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                                                                                                                HOW Conference 08

            Like my neuron illustration above, I believe everything is
           connected. Sending me to HOW was like lighting a stick of
                 dynamite in a barrel of TNT - thanks for the jolt!!!

     Report Terms   4       Employer    11-12
     Report        5       Configuration Suggestions and
                                                                    Resource Request           12
     HOW Magazine        6       Subsidiary   12

     HOW Conference 2008              7       Employee     12
        inspiration     7           tasks    1-15
        innovation and the web                   8              9-10    Conclusions      16
        process     10
        software      10-11
        mac leopard           11

HOW Conference 08

                                                  Report Terms
In order of occurance:
           refers to the state of the World wide web before the Web 2.0 craze, and included most websites in the
web 1.0
           period between 1994 and 2004. A set of static Web page principles, which is why visitors only visit these sites
           “Participatory Web”
           the trend in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to enhance creativity, infor-
web 2.0    mation sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users. These concepts have led to the develop-
           ment and evolution of web-based communities and hosted services, such as social-networking sites, wikis,
           blogs, and folksonomies
           Project Manager. A project manager is a professional in the field of project management. They have the
           responsibility of the planning, execution, and closing of any project.
           Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content in
RSS        a standardized format. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with web sites in an automated manner.
           The benefit of RSS is the aggregation of content from multiple web sources in one place.
           Extensible Markup Language. A general-purpose specification for creating custom markup languages. It
           is classified as an extensible language because it allows its users to define their own elements. Its primary
XML        purpose is to help information systems share structured data, particularly via the Internet and is designed to
           be relatively human-legible. By adding semantic constraints, application languages can be implemented in
           A computer user’s representation of himself or herself, whether in the form of a three-dimensional model
avatar     used in computer games or a two-dimensional icon (picture) used on Internet forums and other communi-
           ties. It is an “object” representing the embodiment of the user.
           Search engine optimization. Process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search
           engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results for targeted keywords. As a marketing strat-
           egy for increasing a site’s relevance, SEO considers how search algorithms work and what people search for.
           SEO efforts may involve a site’s coding, presentation, and structure, as well as fixing problems.
           HOW Conference. The HOW Design Conference is sponsored by HOW magazine, the creative and business
           resource for graphic designers. Like HOW magazine, the HOW Design Conference recognizes that graphic
HOWcon     design is a business as well as an art. Launched in 1991, this annual event provides a hands-on, educational
or con     program to enable designers to better balance the three key components of graphic design: creativity,
           business and technology. Conference attendees have an opportunity to meet many speakers face-to-face
           during dinners and other intimate events.
links      clickable text with an embedded web address that directly “links” to specified web page
resource   HOW Conference sponsors and exhibitors (vendors) set up in a room for the purpose of generating leads.
center     They hand out lots of branded free stuff (swag) for attendees, if you’re lucky enough to get them.
           Direct Mail. A powerful way to deliver a message right to your customers’ doors—and bring more business
DM         through your own. It is the delivery of advertising material to recipients of postal mail. It forms a significant
           subdiscipline of direct marketing.
           Cascading Style Sheets. A simple mechanism for adding style (e.g. fonts, colors, spacing) to Web docu-
           ments. By attaching style sheets to structured documents on the Web (e.g. HTML), authors and readers can
           influence the presentation of documents without sacrificing device-independence or adding new HTML
ID         Adobe InDesign, a comprehensive layout software program.
           Application Software. Computer software that employs the capabilities of a computer directly and thor-
app        oughly to a task that the user wishes to perform. Applications bundled together as a package are some-
           times referred to as an application suite (like Adobe’s Creative Suite, IE: CS).
           Mac OS. A series of graphical user interface-based operating systems for the Macintosh line of computer
           systems, as opposed to Microsoft Windows on the PC (referred to as MSWIN).
           Mac OS X v10.5 released in October 2007 which is pre-loaded on all currently shipping Macintosh computers.
leopard    Releases of Mac OS X are named after big cats; for example, Mac OS X v10.5 is usually referred to by Apple
           and users as “Leopard”.

