Through Innovation. The book details the success of the
Sword Programme for SME’s and explains how this programme improves the ability of participating
companies to develop new products and services.
John is an accomplished and effective speaker and communicator and regularly speaks at
international innovation and creativity conferences.

John Chambers         has over 30 years of working experience, of which over 20 years was on
management consultancy and innovation programmes. He is the Managing Director of Sword IBIS
Ltd., a company formed to take over the running and development of Sword programmes, and has
delivered innovation programmes to several hundred SMEs.
John is a graduate of Emmanuel College, Cambridge with first class honours in natural science.

                                                                                      Sabre Dec 08 - 3
      Phone     (852) 2788 5023 Mr C S Yu
      Fax       (852) 2788 5567

      Applicant is required to complete the attached enrolment form and send it by mail or in person to:
      The enrolment counter, 1/F, HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
      Office hours: 9:00am – 9:00pm (weekdays)
                     9:00am – 5:00pm (Saturday)
      For application by mail, a crossed cheque of the appropriate fee payable to the Hong Kong
      Productivity Council must be attached.

                                              Enrolment FORM                          (*Please delete whichever inappropriate)

Programme                                                 12-
               SABRE Creativity and Innovation Programme (12-13 Dec 08)                   Programme Code        40087157
Fee            □
               □   HK$7,200 per participant (Normal)
               □  HK$6,500 per participant (early bird enrolled on/before 15 November 2008 or group of 2)
               The programme is under the application process of the New Technology Training Scheme (NTTS) of the
               Vocational Training Council (VTC) for a training grant up to HK$2,500.

Name           (Mr/Mrs/Ms*)


Position                                                    Email Address


Tel (Mobile)                                 (Office)                                 (Home)

Signature                                                             Date

1. Enrolment fee must be accompanied with this form (or its photocopy), otherwise enrolment may be rejected.
2. HKPC has adopted a Personal Data (Privacy) Policy. Information about the policy is available at HKPC enrolment
   counters for collection. You may also contact our Personal Data Controlling Officer for further details.
3. For application in person, applicants are encouraged to pay by credit cards, EPS or cheques, if possible. Amount
   received will be imprinted. Cheques are subject to bank clearance.
4. Enrolment fee is not refundable.
5. An applicant may, subject to approval from HKPC, nominate a person to attend the programme on his/her behalf.
6. HKPC reserves the right to reject any application in any circumstances and for whatever reasons. Payment of fees
   should only be construed as conditional acceptance of application.
7. HKPC reserves the right to change the contents, venue and / or time as necessary.
8. The programme will be cancelled if typhoon signal No.8 or above OR black rainstorm warning is still hoisted after (or is
   announced by the Hong Kong Observatory to be hoisted at/after) 7:00am. Participants will be fully refunded.


                                                                                                            Sabre Dec 08 - 4

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