Derry City Council Community Relations Strategic Plan

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					                            Derry City Council Community Relations Strategic Plan
Vision Statement

To create a pluralist inclusive society where all communities, regardless of religion, race, age, denomination, sexuality
or gender can live and belong within a shared city and district.

Aims of the Community Relations Programme

   To   raise awareness of the rich cultural diversity within the Derry City Council area;
   To   work towards understanding and healing of communities traumatised through 30 years of conflict;
   To   develop a greater understanding and respect for the different traditions and cultures; and
   To   create an environment where people can make informed choices about how they co-exist.


 To encourage the gathering and dissemination of information through various initiatives such as the Junction Community
  Relations Resource Centre.
 To encourage contact and education between the various diverse groups working in conflict resolution.
 To promote and share local, regional, national and international elements of good practice.
 To provide resources to enable groups and projects to develop within their work ethic good community relations practice.
 To encourage community relations practitioners to develop a holistic approach in all aspects of their work.
 To promote an ethos of community relations practice internally within all structures of Derry City Council.
 To bring together statutory, voluntary, community, educational, academic, church based and business sectors to address
  community relations issues.
Community Engagement/Overcoming Segregation and Suspicion

      Strategies                         Outputs                            Outcomes             Personnel     Timeframe      Measuring Indicators
 To continue to          To continue to line manage and            The Protestant           CRO            Ongoing      Monthly reports
support and facilitate   provide ongoing support and advice to      community within the       Women’s                     from project personnel
the Shared City          the project personnel                      Derry City council area   Officer                        Monitoring forms
Initiative                                                          will have gained a         CSO Derry                    Increase in funding
                          To promote this initiative at all        greater sense of          City Council                  applications received
                         levels within the community                empowerment and                                         from the Protestant
                                                                    have a positive input                                   community groups
                          To address an exit strategy for the      into the community                                       No of articles/
                         project                                    and life within Derry                                   photographs in local
                                                                    City Council area                                       press and on radio
 To continue to          To strengthen initiatives such as         A wide range of          CRO              Ongoing    Numbers and
support and facilitate   Community Dialogue and increase its        community relations        Women’s                     outcomes of funding
ongoing initiatives      range of membership                        initiatives are either    Officer in                    applications
which promote             To continue to support marginalized      strengthened or           conjunction                    Monitoring forms
dialogue and             groups                                     established with the      with other                     Questionnaires
understanding             To access funding and set up new         necessary backup and      community
                         initiatives                                resources                 relations
                          To increase membership of existing                                 practitioners
                          To increase contact within Ireland
                         and Great Britain
 To promote              Through the promotion of Community        A measure of             CRO              Ongoing    Number of groups
better relations         Dialogue groups in interface areas will    safety has been            Council                     and individuals involved
between interface        have an opportunity to engage across the   created which allows      Officers                      in dialogue, seminars,
areas                    sectarian divide                           groups based in            Councillors                 conferences addressing
interface areas to          Community   issues affecting
address their fears        Activists     interface areas.
and concerns and look                     Number of new
at ways of alleviating                   groups that emerge
them                                      Number of reports
 Derry City Council                     produced to facilitate
through the                              learning and reflection
Community Dialogue
initiative is seen to be
proactively engaged in
promoting better
community relations in
areas which are
experiencing sectarian
tensions and conflict
The Image of Council in terms of Community Relations

     Strategies                         Outputs                         Outcomes               Personnel    Time frame    Measuring Indicators
 To provide a         Produce leaflets illustrating the         A greater level of        CRO            2002-       Leaflets
higher profile for    work of community relations/community      awareness and               Other         2005          Publication of CR
community relations   services within Derry City Council         understanding of           Community                    Strategic Plan
work undertaken by     Disseminate the information from         community relations        Service Staff                 Establishment and
Derry City Council    this report widely                         work of Derry City                                      resourcing of Training
                       Develop policies and strategies          Council                                                 Programmes by Derry
                      within the context of the community         A more strategic                                      City Council
                      relations strategy                         approach to CR work is
                       Disseminate information regarding        adopted by Council
                      Festivals and major events and the          Council is more
                      policies which inform those activities     proactive in
                       Set up training programmes both          addressing CR issues
                      internally within Council and externally   both internally and
                      consisting of 2 programmes and 1           externally
                      residential per year                        Greater awareness
                                                                 of CR issues and
                                                                 policies both internally
                                                                 within Council and
Rural Dimension