                                                                            HOW Conference 08

This report is kind of a formal thank-you for sending me to my first HOW conference (and
frankly, a way to purge my brain since this stuff has been floating around taking up space for
2 months now). It feels good to share my thoughts, document my conference attendance,
acknowledge costs and ROI, the impact it had on me, and on-the-job application possibili-
ties until the next conference in Texas June 24 - 27 2009.

                                      HOW Magazine
Strives to serve the business, technological and creative needs of graphic-design profes-
sionals. The magazine provides a practical mix of essential business information, up-to-date
technological tips, the creative whys and hows behind noteworthy projects, and profiles of
professionals who are influencing design. In this report I detail the benefits of HOW’s wealth of
resources available to me as the sole in-house designer.

                                 HOW Conference 2008
The keynotes, web innovation, and communication sessions totally ROCKED and may prove
to be valuable in the application of several concepts here. I have already begun to apply
these communication tips on the job as well as in my personal life.

As the sponsor of my How Con experience, I’m happy to provide this detailed report to you
as R.O.I., with proposed idea implementation that stretches your investment in me for years
across our enterprise. Newer processes and software is in it’s 2nd and rd stage of usage,
some of which now has proven stability for our use at least the next 5 - 7 years. Suggested
configuration would be a capital expense request at approx. $7500 for 2009.

It is my pleasure to work on a vast array of tasks that challenge my abilities, but also to con-
tribute to our overall success. A good way to keep a fresh perspective on creativity and
hone my skillset is to attend this annual conference. As a first-time attendee, it has affected
almost every aspect of my job and inspired entrepreneurial concepts (my big idea).

Navigating through today’s design technologies and trends can be tricky, time consuming,
and sometimes costly if it weren’t for annual events like HOW’s Design Conference. A ton
of ideas and inspiration packed into a 4-day conference has helped me to get my head
around what’s out there as it relates to the company and my job here. Further, it has inspired
me beyond my wildest expectations, creating a way for me to finance next year’s atten-

    HOW Conference 08

                                                          HOW Magazine
    Founded in 1985, the HOW brand extends beyond the print magazine to annual events1 for
    design professionals, yearly design competitions2, digital products and books3.

    This valuable resource is a treasure trove for me, a lone in-house designer. My association
    with this magazine has provided a virtual creative team with endless resources in which to
    carry out my tasks. It adds to my drive and passion for quality communication in my field.

    One of the ways to tap into this virtual creative team is by networking with other HOW
    creatives online. HOW provides a free forum with categories on creativity, business, tools,
    and a neighborhood hangout to share even more ideas and build relationships. The
    watercooler, which is populated by Boston howies (along with designers from around
    the globe), was invaluable with transportation and venue tips specific to my needs and
    not found on travel sites. But more importantly, thanks to the forum, even with 4000 other
    designers from around the world - I was surrounded by friends on my first trip to Boston.

    Another association that HOWies have created is the HOWiezine. Participation in this
    designer-sponsored magazine steps up my illustrative and creative skills with a specific
    theme each version. I’ve finished my first interpretation “fears and phobias” for publication
    next month. I do these projects at home, along with other forum initiatives, like the Howie
    Cookbook. But the process truly adds to my design ability as an industry professional and it
    keeps my creative juices flowing.

1 - HOW Conference, my attendance made this report possible
2 - InHOWse Design Contest, entered 2 print categories this year, hope to enter RMM in the ‘09 Interactive award competition
3 - HOW Bookstore, see requested books in Conclusions and Resource Request, page 11

                                                                                                               HOW Conference 08

                                                   HOW CONFERENCE
    Out of several session options, a few stood out. In addition to those mentioned in this
    summary, I have this year’s sessions on a CD4 and many of the actual session presentations5
    in pdf form. Further, I have notes6 to go with most sessions. All digital files are accessible
    (along with this report) in the Marketing folder/how08.

