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STAGE PLAN – Phase 2 Stage 2 (Installations,
Data Migration, User Groups)

Project:        Goldsmiths Student Records System
                Implementation Project

Release:        16th December 2009

Date:           7th December 2009


Author:         Nadezhda Robinson

Owner:          Hugh Jones – Project Sponsor

Client:         Goldsmiths University of London

Document Ref:   SRSSP-P2S2

Version No:     0.1 Draft Version
1      Stage Plan History

1.1    Document Location
This document is only valid on the day it was printed.
The source of the document will be found on the project's PC in location

1.2    Revision History
Date of this revision:       7th December 2009
Date of Next revision:       17th December 2009

Revision    Previous     Summary of Changes                          Changes marked
date        revision
                         First issue

1.3    Approvals
This document requires the following approvals.
Signed approval forms are filed in the Management section of the project files.

Name                 Signature              Title                    Date   of Version
Project      Board                                                   16
Members                                                              December

1.4    Distribution
This document has been distributed to:

Name                 Title                                          Date  of Version
Project Team                                                        10th

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2    Table of Contents


1 Stage Plan History                      1
     1.1 Document Location                1
     1.2 Revision History
     1.3 Approvals
     1.4 Distribution

2 Table of Contents

3 Purpose

4 Plan Description

5 Quality Plan

6 Plan Prerequisites

7 External Dependencies

8 Tolerances

9 Monitoring and Control

10 Reporting

11 Planning Assumptions

12 Graphical Plan
      12.1 Gantt or Bar Chart
      12.2 Product Breakdown Structure
      12.3 Product Flow Diagram
      12.4 Activity Network
      12.5 Financial Budget
      12.6 Resource Requirements Table
      12.7 Risk Assessment

13 Product Descriptions

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Stage Plan

3      Purpose
     [Used as the basis for project management control throughout the stage.
    dentifies all the products that the stage must produce.
     Provides a statement of how and when a stage’s objectives are to be achieved, by
       showing the deliverables, activities and resources required.
     Identifies the stage’s control and reporting points and frequencies.
     Provides a baseline against which stage progress will be measured.
     Records the stage tolerances.
     Specifies the quality controls for the stage and identifies the resources needed for

4      Plan Description
This plan covers the main products to be delivered within Phase 2, Stage 2 of the SRS
Project and will be predominately focused on continued installation, training and
configuration decision making.

- Installation of Banner Software (Banner Document Management System and Workflow
- Ensuring the Production is Live
- Additional Training for the Technical Team (BT101 and BT101)
- Setting Up the Project User Group and engaging the User Group in initial decision
making for the configuration of Phase 2 Stage 3
- Communications and Change Management Planning
- Resources to manage the stage (Procurement of Scanners)
 - Risks and Issues identification, mitigation and ownership

5      Quality Plan
The quality plan outlines the quality criteria for all the major products to be delivered
below, in the case of this stage the technical team will be requested to provide the quality
plan for the deliverables, as they are predominately based around installations.

6      Plan Prerequisites
The full SRS project team will need to be in place by the end of January 2010 to ensure
sufficient resources to undertake all task within the relatively short-timescale, particular
attention to be paid to the Project Trainer and a Departmental Representative

A thorough understanding of a commitment to the budgetary implications of delivering the
stage, to include the procurement of additional servers as advised by SunGard, and the
Procurement of Scanners to support BDMS. – Costs outlined in the stage plan.

Risk management, ownership and mitigation must be understood and managed by Board
Members where the risk affects their particular area.

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7       External Dependencies
     o SunGard provision of timely planning information
     o Sungard co-ordination of international resources in a timely manner
     o Timely arrival of hardware items servers and scanners

8       Tolerances
The stage plan runs from January through to April 2010. There has been a tolerance set
of 2 weeks. If the project manager becomes aware the stage will be exceed by any
longer than the two week tolerance set, an exception will be sent to the Project Board
members detailing the impact of the delay and recommendations for progress.

9       Monitoring and Control
The stage will be controlled using Prince 2 Project Management Methodology and will be
monitored using MS Project, Highlight Reports and Checkpoint Reports.

10      Reporting
There will be three reporting period for the stage, these reports will deliver themselves in
the format of two emailed highlight report to project board members at the end of each
calendar month at the follow dates (and one verbal feedback at the Project Board):

     o 28th January 2010
     o 24th February 2010 (Project Board)
     o 18th March 2010

11      Planning Assumptions
It is assumed that all information in the plan provided by Sungard is correct at the time of
planning and any subsequent changes will be highlighted in time to assess the
immediate impact on the plan.

