; An Inspectors call
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An Inspectors call


Report on the play An Inspectors call

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									                                     An Inspector’s Call   1

     Running Head: AN INSPECTOR’S CALL

              An Inspector’s Call

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                                                              An Inspector’s Call                2

        An Inspector Calls is set several years before the start of World War 1, in 1912. It is set

in the fictional North Midlands industrial city of Brumley. It is thought that this is a parody of

Brumagem, an older name for Birmingham.

        The Birling family is holding a small intimate dinner party to celebrate the engagement of

Sheila Birling to Gerald Croft.

        The characters of the play are;

        Arthur Birling

        He’s a prosperous factory owner, his first priority is to make money& get power. He

strongly believes that “a man has to make his own way”. He’s looking forward to receiving a

knighthood. His first priority is to make money as he said, “It's my duty to keep labour cost


        Sybil Birling

        She wants to stick to the rules and is always concerned about manners. She is only

interested in the family-reputation.

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