    So here it is 2 months after the conference - with so much material that it was difficult to sift
    through what would apply to my position here. But after going through this info, thinking,
    researching, and getting tasks back on track - I can now offer a little insight into the design
    world around me.

    Opening Keynote - It was fun to imagine a hip new hotel, during a creative exercise with 2
    other people that sat next to me, to pamper pets and their owners. But what else did I take
    away from this session?

    “Situational Framing” is the key to selling your product or service; much like using lifestyle
    images in brochures, rather than just a product photo - because potential customers need
    to imagine themselves in that photo or graphic interpretation.

    “Innovation shews rigid controls”. As an innovative soul, I found this to be true; then I would
    apply controls during the information architecture phase of development. My thoughts jive
    with the practice of a “customer-centered” web 2.0 environment (see footnote #12).

    “Culture is more important than strategy”, rings true for this company. I got to thinking:
    how can I add to our culture here? How can I perpetuate that culture in our customer
    communications (visually and verbally), and for our subsidiary? How can we further define
    our culture so that it can be seen and felt across the company? The deputizing7 concept
    could be applied across a corporation in new and different ways.

    Closing Keynote - The entire conference was inspirational, especially meeting and
    mingling with so many other creatives. But the one speaker who brought many to tears
    was Bill Strickland, He is on a crusade to inspire others to Dream Bigger and Achieve the
    Extraordinary9. Some of my favorite quotes: “A successful life is not something you simply
    pursue, it is something that you create, moment by moment”, “you don’t have to have a
    tuxedo on to be treated like a world-class citizen”, and my favorite (and this one reminds me
    of you) “It’s the way you treat people that drives their behavior”. Although he was a great
    speaker, I believe that you practice compassion and understanding daily and would love to
    see you up there sharing your brand of leadership.

4 - HOW Conference Audio CD, entire conference in MP3 format            7 - Deputizing, see July 23rd webinar notes
5 - Session Presentations, instructor presentation handouts
6 - Session Notes, handwritten notes are typewritten                    9 - Bill Strickland’s book, “Make the Impossible Possible”

    HOW Conference 08

                                                  innovation and the web
    Getting Unstuck: Moving from Web 1.0 to 2.0 - The speaker was awesome and her concepts
    easy to follow: this is one of two sessions that motivated me to attend the conference in the
    first place. There is a lot of ground to cover on an agile and user-centered web approach,
    so please refer to my notes and the official handouts10 for a more thorough and insightful
    overview. The reason this session was so important to me is because our current website,
    including the way we recieve PDF data, is not up to the standard of those listed as “stuck”,
    let alone moving towards the “unstuck” list. As a developer, I see value in streamlining
    processes so that face-to-face interactions can be converted digitally and our customers
    have the benefit of dynamic access, keeping costs down in the process.

    Points to ponder:
    - reiteration that [tactile] pens and paper - creates inspiration
    - Stuck: hummer, zune, yahoo,,, netscape, mp, mapquest
    - Unstuck: prius, ipod, google, netflix, flickr, firefox, itunes, google
    - iphone is new paradigm
    - Stuckiness vs. unstuckiness: context and media independent
    - Wear Many hats: Designer, PM, marketing, developer in an unstuck environment
    - User centered, lifestyle based workflow. Design Ethinography is the correct term for this type
    of skill/title.
    writing these feeds)
    - wordpress for better SEO12
    - USERS NEED AVATARS - new way of communicating, secure identity

    Those last 3 tips blend well with our current culture while also subscribing to industry best
    practices, as well as keeping site maintenance in-house.