It is assumed the Project Board fully understand the implications of an incomplete project
team in terms of meeting the objectives of the Project Plan.

Additional budget resources will be approved where necessary to enable stage
completion and delivery of milestones

Contractual issues between Goldsmiths and Sungard are swiftly resolved to enable
effective role assignation.

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12     Graphical Plan

12.1   Gantt or Bar Chart
12.2     Product Breakdown Structure

                              User Group
                                                                                                          Banner 8.1 Install

                                                                         Remote       Handover Training      Production
 Remit/Roles and    Decision making    Membership/                                                                                BT101/102         Final User Testing   Test Data
                                                     First Meeting     Installation    Agenda/Training    Database Server
 Responsibilities   Visio Flowchart     Attendees                                                                              Technical Training      and Sign Off        Plan
                                                                     Breakdown Plan         Plan          Recommendation

                                                                          Word              Word
                                           Email/                                        Document
      Word             Vision                          Arrange         Document
                                           Phone                                           day/day              Word                Agenda             UAT Test            Word
    Document          Document                        Date/Venue        day/day
                                           enquiry                                       breakdown            Document              (Word)             Document          Document
                                                         Remit                             Training                              Training Plan
                                                                                          Outcomes                                  day/day
                                                                                         Assessment                              breakdown of
                                                                                          document                                 outcomes


                                                                                                                                                      Page 2
                                                                       Prepare Server
                                                                       Environment for
                                                                        Workflow and

                                                                                     Installation of                       Production
Completed Server       Server
                                                                                     Workflow and         Configure      Environment of
  Architecture     Recommendations      Procure Servers    Procure Scanners
                                                                                      BDMS/Tech           Scanners        Workflow and
   Word Doc        Document (Word)
                                                                                        Training                             BDMS

                     Breakdown of                             Assessment
 Breakdown of                                                   Paper,                                      Scanner
                     recommended                                                  Installation Guides
 College Server                         Tender Document    recommendations                               Configuration   Test Data Plan
                   number of servers                                               (Banner Support)
  Infrastructure                                               on server                                Guide Document
                    and specification
                                                             quantities and
  Infrastructure                              ITT                                   Installation Plan      UAT Doc         UAT Doc
                                                           Tender Document

                                        Scoring Strategy                            Test Data Plan


                                                                                   Training Agenda

                                                           Scoring Strategy

                                                                                     Training Plan

                                                                                     Training room


                                                                                                                                 Page 3
12.5   Financial Budget

Area                                                                                             Year Total                Stage Total

Current Staffing                                                                                 £            227,805.00   £        56,951.25
New Staffing                                                                                     £             52,393.84   £        14,969.66
Consultancy                                                                                      £             10,560.00   £            3,520
Technical Training                                                                               N/A                       N/A
Procurement of Hardware (Servers)                                                                N/A                       £             70,000
Procurement of Hardware (Scanners)                                                               N/A                       £              8,000
Consumables                                                                                      £             13,500      £              3,375
Equipment and Furniture                                                                          £               12,000    £              3,000
                                                                                                 £                   -
                                                                                                 £            316,258.84   £      159,815.91

All items in bold are where no current budget exists, or where an approved budget has yet to
be applied
New Staffing based on two new roles at Grade 7 starting in Feb to end of academic year
Costs for hardware have been applied at their highest potential amount to ensure plan is
resourced, costs are likely to be significantly lower but will depend on feedback from Sungard
Enterprise Architects
Costs for scanners have been applied at their highest potential amount, as we as yet do not
know the spec of the scanners required and whether the current multifunctional devices in
departments will be sufficient.
Equipment and Furniture, will cover the additional costs of phones, desks and laptops and
computers for the technical team move to project office, and the costs of house the two new
team posts (Trainer, BPO Academic Departments)

                                                                                                                                              Page 4
12.6   Resource Requirement Table

This stage will require the full team resources, as well as additional resources to cover
the unanticipated costs of hardware (servers and scanners). These costs have been
anticipated in the financial budget at their highest to minimise the risk of a budget deficit
*NB* (there may be no cost implications of these at all)

Technical Team

Mike Jones – 0.8 FTE
Gareth Scarlett – 0.8 FTE
Neeta Veekaria – 0.5 FTE
Frances Renton – 0.5 FTE
Bill Schassens – 0.2 FTE
Ntchuks Bonga – 0.4 FTE

Functional Team

Susan Westbrook - 0.5 FTE
Katie Hawthorn – 0.5 FTE
BPO Academic Departments – 1.0FTE
Training Post -1.0 FTE

