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DBS Equality & Diversity Action Plan - DOC


DBS Equality & Diversity Action Plan

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									                                         Human Resources Equality & Diversity Action Plan
                                                                 HR Portal: Equality & Diversity

The purpose of this plan is to create an environment where all issues of equality and diversity
are considered and to help us identify areas in current and proposed practices, policies,
provision and modules (including short courses and CPD) where we can enhance our
approach to inclusiveness. Besides striving to promote best practice within UAD, other
contributing factors have been the various legislative instruments over the years, namely:

   The Sex Discrimination Act (SDA) 1975, makes it unlawful to discriminate on grounds
    of sex or marital status;

   The Race Relations Act (RRA) 1976 (as amended 2000, 2003 RRAA), makes it
    unlawful to discriminate on grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin;

   The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 (as amended 2003, 2005), makes it
    unlawful to discriminate on grounds of disability;

   The Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003, makes it unlawful to
    discriminate on grounds of religion or religious belief;

   The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003, makes it unlawful
    to discriminate on grounds of sexual orientation;

    The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006, makes it unlawful to discriminate
    on grounds of age;

   The Equality Act 2006, makes provision for the establishment of the Commission for
    Equality and Human Rights, merging the Equal Opportunities Commission, the
    Commission for Racial Equality and the Disability Rights Commission, and covering the
    new strands of discrimination law - religion, sexual orientation and age.

Each strand contains specific requirements, some of which are statutory duties for education
providers and the wider public sector.

For example:
The specific duties introduced by the Race Relations Act came into full effect in Scotland on
30 November 2002. We are required to comply with the following specific duties:

Prepare a written statement (by 30/11/02) of the policy for promoting race equality (a race
equality policy) and put in place arrangements (action plan) for fulfilling, as soon as is
reasonably practicable, our duties as below.

Maintain a copy of the statement and ensure that each school/service maintains such a copy.
Fulfil our duties in accordance with such arrangements and ensure that each school/service
complies with the arrangements. Assess and monitor the impact of its policies, including its
race equality policy, on students and staff.

Human Resources (HR) has taken a more inclusive and proactive approach and decided to
include all aspects of equality and diversity including disability, gender, race, religion, age
and sexual orientation. In creating its plan, HR has used sections A to C of the toolkit
recommended by the Scottish Funding Council in its paper ‘Disability self-evaluation tool:
Improving equality for disabled people in Scotland’s colleges and universities’. Sections E

HR Equality & Diversity Action Plan 270108
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and F of the toolkit consider the physical estate and feedback to the Funding Council. These
are assumed to be dealt with elsewhere in the University. In addition, HR has used sections
1 to 6 of the ‘Race equality toolkit: learning and teaching’) and the Gender Equality Duty:
Code of Practice Scotland to create its plan.

HR Plan

A.       Management and Strategic Planning

At service level the main issues of concern are:

A1. Within Human Resources who is              The Head of HR has overall responsibility for the
responsible for overseeing the                 management and implementation of the action
development and implementation of the          plan.
Equality and Diversity Scheme and
Action Plan?                                   The HR Advisors play a key role in the hands-on
                                               implementation and monitoring of the action plan.

                                               The HR Assistants maintain a general
                                               awareness of current issues and support
                                               implementation as and when required and where

                                               HR will undertake an annual review of the
                                               progress of the plan, which will occur every
                                               November. As an outcome of such review the
                                               plan will be updated as deemed appropriate.

A2. Which committees and                       HR Team Meetings, which are held on a weekly
standing/working groups need to                basis, consider equality and diversity issues
consider equality and diversity issues?        within the service.

                                               The Equal Opportunities Committee consider
                                               issues on behalf of the University.

A3. What mechanisms are in place to            Equality and Diversity is a specific area of the HR
ensure that equality and diversity-related     Strategic Plan and mainstreamed in all other
issues are built into the management and       areas.
strategic planning of HRMG?
                                               All equality and diversity strands will be
                                               monitored on a yearly basis through reports
                                               produced from the HR/Payroll system and from
                                               the EO Access database.

                                               Each Equality Task Group produces data at
                                               certain times of the year and this is forwarded to
                                               the EOC, who then include this in an annual
                                               report for Court.

A4. What arrangements are there for            The Head of HR is responsible for the day-to-day
day-to-day management of equality and          equality and diversity-related issues of the
diversity-related issues for staff, students   service staff.
and the public?
                                               The HR Advisors are responsible for the day-to-
                                               day equality and diversity-related issues for staff
                                               and for supporting Heads of School/Service
                                               within their designated areas.
HR Equality & Diversity Action Plan 270108
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                                              Trained Harassment Advisors are on hand
                                              should any member of staff need individual
                                              advice and/or guidance.