    Interface Innovation - this is the other of the two sessions that motivated me to attend
    the conference. The speaker focussed on product development, but those steps are still
    pertinent and applicable to our scope:
    - Why innovate? Sustainability
    - HOLISTIC I.D. SYSTEMS - it’s good to know your audience
    - EVERY SINGLE TOUCHPOINT NEEDS TO BE CONSISTENT - focus on every interface, every
    - EVERY VISUAL “STATE” IS CRITICAL - what is the behavior, illustrate each state

    SIMPLE GUIDELINES                                                    d.   Content creates form
          a. Do your research                                            e.   no visual gimmicks
          b. Stay focussed on the user                                   f.   get inspired
          c. Keep it simple                                              g.   collaborate early and often
                                                                               - getting your head around something helps

10 - Getting Unstuck, instructor presentation handouts          12 - SEO Alternatives, refer to my July 23rd, Web 2.0 webinar notes

                                                                                                                   HOW Conference 08

    Networking Lunch - Our host, Steve Gordon, Jr, was fun and insightful - especially given the
    often misunderstood topic. I understand the concept on a professional level, but over time
    lost touch with being social at all. You’ve read my DISC profile - I tend to be somewhat
    unsociable - an introverted hermit professionally and personally. But if I am ever going to
    fully understand where the web is going (I.E.: web 2.0, .0 online social networks), then it is
    important to understand his dynamic from the ground up. Going to Steve’s luncheon has
    helped me to break out of a stale pattern (and my comfort zone) to develop a network
    of professional creatives. The networking concept applies to all industries and markets. We
    learned how to make the most out of conference events like this session, and to cultivate
    communication, starting with a business card. Having said that, we also discussed the
    “business card graveyard” and how to avoid those pitfalls. Out of about 61 people that I
    got to know, close to 20 have been contacted so far. Thanks to advice from the conference
    forum, I wrote a little something about each person on the back of their business card, so
    it was easy to remember them and pick up a conversation from there. The emails are kept
    very simple: briefly re-visit where we met, ask how this conference affected their job, share
    about a project I just finished and what’s going on in my life since May (with corresponding
    links). Making the effort has been an enriching experience and big enough to manage as a
    scheduled bi-weekly task.

    How To Identify and Work With Different Types of Communicators - Wow! This was an excellent
    way to discuss the DISC personality profile, which has me accurately pegged13 (in the
    workplace). This information was valuable - especially in this setting because we were able
    to see our personalities in practice, working in our own categorical groups and watching
    how other groups solved the same problem. I took the exact test during a college course,
    but we did not have the benefit of analysis in a dynamic setting where we could recognize
    communication styles, rather than personality differences. As I continue to integrate these
    new concepts, it will help with future project communication breakdowns by helping me to
    understand beyond my eyes and ears - which is another concept lesson in the next session....

    Visuals and Verbals: Surviving as a Designer in a World of Words - I always knew that we
    creatives are a different breed, but couldn’t articulate or grasp why. This fellow creative-
    turned-speaker was a breath of fresh air as he did just that and explained the disconnect
    between LEFT brain (verbals) and RIGHT brain (visuals)14. Mix this concept with my DISC
    profile and POW! That explains a lot and has completely changed the way I approach
    communication now. Between this and the previous communication session - It’s almost
    embarrassing being more aware of my past mistakes. It is proof that just knowing your job
    and honing your marketable skills is not enough: a designer must develop communication
    skills in order to remain a person first, designer second. Among all the very useful tools and
    tips that will help me become a better communicator, I appreciate the following points:

13 - Compass Personality Profile and DISC Assessment, details my unique       14 - Visuals and Verbals, 2-part pdf includes how to understand the
behavioral style, work dimension, profile pattern and analysis                difference AND put it into practice

     HOW Conference 08

                - this is our value add: we are able to create!
                - Designers have KINESTHETIC INTELLIGENCE: we just can’t explain it sometimes

     Another thing that I was so glad to hear, was that us visuals take notes AND THAT’S OK
     because we do not retain auditory like verbals do. Taking notes and making thumbnails is
     crucial to my multi-modal learning and tactile creative process.

     Social Events - Resource Center Opening Reception and Closing Ceremonies were
     opportunities to rest our creative brains, mingle with colleagues over food, freebies (swag)
     and fun! The center was so overwhelming after all day learning, that I left after snagging the
     coveted Masterfile Bag, Pantone Seeds of Inspiration, a couple other freebies and a few
     strawberries. However, the B&W Ball closing ceremony was a welcome reprieve from all-day
     learning and other howie-sponsored after events. First time I’ve been out dancing in many
     years [[[thank you]]]].

     Letterpress 101 - this age-old non-digital style of printing is all the rage right now, especially
     with invitations. I have some samples included in this report. This style is also useful for a DM
     postcard or announcement with embellishments rather than photographic art. The result
     is quality that you can feel! One example is an open house or private invitation printed on
     homemade “seed” paper - where you can plant the postcard in your garden and the seeds
     will produce either wildflowers or herbs.

     Illustrative Design - this awesome speaker also attended an after event with a group of
     us. He provided original textures and offered great tips like drawing only half of the design
     and duping it, plus the benefits of sketching or doodling daily, and a philosophy I live by
     “our industry may be digitally driven but ideas are still best developed in analog form”. This
     practice is used especially with my UI, architecture, and concepting designs.

     InDesign Deep Dive - unfortunately, this was geared more towards print beginners - but since
     it covered CS316 I stayed in the hopes that new material would be revealed. There were a
     few tips and tricks, but it did not go as deep as an advanced 1 day class would go. I chose
     this session over Dreamweaver CSS, thinking that re-purposing content in ID would be more
     beneficial than web programming at this time. So I will be relying on the CSS handouts and
     audio sessions to recoup that miss.

     Adding Rich Media to Your Design - our pdf forms can be more interactive by integrating
     software assets with InDesign, Illustrator, Flash Professional, Photoshop Extended (where we
     can actually edit flash frames and adjust animation). We currently have CS2 with Acrobat
     Professional. I can see this being applied dynamically to future phases of RMM and intuitive
     website integration.
16 - Adobe Creative Suite 3, Master Collection, a comprehensive toolkit             Fireworks, Contribute, After Effects Professional, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth, Encore,
for print, web, interactive and mobile design that includes:                        Bridge, Version Cue, Device Central, Acrobat Connect, Dynamic Link
Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, Acrobat 9 Pro, Flash Professional, Dreamweaver,

                                                                                                                     HOW Conference 08

    The Greatest Photoshop Show on Earth - software overload, but in a good way: there are
    many ways to achieve the same thing in Photoshop, and the speakers know their stuff. I
    have been experimenting with thier digital textures and brushes, which play a big part when
    creating interpretive imaging, like our brochure covers.

    Fast Flash Creation with Sprout - this drag-n-drop web app sounds great - even does a
    decent job creating animation quickly, except that the file remains on Sprout’s server as their
    property and you cannot drag those native Flash files to your desktop. Instruction, however,
    was still worthwhile since I am still new to animation styles.

    My mac has CS217, but all software specific sessions and workshops focussed on CS3, which
    is designed to run native on the newer MacOS: Leopard. But it’s not just the OS, it’s the fact
    that Macs have swallowed a pc! I.E.: Leopard runs on an Intel chip so that, with the proper
    software [parallels], all pc and MSWIN apps can run natively on the Mac. This would relieve
    me of two computers/monitors/keyboards/mouses. I have been waiting to request this
    configuration when the kinks are worked out; since using Leopard at home now for the past
    6 months, it’s looking like a wise choice going into 2009.

    I am proud to work at such an innovative company, an industry leader with a whole new
    approach to the quality of care doctors can provide. Now that wellness is a more accepted
    concept and many copycats have cropped up, I hope to always help our market position
    with my work.

    As the sponsor of my HOWcon experience, I am happy to provide you with some ROI.
    Several benefits cannot be quantified, but I hope the ideas in this summary can be
    converted into implementation (at your own pace) for a measurable result.

    Some implementation involves our entire enterprise, so that each “touchpoint” can
    demonstrate a cohesive and current interface for our customers, intuitive features and
    comprehensive tools beyond what they are using today, with scalability and some face-to-
    face interaction cost reduction considerations.

17 - Adobe Creative Suite 2, released in April 2005 includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Professional, Version Cue, Bridge,
and GoLive (since abandoned by Adobe in favor of newly acquired Dreamweaver - an industry standard)

HOW Conference 08

                                        ‘09 configuration suggestions
*iMac (monitor and hard drive all one unit, pre installed with MSOffice, Parallels, and applecare) ....................$   2,260
Adobe CS3 Master (upgrade from CS2, we save $500 over full price) ..................$                                      1,999
**HP Color Laser Jet 5550dtn color printer .................................................................$              4,199
Kodak Easy Share Model M10 Digital Camera .....................................................$                         200
*current mac would be utilized as a converted (and much needed) art library and backup device; pc box/monitor/keyboard/mouse can
be folded back into the company for another user
**current printer could be sold on eBay, along with consumables we cannot send back for re-stock

                                           ‘08 book/resource request
CS Training (essentially, a week of training in 60-minute increments, on-site or from home) .........................$ 550
Library (website bible, CSS Stylin’, Web 2.0 Mashups, UI Design, Effective Web Usability, HOW Mag ‘07 CD) ..........$ 273

This is the other part of the company enterprise that I am involved with, a synergistic
subsidiary and premiere purveyor of some of the best quality products I have ever tried. The
superior research and commitment to good health through simple concepts goes hand-in-
hand with our philosphy. It is such a pleasure to support their mission and contribute to their
success in any way that I can.

My position here is a dream job and ideal working relationship. I truly could not ask for
more as an employee here and hope to be in your employ for many years to come. It’s
ideal because (this is the dream part for any designer) you trust me to do the work without
supervision once direction as been given, even if I am not perfect. After working in corporate
art departments, it is a welcome relief to be trusted with such a vast array of tasks and
responsibilities - a challenge I absolutely thrive on!

An organized report like this really helps me to express my ideas in a very thoughtful and
constructive way, especially with the influx of conference information. I believe that the
inspiration alone touches every aspect of my tasks and responsibilities:

           Corp. Tasks (internal and external) - illustration, design, layout, production, fulfilment
                   1   Forms (hard copy, digital, and editable pdf’s)
                           test requisition forms              test enclosures
                           orders and receipts                 fees and billing
                           commercial invoices                 company announcements
                   2   Labels
                           boxes/test kit                      vials
                           return address

                                                                                    HOW Conference 08

                   doctor                                 patient
                   interpretive guides                    diagnosis booklets
                   fee schedule
            4 Boxes/Packaging
                   minimal involvement with test kit packaging
            5 Campaigns
                   doctor seminars (print, direct mail, web)
                               advertising (plan, propose, implement)
                               venues (manage, coordinate, negotiate, support 8 national events
                               with rooms and catering, and speaker reservations)
                               on-site support (printed collateral)
                   patient seminars
                               webinar poster, identity support
                   dr. welcome pack
                               box with dr. and patient brochures, flyers and articles for new
                               large format self promo pieces
                   corporate communication
                               policy changes, accreditation, etc.
                               *new doctor initiative* print and web, with email marketing
            6 Stationary
                   business cards                         letterhead
            7 Web
                   corp. site
                               maintenance for static content, assets, updates, closures, notices
                               seminar content and assets
                               upcoming front-end re-design
                   micro sites
                               ui and widgets, author and develop for training (in addition to print
                               collateral and graphic assets)
                               stand-alone app graphics, ui and architecture design, plus dynamic
                               capabilities developed as part of team collaboration
            8 Presentations
                   update slides for doctors
            9 Reports
                   daily kit shipments                    monthly totals
           10 Tech Bulletins
                   help with minor revisions
           11 Misc.
                   support VP                             optimize images and off-site rep support
                   doc/lab support, micro training site, awards, manuals, images
                   research and dr. support               print flyers for receptionist

HOW Conference 08

      Department Upkeep
             color printer
                  (clean, replace toner cartridges/image drums, paper, remove jams)
                  order supplies (generate po and fulfill order, keep track of inventory)
                * POSSIBLE REPLACEMENT? having serious I/O issues with sensors and
                  motherboard, plus concerns with the amount of consumables we have to
                  purchase, and repairs; functionality is reduced because of the way it grades
             digital camera
                  maintenance limited to keeping fresh batteries and standard care
                * POSSIBLE REPLACEMENT? I think it’s dying because of streaks and terrible
                  image quality lately
             mac station
                  maintenance (hard drive, extra drives, file storage and organization,
                  emergency backup)
                  software (run updates to remain current and compatible with system, maintain
                  registration info, keep informed of best practices and industry advances)
                * POSSIBLE REPLACEMENT? vga monitor is dying and new OS would eliminate
                  the need for a PC and storage limitations, while incorporating new
                  technologies that will last for years to come
             pc station
                  maintenance limited to software updates plus mac networking and cross-
                  platform communications
             project production
                  Legacy file and font extraction and conversion so that data can be live
                  and re purposed. This practice supports a more fluid workflow and opens up
                  productivity channels like template creation and dynamic use of content
                  across media. Tackling an 8 year buildup of antiquated files with different
                  software is a time-consuming, ongoing process - just the type of challenge I’m
                  experienced with.
                  Off-site press deadline management (+ gang-run and other cost-saving
                  strategies) with an in-house deadline focus
             workflow model
                  file storage and maintenance comparable to any structured in-house art
                  dept.; projects and data organization with standard industry adherence to
                  print and web production protocols
                  documentation of process and management of credentials (FTP, passwords,
                  IP’s, etc)
                  communication: maintain working relationship, procure new vendors with
                  high-quality standards and exceptional service for the most competitive quote
                  comparisons, ensure that all assets are built according to standards, follow-
                  through with schedules, proofing process and fulfillment
                  print web and other services: order product and maintain account,
                  memberships, renewals, licenses and agreements.

                                                                                   HOW Conference 08

               keep desk organized and surrounding workspace clean and orderly; order supplies
               as needed

      Subsidiary (internal and external) - illustration, design, layout, production, fulfilment
            1 Forms (hard copy and digital)
                   order (doctor and vendor)              commercial invoice
                   ingredient/temp log                    shipping/drop ship
                   resale certificate
            2 Labels
                   maintain updates, design revisions for branded products on a 6 month rotation
                   (approx.) for 16 branded and 7 third-party products
                   work with office and sales support on label stock and manufacturer guidelines
                   maintain printer templates for branded product
                   maintain updates, design revisions, and in-house printing of approx. 2000
                   brochures monthly *plus upcoming re-design for all 20 tri-folds
            4 Boxes/Packaging
                   reorder supplement boxes as needed
            5 Campaigns
                   doctor seminar product brochure
                   bimonthly mailer/DM piece *upcoming redesign
                   dr. kit inserts *upcoming redesign
            6 Stationary
                   business cards                         letterhead
            7 Web
                   subsidiary site
                                maintain originally authored design, architecture, content, assets,
                                updates, and closures + upcoming redesign
                                dns/MX record and email administration
                                provide employee online support and assistance
           11 Misc.
                   initiate po’s
                   pick up label orders from printer

HOW Conference 08

Attending HOW Conference 2008 was just the event I needed to help me navigate through
trends and hype, since it’s been many years without such an infusion. I absorbed being
creatively inspired while learning to listen to customers - plus take-home tools to hone my

There are a ton of ideas to consider as it pertains to the direction of our company “under
the hood”. My hope is that my feedback has done a good job interjecting new ideas
with respect to our culture here, in addition to the long-term cost-saving measures being

Most of my recommendations involve hardware and software upgrades that will eventually
have to be addressed, along with corresponding training options and a library that would
represent my tasks more accurately (current library is outdated with newb print and design
books). And hopefully, you can consider finding a way to work with me on my big idea, for a
way to soften our combined burden of next year’s conference attendance and beyond.


Description: Guide teaches you how conference