     Strategies                           Outputs                           Outcomes              Personnel   Time frame    Measuring Indicators
 To continue to          To develop outreach work within            Isolation               CRO            Ongoing      Rural communities
address and resource     isolated rural communities                  experienced by some       Community                   are targeted and
community relations       To identify groups and provide            rural communities is     Service Staff                 supported and
work in rural areas of   resources and support for training          addressed                 Shared City                 resources allocated
Derry City Council       workshops                                    CR work more           Initiative                    accordingly.
                                                                     proactive within rural    RAPID                        Networking
                                                                     areas of Derry City       Rural                       enhanced and
                                                                     Council                  Women’s                       developed
                                                                                              Network                        Training
 To work in              To liaise with existing initiatives and    Resources more          Oakleaf          Ongoing    Networking
partnership with         help set up programmes of work              strategically placed     Community                     enhanced and
other groups and                                                     within rural areas       Network                       developed
agencies involved in                                                  Higher level of                                       Programmes of
rural areas of Derry                                                 networking and sharing                                 work established and
City Council                                                         of resources and                                       running
                                                                     information takes
Developing a Community Relations Infrastructure

      Strategies                       Outputs                          Outcomes             Personnel   Time Frame   Measuring Indicators
 To establish and     Access funding which will put staff       The Junction is          CRO          2002-       Junction on a
strengthen the        in place in the Junction                   better resourced and       Junction    2005         firmer footing
Junction as a          Oversee the recruitment and line         established to develop    Committee                   Wide range of
resource centre for   management of that staff                   Community Relations                                  groups and individuals
Community Relations    Develop leaflets promoting the           work within Derry City                               accessing the
work within Derry     Junction                                   Council                                              Junction as a
City Council           Strengthen the Junction committee                                                             resource
                       Ensure that the Junction is seen as                                                            Appropriate level
                      part of an overall strategy on community                                                        of funding is accessed
                      relations rather than seen as competing
                      with other groups for resources
 To build up          Set up a website of all existing          Greater level of         CRO          2002-       Web site
resources and         groups with a CR remit addressing the      networking and lines       Junction    2005         established
networks around CR    range of groups and trainers involved in   of communication          Staff                       Regular meetings
work                  CR work within DCC area                    between statutory and                                and updates between
                       Strengthen partnerships between          voluntary groups                                     different groups
                      statutory and voluntary groups             involved in CR work
                                                                  CR practitioners
                                                                 are supported
                                                                 adequately and
                                                                 greeater clarity of
                                                                 understanding on
                                                                 various aspects of CR
                                                                 work within DCC
                                                                  Clear support
                                                                 structures and lines of
                                                                 communication around
                                                                 Community Relations
                                                                 work are established
                                                                 within Derry City
                                                                 Council area
 To co-ordinate       To feed into other strategic plans of     Various existing          CRO           2002-    Groups continue
strategic             various groups involved in community       initiatives are taken on    Junction     2005      to be resourced and
development of        relations work                             board as part of the       Management               supported by Derry
community relations    To provide ongoing support and           infrastructure and as      Committee                City Council
work                  funding where applicable                   part of any future          Junction
                       To continue to encourage and             strategy                   staff
                      stimulate networking among various          Community
                      community relations groups                 relations work is more
                       Make use of the Junction as a focus      strategically placed
                      for co-ordinating strategic development    with better use of
 To co-ordinate       To highlight and disseminate existing     Community                 CRO           2002-    Database widely
community relations   database on community relations training   relations training is       Junction     2005      disseminated
training               To match training needs with groups      more strategically         staff                     More groups
                      and communities with appropriate           developed and co-           Community              making use of
                      trainers                                   ordinated to the           Relations                community relations
                                                                 benefit of other           Training and             training
                                                                 groups                     Learning
Coordinating Themes of Community Relations Policy