A5. Who within the service has an             The Head of HR is responsible for overseeing
oversight for equality and diversity issues   equality and diversity issues relating to staff.
and where do these end and the
oversight of the centrally funded             The HR Advisors have responsibility for providing
specialists, e.g. Disability Advisor and      advice and guidance, as appropriate, to both
International Student Advisor, begin?         members of staff and management.

                                              All student-related issues are         under    the
                                              responsibility of Student Services.

A6. What mechanisms do we have in             Equality and diversity is mainstreamed in all work
place to raise awareness of all areas of      of the service, and is encompassed within the
equal opportunity legislation and best        framework of the HR Strategic Plan.
                                              A Personal Portfolio system is currently being
                                              developed within HR, which includes monitoring
                                              of training and development needs. Updates on
                                              legislation, including equality and diversity, form
                                              part of this professional development process.
                                              This is further supported by the on-going work of
                                              updating policies and procedures of the
                                              University (including an Impact Assessment on
                                              each document).

                                              The Head of HR is a member of the Staff
                                              Development Committee, via which awareness
                                              of equality and diversity issues are raised.

A7. What mechanisms do we have in             HR Staff have the opportunity to raise equality
place to ensure there is a voice for          and diversity-related issues at weekly HR Team
different equal opportunity groups within     meetings. Raised issues are considered by the
the service and that this voice is listened   HR Team and appropriate action taken, as and
to in the short and longer-term planning      when deemed necessary.

A8. What mechanisms are in place to           All staff grievances are dealt with in accordance
enable feedback and ensure grievances         with the University Grievance Procedure.
are handled appropriately?

HR Equality & Diversity Action Plan 270108
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B.      Equality for Staff
At service level the main issues of concern are:

B1. What information do we currently         Experiences are gathered via a staff survey,
gather regarding the experiences of staff    Liaison Group Meetings, Career Review,
from different equal opportunity             Harassment Advisors Network and other informal
groupings?                                   means.

B2. To what extent is this information       Consultation with and feedback from the Liaison
currently used for development or future     Groups is considered by the main committee.
planning purposes?                           Any required actions are then incorporated into
                                             the appropriate action plan(s) and/or existing

What mechanisms are in place to ensure       As above and also through the equality task
that the views of equal opportunity          group discussions and team meetings.
groups are given appropriate
consideration in decision-making and
policy development?

B3. What mechanisms are in place to          Staff requirements are identified during the
assess differences between disabled and      recruitment procedure and at induction by the HR
non-disabled staff?                          Advisor and School/Service. Any appropriate
                                             adjustments are identified and put in place.

                                             For existing staff, any issue of disability is firstly
                                             raised with their individual School/Service.
                                             Support, advice and gudiance is available from
                                             an Occupational Health Advisor and Health &
                                             Safety Manager.

B4. Which policy and practice areas are      HR are in the process of undertaking an Impact
likely to most impact on the experiences     Assessment of all HR-related University policies
of minority group staff?                     and procedures. This will help identify areas of
                                             potential impact on minority group staff and
                                             remove/minimise differences in treatment.

B5. How do we promote a culture of           An equality and diversity training plan is currently
inclusiveness and disclosure of              being developed.      It is expected that this
disability?                                  provision will raise awareness of staff/staff
                                             groups, teams, etc. to promote a positive work
                                             culture and environment.

                                             This training plan will be monitored by the Staff
                                             Development        Committee       and     Equal
                                             Opportunities Committee to ensure the required
                                             outcomes are achieved.

B6. Who has responsibility for these         The Head of HR is responsible for staff-related
areas of policy and practice?                issues.

HR Equality & Diversity Action Plan 270108
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C.       Equality for Students

At service level the main issues of concern are:

C1. What information do we currently         n/a
gather regarding the experiences of
minority groups and how can this be
improved? How can we ensure that data
collected on student issues can give
evidence regarding disability?

C2. How do we encourage a culture of         n/a
inclusiveness and disclosure of

C3. What mechanisms are in place to          n/a
assess any differences between the
learning experiences of minority groups?

C4. To what extent is inclusiveness          n/a
information used for development and
future planning.

C5. What mechanisms are in place to          n/a
ensure that students are given
appropriate induction?

C6. What mechanisms are in place to          n/a
ensure that equal opportunity matters are
considered in all areas of decision
making and policy development?

C7. Which policy and practice areas are      n/a
most likely to impact most on the
experiences of minority group students?

