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					                                                                                                   LITERACY HOUR: Weekly Plan
Year 5 Term 1 Week 2                                                                                       Class:                                                                                Date:
               Text Level                                                                                         Text                                                                            Word Level
24 to write recounts based on subject, topic or personal experiences for (a) a                                    Carrie's War - Nina Bawden                                          8 to identify word roots, derivations and
                                                                                                                                                                                      spelling patterns, e.g. sign, signature, signal;
close friend and (b) an unknown reader, e.g. an account of a field trip, a                                              Sentence Level                                                bomb, bombastic, bombard; remit, permit,
match, a historical event;                                                                                                                                                            permission, in order to extend vocabulary
                                                                                    1   investigate word order by examining how far the order of words in sentences can be changed:
26 to make notes for different purposes, e.g. noting key points as a record of       which words are essential to meaning;                                                           and provide support for spelling;
what has been read, listing cues for a talk, and to build on these notes in their    which can be deleted without damaging the basic meaning;
own writing or speaking;                                                                          which words or groups of words can be moved into a different order;
27 to use simple abbreviations in note-taking.
DAYS                                               Whole Class Work                                                      Guided Work                             Independent Work                                 Plenary
Mon            Spelling Bank - p.44                                                                                  Guided reading:                  Spelling Bank - p.44                                  Feedback from
               Whole class investigations into word roots and spelling patterns.                                     Using differentiated             Differentiated group tasks.                           group tasks.
                                                                                                                     recounts base session on                                                               Generate class list
                                                                                                                     group targets.                                                                         of word roots.
Tues           To prepare for written recount of the next stage in an evacuee's journey,                             Guided writing:                  In pairs children make notes to add to                Discuss differences
               which ends with the arrival of the evacuee at their new home, use video of                            As independent task              those from shared session using chapter               between the 2
               extract from 'Carrie's War' to make notes using technique modelled last                               focusing on different            2 from 'Carrie's War' using either of                 sources.
               week. Teacher demonstrates listing key words. Teacher scribes                                         group each day based             techniques demonstrated last week.
               starting to turn words into notes. Focus on using abbreviations in notes.                             on targets.
               Continue turning into notes through supported composition.
Weds           Teacher models planning recount using a flowchart with 5 boxes. (Model                                                                 Using planning format from shared time                Recap on key
               planning last week's shared text) Teacher demonstrates completing last                                                                 children use the notes from yesterday to              information needed
               box - children wait at station for train to take them away. Emphasise need                                                             plan a recount that describes the next                to plan recount.
               to know ending to plan recount. In pairs discuss what should be included                                                               stage of the evacuee's journey and ends               Brainstorm
               in the first box. Teacher scribes opening - where, when, who and why.                                                                  with them arriving at their new home.                 connectives that
               In pairs children identify 3 events that happened between the opening and                                                                                                                   could be added to
               the end and sequence events. Feedback and teacher scribes on plan.                                                                                                                           flowchart.
               Key points:
               ~ clear about the ending;
               ~ plan a sequence of events that lead to this ending;
               ~ set the scene by answering who, where, when and why                  
Thurs          Using yesterday's shared plan teacher demonstrates writing opening to                                                                  Using own plan and shared session as a model children start to
               letter. Refer to key questions to answer. Teacher scribes 1st 2 sentences                                                              write letters.
               of next paragraph in letter - focus on use of appropriate connective to start
               paragraph. Supported composition children write opening 2 sentences of                                                                 No plenary to allow longer time for independent writing.
               next paragraph.
               Key points:
               ~ opening sets the scene;
               ~ paragraphs show shifts in time;
Fri            Teacher demonstrates writing concluding paragraph of recount focusing                                                                  Complete letters.                                     As a class make a
               on summarising and evaluating events.                                                                                                  Edit and redraft with partner - focuses as            list of 'I can . . .'
               Recap on key features of recounts - redraft shared letter focusing on 2                                                                shared time.                                          statements that can
               things:                                                                                                                                                                                      be used to evaluate
               ~ adding details to engage reader's interest;                                                                                                                                                recounts.             
               ~ reordering words in sentences to change emphasis.

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