      Strategies                          Outputs                          Outcomes               Personnel   Timeframe    Measuring Indicators
 To ensure that CR      Liaise with DCC Equality Officer and        CR policy is firmly     CRO            June       Regular meetings
policy within DCC is    other relevant officers to explore joint     rooted in all sections    Senior        2002-2005   with relevant council
coordinated and         initiatives and complimentarity of work      and departments of       Officers of                 staff
developed within         Address new policy initiatives such        DCC                      Council                      Regular reports on
other initiatives and   as New TSN and Equality Legislation and       There is                Community                 policy initiatives
policies both           ensure that DCC CR policy is reflected       complementarity          Services                    highlighting role of CR
internally and          within those policies                        between CR policy and    Programme                   within those initiatives
externally               Help establish a Shadow Youth              other social policies    Organiser                    Regular liaison and
                        Council and provide ongoing support on        Structures                                         report back to Council
                        behalf of Derry City Council                 representing young                                   on behalf of Shadow
                         Act as a liaison between Shadow            people are listened to                               Youth Council
                        Youth Council and DCC                        and heard within DCC
 To ensure that         Draw up a policy and practice paper         Community               Community      June       Funding criteria
community               and checklist for all groups in receipt of   development is firmly    services        2002-2005   strengthened
development             grant aid to ensure that Community           rooted within CR         Programme
principles are an       Relations remit fits in to their             practice                 Organiser
integral part of CR     Community Development principles and                                   CRO
work                    practice
 Development of    To acknowledge and support cross-    Community              Holywell         Ongoing    Conferences,
cross-border       border initiatives                    Relations is            Trust                         Seminars, regular
dimension                                                strategically            Seeing                      meetings
                                                         developed on a cross-   Sense Project                  Continuation of
                                                         border basis             Right to                    partnerships with
                                                                                 Hope Project                  community/voluntary
                                                                                  Other                       sector and other
                                                                                 cross-border                  agencies
                                                                                 initiatives                    Establishment of
                                                                                 which are in                  cross-border
                                                                                 partnership                   contacts
                                                                                 with Derry                     Development of
                                                                                 City Council                  new initiatives and
                                                                                                               expansion of existing
                                                                                                                Access cross-
                                                                                                               border funding
Mainstreaming Community Relations within Derry City Council

      Strategies                       Outputs                         Outcomes            Personnel       Timeframe   Measuring Indicators
 Community            Set up sub-committee consisting of       There is a             CRO                 Sept     Sub-committee
relations is firmly   senior officers of Council, councillors   commitment at the        Senior             2002-     established
established and       and representatives from voluntary and    highest level within    Officers             2005       Terms of
mainstreamed within   community sector which is chaired by      Council to mainstream    Chief                        Reference agreed
council               Chief Executive                           CR                      Executive                       Code of practice
                       CRO draws up Terms of Reference in       Structures are         Councillors                  drawn up
                      consultation with the sub-committee       established to make      Appointed
                       Sub-committee undergo training on       that happen             Consultant for
                      CR issues                                  Model for staff       Seeing Sense
                       Training bought in from outside         based on “Seeing        Model – time
                      agencies                                  Sense” Model.           limited piece of
                       A code of practice is developed                                 work
                      which addresses how CR issues can be
                      mainstreamed within DCC
Concept of Community Relations

         Strategies                         Outputs                       Outcomes          Personnel   Timeframe    Measuring Indicators
 To continually explore      Organisation of seminars,            A wider and more     CRO           Ongoing    Number of
CR as a concept and          workshops, guest speakers and         encompassing           Women’s                  seminars/workshops
definition                   creative events to encourage a        definition of CR is   Officer                    established
 To continue to             debate around CR as a concept         established            Community                 Continual
develop creative              Continue to use initiatives such                          Services                   development of various
approaches in this regard    as Seeing Sense and other                                   Programme                  models of practice
 To broaden the range       international models of practice to                         Organiser
and diversity of CR work     challenge perceptions                                        CSOs
which would include a                                                                     Junction
range of issues and                                                                      staff
concepts such as other                                                                    Other
minorities, cross-border                                                                 Community
initiatives and                                                                          Relations
international initiatives                                                                Groups
 To address
reverberations of conflict
to address the long term
effects of conflict

      Strategies                        Outputs                             Outcomes             Personnel       Timeframe   Measuring Indicators
 To ensure that CR         CRO post be made permanent               Greater degree of       Senior            June       Adequate
work is both                Appointment of an Assistant CRO         sustainability for CR    Officers           2002-2005   resources are in place
sustainable and firmly                                               work with DCC             Councillors
established within
 To ensure that          Resources are costed and allocated         Adequate                Senior            April      Adequate
the strategic plan is    by DCC                                      resources are            Council Officers   2002-2005   resources are in place
adequately resourced                                                 committed by Council      Councillors
 To ensure that          Draw up strict guidelines and              Appropriate             CRO               June       Criteria and
resources are            criteria for funding of groups engaged in   groups are resourced                        2002-2005   guidelines for funding
strategically targeted   CR work by DCC                              and supported                                           drawn up
and transparent                                                                                                               Ongoing
                                                                                                                             monitoring and
                                                                                                                             evaluation of
                                                                                                                             groups/projects in
                                                                                                                             receipt of funding
 Training of CRO         Where applicable CRO undergoes             Greater level of        CRO               June       Numbers of
and other relevant       training to enhance the work within         expertise and             Women’s          2002-2005   courses attended
staff                    Council                                     networking               Officer
                                                                      Development of
                                                                     new training materials
                                                                     and resources

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