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					About your self management plan                   Useful Contacts
TheGoals of asthma treatment are:
  Freedom from symptoms
                                        National Asthma Campaign,
                                        Providence House,
                                                                                         Management Plan
  An unrestricted lifestyle
  Be able to get your best
                                        Providence Place,
    possible Peak Flow
                                        London N1 ONT
  As few acute attacks as
                                        Telephone 0171-226-226
  Miss as little school as possible

Green Zone – All clear to go. Your       Please take this with
asthma is under control and this is
where you want to be most of the
                                        you when you visit the
time. If you are in this zone most of   Doctor or the Asthma
the time it may be possible for your
Doctor or Asthma Nurse to reduce
                                                                                           Created 24 February 2010
the medicines.
Amber Zone – Caution. Your asthma                                                             Height       ……. cm
is not under control and the                                                                  Predicted PFR = ………..
medication may need to be changed.                                                      Predicted or Best Peak Flow   ………
Make a note of your symptoms and
Peak Flows so that the Doctor or                                                          Hospital Contact Number
Asthma Nurse can assess you
                                                                                               01493 452010
Red Zone – Red Alert! If you are in
this zone follow the Red Zone Action
Plan and inform your Doctor or
Asthma Nurse as the regular
                                          Devised by John Chapman Great Yarmouth 2001
treatment may also need adjusting.
       Green Zone – GO                              Amber Zone                                 Red Zone
Yourasthma is under control when         Your asthma is getting worse if you            Breathing is hard & fast
    Breathing is good                       Wake at night with asthma                 Can’t talk easily or feed
    No cough or wheeze                        symptoms                                  easily
    Can play games & sport                  Have cough, wheeze or tight               Can’t walk
     normally                                  chest                                    Nose opens wide
    No sleep disturbance                    Need to use the reliever                  The       reliever     inhaler
    Can do normal activities                  inhaler regularly once a day              Multidosing is not helping/not
                                               or more than usual                        lasting 2-3 hours
   Peak Flows are between
       …………. & …………                         Peak Flows are between                 Peak Flows are below ……….
Green Action Zone – Take medicines              ………. & ………..                      Red Action Plan
as normal                                Amber Action Zone      -         Take        Continue Multidosing
            Preventer                    preventer    inhaler and        other        Take a dose of oral steroids
                                         medicines as normal.                          if you have them
                                                Start Multidosing                     Keep calm and reassure

         Other Medicines                 Give …..puffs of reliever - one puff
                                         at a time. Use a spacer if you have      Get help from a Doctor NOW
                                         one and remember to shake the
                                                                                      or call an ambulance
                                         MDI in between puffs. Do this
            Reliever                     every 4-6 hours as required.
………………………. 1-2 doses as required.        If you are not improving, make an
Remember if necessary to take this       appointment to see your Doctor or
       before exercise.                  Asthma Nurse.
                                         If you have a Peak Flow Diary start
                                         filling in morning and evening peak
                                         flows, the symptoms you get each
                                         day, and how often you are using
                                         your reliever. Take it with you if you
                                         visit the Doctor or Asthma Nurse.

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