SUGGESTED FORMAT FOR ACTION PLAN                                                                                             Year _________

       Our action plan is in two parts
         1       Main Targets that measure our success in reaching our School’s Travel Plan objectives
         2       Actions and Initiatives planned to help us work towards our objectives

           1         Main Targets (A summary of the Objectives and Targets from the STP itself)

Objective                                             Target                                    Target Date                              Progress

Summary of objectives                                 Summary of Targets                        Target Date for completion

Summarise the objectives from within your             It is important that each objective has   It is important that each objective is   Space to make notes on progress, barriers
plan here                                             a Specific, Measurable, Achievable        Timebound.                               that led to a target not being achieved and
                                                      and Realistic target.                                                              any new approaches identified as a result
                                                      Completing this section is a useful
                                                      way of checking that you have set
                                                      measurable targets for each

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       2        Actions and Initiatives
                (It is a good idea to create an action plan table for EACH of your STP objectives. You may prefer to use a similar format to your schools’
                development/improvement plan, but if so it is important you ensure that all the information shown in red, as a minimum, is included)

       OBJECTIVE:                   E.g. Increase the proportion of children walking to school
       TARGET:                      E.g. Increase the proportion of children walking to school from 50% to 60% by summer term 2006

Proposed Action                            Milestone Tasks              Responsible       Partners         Target        Success Indicator          Progress
                                           (Key tasks that need to be     Person             to             Date         (How you can measure       (Details of progress to
                                           carried out to implement                       consult /                      / demonstrate that an      date, useful information,
                                           actions)                                                                      action is complete)        barriers encountered etc)

For example….                              For example….                For example….    For            For example..    For example…..             For example….
Set up Walking Bus                         Contact Road Safety Unit     Mrs Smith        HCC Road                        One Walking Bus            Meeting held with RSU
                                           for advice and Support                        Safety Unit    December’05      established serving the    January ‘06
                                           Identify possible routes                                     Feb ‘06          school each morning.
                                           Recruit volunteers                                           March ‘06        At least 10 children
                                           Pilot route                                                  March ‘06        using the walking bus
                                           Launch Bus                                                   April ‘06        daily

Participate in Walk to School Week         Structure Walk to School     The Head         HCC Travel     May / October    All children invited to    Registration form sent to
                                           week into schools                             Plan Team      annually         participate in W2SW        HCC for October’06 W2SW
                                           Obtain walk to school week
                                                                                                                 st                                                             st
Provide covered waiting shelter for        Source appropriate funding   School Travel    Local          March 31 ‘06     Parent waiting shelter     STP submitted to HCC 31
parents                                    (grant)                      Plan             businesses                      installed on school        March, advice received
                                           Identify suitable site       Coordinator /    for                             property. Annual           that school will be
                                           Install shelter              Premises         sponsorship    September        parent travel survey       receiving capital grant
                                           Monitor usage                Manager                                          demonstrates it is used.   award

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