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									Fourth Grade                                  Story
Benchmark Paper                               Rubric Score: Four

   Choose Your Own Adventure: Become a WWE Superstar

          You and your best friend, Mick Foley, are trying to get in the WWWE.
You both used to watch together. Now you two want to really try it. You both go to
a wrestling school to learn. The school is located in Denver, Colorado.
          When you get there, two trainers were sitting around. They heard the door
close and got up. They had nametags on. The one on the left said, “Ric Flair.” He
has yellow hair and looks kind of mean.
          The one on the right said, “Hulk Hogan.” He looks like he is nice, and he
has yellow hair too. “You are the only two who came all day,” said Hulk Hogan.
“So do you want to train with us? If you do, go and sign up on that piece of paper
on the table. You two sign up.
          Then Ric Flair said, “It’s your pick if you want me or Hulk Hogan as a
trainer for a month.”
                                                     If you choose Hulk, go to the star.
                                               If you choose Ric Flair, go to the circle.

          Hulk Hogan is glad to be your trainer. First he tell you to do 100 puships
in less than an hour. