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					Patient Positioning Aid
Week 7
Christen Thomsen

Work Completed:

       During the seventh week of design 2 we ordered all the non-ferrous parts tht we

needed. We ordered aluminum bolts and nuts, nylon cap screws, brass machine screws,

and nylon cap screws. We received the aluminum bolts and nuts, along with the plastic

cap screws that we ordered earlier this week. This allowed me to switch out the steel

bolts and cap screws, seen in figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1: Nylon cap screws
Figure 2: Aluminum bolt for pivot hub

I was also able to drill and tap one of the arm rest pads (figure 3), but was unable to finish

the other due to the cancellation of school on Thursday, and then the loss of power for lab

on Friday.

Figure 3: Tapped arm rest
I have started to glue all the bearing pads to the linear bearings, which will be finished by

this upcoming week so they can be attached (figure 4).

Figure 4: Gluing linear pads

Along with this, Ashley and I finished gluing the arm bar together in preparation for

attaching it this week. This can be seen in figure 5.
Figure 5: Assembled arm bar resting in its place on the board

A picture of the whole table as is (without the bearings because they are being glued) can

be seen in figure 6.

Figure 6: Table as of right now (minus bearins)

Future Work:

For this week I hope to receive all the non-ferrous hardware so that I can switch it out. I

plan on finishing gluing all the pads to the bearing so they arm rests can be attached.

Along with this, I plan on drilling and tapping the aluminum side runners so they may be

attached to the board.

Project Review:
Currently, we are still on track to finish the device in time. No emergency actions are

required to finish on time. We are hoping to have the prototype completed by the end of

this week so testing can be started.

Hours worked:

Lab Hours – 6hrs
Independent hours – 4 hrs

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