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Use the reading entitled Iran's Nuclear Ambition


									Use the reading entitled “Iran’s Nuclear Ambition” to help you answer the
following questions.

   1. Describe the IAEA and its function

   2. To whom will the IAEA report the violations of
      the Non-proliferation treaty?

   3. What will possibly happen as a result of the
      reported violations?

   4. What does Iran say about its international
      obligations regarding nuclear power?

   5. What evidence is there to suggest that “Iran
      cannot be trusted” as stated by Western powers?

   6. From whom does Iran admit that it received
      documents concerning a nuclear device?

   7. Define “belligerent”. How are Iranian
      president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s remarks

   8. How have the quotes from Iranian president
      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad increased the fears of
      Iran’s nuclear potential?

   9. Pick one quote from Ahmadinejad and explain how
      they help you to understand the position of the
      US and UN and their reluctance to let Iran
      continue to enrich uranium.

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