Iran's Nuclear Program In the US Presidential Campaign and

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					                We cordially invite you to a seminar on:

              Iran's Nuclear Program:
     In the US Presidential Campaign and on the
            Next Administration's Agenda

                  Wednesday, September 24, 2008

14:30 - Opening remarks: Dr. Oded Eran, Director, INSS

14:45 - View from Israel

      Mr. Barukh Binah, Deputy Director General for North American
                        Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

       Dr. Eran Lerman, Executive Director, Israel/Middle East Office,
                        AJC (American Jewish Committee)

      Ms. Leslie Mirchin, Director of Policy and Research, Israel Office,
                          AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs

      Mr. Alon Pinkas, former Consul General of Israel in the United
16:15 - Coffee Break

16:30 - View from the US (Videoconference)

       Dr. Michael O'Hanlon, Senior Fellow for Foreign Policy,

       Dr. Patrick Clawson, Deputy Director for Research, The
                            Washington Institute for Near East Policy

       Mr. Douglas Feith, Director, Center for the Future of National
                          Security Policy, Hudson Institute. Former
                          Undersecretary of Defense for Policy

17:45 - Discussion

18:30 - Conclusion

  The meeting will take place at the Institute for National Security
Studies, 40 Haim Levanon St., Tel Aviv. Parking is available at INSS

                 The seminar will be held in English

    Please confirm your attendance at 03-640-0401/2 or to email:

                We look forward to your participation
                             Best wishes,

  Dr. Emily Landau and Noam Ophir, Arms Control Program, INSS