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									How to Curl Straight Hair
Wednesday, 14 February 2007 13:32 -

 Do you have straight hair? Are you jealous of all those gorgeous curls on your friends and on
celebrities? Curls are in right now. If you have straight hair, you are in luck because it's not that
hard to get curls as well. It will take a little bit more work, but it is possible.

Your first step is the shampoo and condition your hair. It must be clean and very well
moisturized. Use a deep conditioner if you want for extra moisture against the curling iron. If
you have oily hair, concentrate the conditioner on the ends that will be drier.

Next you need to dry your hair. You can either let it air dry or you can blow dry it. Another great
way is to let it dry overnight. This will ensure that it is 100% dry. You want it to be completely
dry before you start working.

When your hair is ready, make sure you have all your tools: a comb or brush, a medium sized
barrel curling iron, hair gel, hair spray. The size barrel you use will depend on your hair. If it's
very straight and seems impossible to curl, use a smaller barrel to make sure it starts off curlier
and then if it loses some of the curl, it still looks nice. You could use just gel or just hairspray,
but it will hold better if you use both.

First, take a small one inch section of your hair. Comb or brush it straight. Take a small dab or
hair gel and rub it between your two fingers. Then, run your gel covered fingers over the strand
of hair, making sure not to get too much hair at the top. Shift your finger down to make sure the
gel spreads evenly.

Don't use too much gel, just a enough to hold the curls in place. If it is a little stiff at first, that is
okay, it just shouldn't be soaked with gel. Use a strong gel, not a curling gel. Curling gel is
meant to hold naturally curly hair in place and is not a good hold.

When your curling iron is hot, clip it over the strand of hair at the top of your head and pull it
down from root to tip. Gently wrap the hair inward around the barrel and hold for 5 seconds.
Next quickly unravel it to release the curl and immediately spritz with hair spray.

Finish your entire head of hair in this manner. Once it is all done, turn your head upside down
and spray all over with hair spray. After a couple seconds to let it dry, shake your hair to loosen
the curls slightly. Flip your hair back and arrange it in place. Any curls that are too tight, gently
tug them. Remember that they might fall out a little throughout the day, so you might not want
to do this yet.


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