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									      Bodega – The Virtual Goods Marketplace

                                         Main Contact: Mark Sendo

                                         315 Second Street, Suite 514
                                         (734) 657-3358

Confidential Information only used for
evaluation purposes
• Users of social games
    • Breakage – virtual goods accumulated is locked in each game
    • Time lost
    • Money lost
    • Unmet desire to sell goods

• Game developers
    • Lose potential sales revenue of virtual goods
    • Lost users with no immediate chance for reacquisition

• Trend: 95% of games do not allow for transferable currencies/vgoods
                            Market Size
• Social gaming industry grew to a billion-dollar industry in
2009, expected to reach $6 billion 2013
• 31% of online gamers sold virtual goods last year
• Demand for a solution has grown along with market size

U.S. Virtual Goods
Revenue Ready To
                         The Solution
• Our sanctioned virtual marketplace for social gamers

• Allows users of social games to…
     • Avoid breakage
     • Buy and sell virtual goods as desired
     • Save invested time and money

• Allows game developer/publisher to acquire users:
     • Buyer
     • Reacquires seller
     • Earn Transaction Commissions

• Seamless settlement (Bodega API) - Bodega has IP behind API-
potentially big barrier to entry
Bodega Settlement API (Patent Pending) for Virtual Goods
          Business Model
   Proven Method of Monetization
Bodega will provide the best sanctioned cross-
platform virtual goods marketplace available

• Revenue will be generated when…
    •Users purchase virtual currency (Bodega Bills)
    •Users make a transaction (commission)
    •Collection of important Facebook buying/selling patterns
    •Advertising & other streams will follow
       Business Plan - Organic Growth
•Sign & Launch with 6 Game Developers/Publishers (march)
•Insure Seamless settlement
•Target mid-size game developers
    • 10k to 100k DAU
• Partnerships
    • Facebook Payment platform (facebook credits)
    • Supersonic ads – 100 game developers
    • Adnectar – served 2 billion virtual goods
    •TapJoy (Android)
    • Games signed or in discussions (Confidential lists)
                    Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan – Organically engineered

• Hired Silicon Valley Biz Dev

• Bodega Intern Program

• Paid install marketing program in conjunction with sanctioned
  Bodega games

• Press releases

• Viral growth via proven FB feeds
• Facebook Bodega Marketplace application in beta phase (live)
• Bodega raised $400,000 thus far
• MySpace & Twitter application in the works
• iPhone / iPod Touch application has been approved by Apple
• Bodega owns all of its technology including proprietary currency
•Bodega filed for provisional patents with USPTO for Bodega
Settlement API
• Received Facebook approval to port data in from other social
• Working with Facebook to use FB Credits as Virtual Currency
     • Enables users to bid/buy/win and communication with users
     from other social networks from their Facebook profile
     • Makes us the 1st cross platform interoperable auction.
                     Why to Invest in Bodega
Exceptional People – Talented, relentless, passionate team lead by founder of Bodega. Each
and every team member works for partial pay plus equity because of their commitment and
confidence in Bodega.

Unique product or service – Bodega’s marketplace on FB is the first, enabling users to trade
virtual goods earned/purchased.

Market opportunity – The virtual goods industry became a billion-dollar industry in 2009, with
100% growth projected for 2010, and user demand to trade goods. The market for Bodega is

Competitive advantage – Bodega is the first to the market, can scale quickly with Silicon Valley
presence, strategic deals in place and pending.

Financial model – Proven method of monetization. (see forecasts)

Technology – We own all of our IP, developed all of our technology from scratch, MVC using
Code Igniter, highly scalable which will allow us to capture significant market share.

Risks – Competition, fraud, game developers slow to adopt         Confidential Information only used for
                                                                  evaluation purposes

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