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Guide teaches you how to downgrade psp

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									   Downgrade/Unbrick Fat PSP with Pandora’s

   1.   Homebrew enabled PSP (Must Be on a Custom Firmware or at version 1.5)
   2.   PSP to be downgraded/Unbricked
   3.   Memory stick Pro Duo – Must be less than 4GB but more than 32MB
   4.   Battery to be converted
   5.   PSP A/C Charger

Needed Files:
Official 1.5 EBOOT -

Hellcats Pandora Installer for 3.xx -


NOTE: This method is only for the Fat PSP’s. Slims have a
couple more steps

Step 1: Creating the “Magic Memory Stick”
1. Download and extract both the 1.5 EBOOT and Hellcats Pandora Installer
   for 3.xx to your Desktop (You will need WinRar – Download it here –

2. Rename the 1.5 EBOOT to UPDATE.PBP

3. Format the memory stick using your PSP’s Format option (Be sure to
    backup any data you might have on it or it will be gone for good)

4. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB
5. Transfer the file named “pan3xx” from the pan3xx_rev2b to your memory at
    X:\PSP\GAME (Where X is your PSP’s Drive letter)

6. Transfer the UPDATE.PBP to the root of your memory stick

7. Have the memory stick in the Homebrew enabled PSP and navigate to
   Game > Memory Stick > Pandora Installer for 3.xx

8. When you select it you should have this screen:
9. Press R + X, It will then give you a warning that it will repartition and
    format the memory stick and press L + R + X to continue….Do so and it
    tells you to put the UPDATE.PBP and the installer back on the stick and
    Press X to turn off the PSP
10.Turn the PSP back on and connect to the computer via USB

11. When the PSP connects it should be named “PANDORA” and will have
   nothing inside of it

12. Make a new Folder in the PANDORA root called “PSP”, then inside the
   PSP folder make another folder called “GAME”
  You should end up with X:\PSP\GAME like before. Put the pan3xx folder
  back in X:\PSP\GAME like Step 5, and put the UPDATE.PBP back in the
  root of the memory stick like Step 6

13. Navigate to Game > Memory Stick > Pandora Installer for 3.xx Once more
   like done in Step 7

14. When you get to the Pandora Installer for 3.xx Menu Press X and it will
   check the UPDATE.PBP then install the firmware to the memory stick

15. Once it finishes DON’T quit, first Press L + X to install MSIPL.BIN to the
   memory stick, and once its done it will auto exit back to the XMB
      Jig-Kicking the Battery
 1. When you are taken back to the XMB navigate once more to Game >
    Memory Stick > Pandora Installer for 3.xx

 2. When your at the Pandora Installer for 3.xx Menu O to change the battery
    into a Pandora one. It should say “Battery Pandorized…” 3 times

 3. Press <Triangle> to exit

 1. After Jig-Kicking the battery and making the “Magic Memory Stick” take
    both the memory stick and battery out of the Homebrew enabled PSP
 2. First put the Memory Stick into the PSP needing to be Downgraded or
 3. With the Memory Stick in Put in the battery. As soon as you put in the
    battery the PSP will turn on and the Power/WLAN/Memory Stick LED’s
    will light up and the Pandora’s Battery Recovery Menu will load

 4. Press X
 5. Press X again when it tells you that by pressing X you accept all risks…
 6. Once it finishes Press X to turn off the PSP.
 7. Take out the Pandora’s battery and plug the PSP into the A/C Adapter and
    turn it back on
 8. Go to Settings > System Settings > System Information and if all went well
    you should see this:
      Converting Pandora’s battery into a Normal One
      1.   Turn on the PSP with the A/C adapter plugged in and no battery
      2.   When the XMB loads put the battery in
      3.   Navigate to Game > Memory Stick > Pandora Installer for 3.xx
      4.   When the menu loads Press [] <Square> to normalize the battery
      5.   Press <Triangle> to exit
      6.   Now you have a regular battery again!

Hellcat – for making the Pandora Installer for 3.xx

Team C+D and NOOBz – The Prometheus Project

And everybody else who helped in getting Homebrew on every PSP!

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