C8. How will we ensure that future           n/a
decisions at all levels include
involvement of minority groups to gauge
how these decisions may impact on

C9. Who is responsible for these areas       n/a
of policy and practice?

C10. Who is responsible for day-to-day       n/a
management of equality and diversity-
related issues for students?

C11. What progress has been made in          n/a
the last 3-5 years to ensure the needs of
minority and disabled students have
been considered in policies and

C12. Who has key responsibility in IS for    n/a
HR Equality & Diversity Action Plan 270108
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ensuring that the requirements of
minority student groups are met?

C13. What plans do we have for               n/a
engaging students in the process of
drawing up the IS Equality and diversity
Scheme and action plan?

D.       Equality for members of the public

Members of the public who interact with HR are, on the whole, mainly prospective
employees, e.g. through actual/potential job applications, although others can include those
who make information requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

However, due to the nature of the work of the University, there are other ‘external’ persons
and bodies who HR liase with on an on-going basis, including visiting academics’ company
representatives, professional bodies (e.g. ACAS, HESA), service providers, consultants,
legal representatives, etc.

The HR-related policies and procedures of the University, which HR have direct input into,
cover aspects of equality and diversity solely in relation to members of staff, with the
exception of recruitment which includes ‘prospective’ staff. Policies and procedures which
deal with the wider general public fall within the remit of the University, rather than specific
services and/or school.

At service level the main issues of concern are:

D1. What information do we currently         HR do not currently gather information about the
gather regarding the experiences of          experiences of members of the public, other than
member of the public?                        recruitment procedures that support job
                                             applicants with a disability.

                                             Policies and procedures are scheduled to be
                                             reviewed and this issue will form part of that

D2. How can information collection be        The process of collating information will be
improved?                                    reviewed  in     due    course to   consider
                                             developments to the process.

                                             Whereas it may be that no improvements are
                                             required in ‘collecting’ information, HR will
                                             include in its review how such information is
                                             made available and used in decision making

D3. Which policies and practices are         The University Recruitment Procedure, which
most likely to impact on the experiences     includes selection processes and appointments.
of minority groups of the public?

D4. How will we ensure the future            See ‘Section A’.
decisions at all levels include              Mainstreaming equality and diversity in all
consideration of the impact of the           processes and procedures of the service.
decision for minority groups?

HR Equality & Diversity Action Plan 270108
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D5. Who will be responsible for this area    The Head of HR has the accountability for this
of policy and practice?                      area. The HR staff have the responsibility to
                                             ensure practices and procedures are adhered to
                                             equally and consistently.

D6. What progress has been made in           Work has been undertaken in developing related
the last 3-5 years to ensure the needs of    policies and procedures.
disabled members of the public have
been considered in policies and              HR are currently developing a training plan,
practices?                                   which will be submitted for approval by the Equal
                                             Opportunities Committee, to deliver equality and
                                             diversity on a compulsory basis to all staff
                                             development. This plan will include equality and
                                             diversity training being part of the corporate
                                             induction programme.

HR Equality & Diversity Action Plan 270108
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                                                                             Human Resources Equality & Diversity Action Plan SUMMARY
                                                                                                                      HR Portal: Equality & Diversity

Action         Description                                                             Responsible              Due         Current Status
number                                                                                 person/group             Date
A1             Approve and oversee Equality and Diversity scheme and action plan       Head of HR               Jan 08
A2             Review progress of Equality and Diversity Action plan annually          Team Meetings            Nov 08
A2             Have Equality and Diversity as an agenda item on team meeting agenda    Team Meetings            Jan 08
A3             Identify areas of work for impact assessment                            Head of HR/HR Advisors   Nov 08
A3             Monitor data produced on a quarterly basis                              HR Advisors              Feb 08
A4             Reporting of A2 plus the results of the impact assessment               Head of HR               Feb 08
A5             Report on equality and diversity related issues and actions             Head of HR               Jan 08
A5             Inclusion of equality and diversity issues in Service Annual Report     Head/HR Advisors         From Jan
A6             Develop mechanisms to raise awareness                                   All HR staff             From Dec
A6             Implement training matrix                                               Head of HR               Spring 08
A7             Discussion on planning issues                                           Team Meetings            Jan 08
A8             Collection and distribution of policy information and HR team members   All staff                ongoing
B1             Consult staff on the best way to gain information on their equal        All staff                ongoing
               opportunity needs
B3             Monitor applications to assess disability related needs of new staff    HR Advisors              ongoing
B4             Produce programme for impact assessment and associated training         HR Advisor               Jan/Feb
D1             Review feedback gathering and ways to progress                          All staff                ongoing

HR Equality & Diversity Action Plan 270108
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