Project Team

Nadezhda Robinson – 1.0FTE
Georgia Campbell – 1.0 FTE
Myron Yearwood – 1.0FTE
Melanie Rimmer – 0.4 FTE


Celia Kennedy
Carol Ebbrell
Mark Eckersley

There will also be a considerable resource impact on the following teams:

      Web Team /Communications
      Admissions (User Group)
      Academic Departments and Academics (User Group)
      Student Records and Enrolment (User Group)
      Fees (User Group)
      Exams (User Group)
      Reporting (User Group)
      Finance (User Group)
12.7     Risk Assessment

Attached (Appendix 1)

13       Product Descriptions

Web Team Engagement Plan

To enable the programme catalogue to Go Live, the web team will need heavy
engagement in the in the design and format of the web pages visible to prospective
students. A clear plan of the following will be provided:

     o   Who will be key lead within the web team for SRS project engagement
     o   A breakdown of work involved
     o   A breakdown of milestones for delivery
     o   A test schedule
     o   Impact assessment on web team

Personnel Resources – Tanith Mcrindle, Georgia Campbell,, Mike Jones, Carol

Report Plan

A written report detailing the following for the Programme Catalogue and Enquiries GO
LIVE dates. The report will be in word and has a deadline date of 29 February 2009.
Training on the new reporting tool to take place in March 2010.

        The current system reports
        GAP analysis
        Design of new reports for Banner System
        Consultation on design report drafts
        Sign Off of Reporting Drafts
        Installation of new reporting software
        Decision on reporting roles within institution
        Staff training on new reporting tool
        Delivery of new reports

Personnel Resources – Angela Bibby, Frances Renton

                                                                               Page 2
Concurrent System User Map

A detailed visual map outlining the where both systems (Unit E and Banner) will be used
concurrently, by whom and the impact e.g. increased workload, decreased workload and
the length of time for which the concurrent systems will be in use.

Personnel Resources – Nadezhda Robinson, Georgia Campbell, Celia Kennedy,
Bill Schassens, Celia Kennedy

User Permissions and Access Rights

A written document detailing (to include a decision making flow diagram):

      How decisions on Permissions and Access Rights will be defined
      Who will define user permissions and access rights
      Which DBA will have primary control of creating user permissions and access
      A plan of when access rights decisions will be taken to the project user group.

Personnel Resource – Myron Yearwood, Nadezhda Robinson, Mike Jones (or
identified DBA), Functional Team, User Group

SLA Backup and Recovery Times

A clear back up and recovery Service Level Agreement provided by the Systems Team
and the Project Technical Team, to include ‘Disaster Recovery’ and Recovery Times for
Business Critical Services.

Personnel Resources: Steve Fuller, Ntchuks Bonga, Mike Jones, Georgia
Campbell, Mark Ebbrell

IT Help Desk Model

A clearly defined IT HelpDesk Model for the project lifecycle, detailing the following:

   o   First line support
   o   Second Line Support
   o   Third Line Support
   o   Escalation Routes
   o   Training on Help Help Desk Software Plan

Personnel Resource: Nadezhda Robinson, Rachael Johnson, Functional Team,
Technical Team

                                                                                    Page 3
User Acceptance Testing Format

A clear plan for the project User Acceptance Testing Model and sign off, based on
documentation from Sungard Help Centre and other University Models.

Personnel Resources: Nadezhda Robinson, Carol Ebbrell, Functional Team

User Group Model

A visual and written document detailing the User Group Model for Goldsmiths, to inclue a
clear break down of:

User Group Remit
User Group Roles and Responsibilities
Decision Making Responsibilities
User Acceptance Testing Responsibilities

Personnel Resources: Nadezhda Robinson, Myron Yearwood, Carol Ebbrell,
Functional Team

Change Management Plan

A change management plan detailing the impact of the workload on staff engaged in the
project, stakeholders and wider College staff affected by the project.

Personnel Resources: Melanie Rimmer, Nadezhda Robinson, Rebecca Watts,
Project Board

Staff Training and Handover Plan/Model

Staff Training - A written and visual plan, detailing:

   o   Staff training milestones for the year
   o   Staff to be engaged at each session
   o   Agenda for each training session
   o   Follow up training plan
   o   Room Booking
   o   Calendar Booking
   o   Training Structure

Handover Model – A written and visual plan detailing:

   o The handover of from project team to wider College staff of Banner Process and

                                                                                Page 4
   o Continued support available and period of support
   o Mechanism for continued College team raising issues system post training

Personnel Resources: Training Officer, Functional Team, Key Stakeholders,
Project Board


Appendix 1 – Phase 2 Stage 2 Risk Plan

Appendix 2 – MS Project Phase 2 Stage 2 Plan

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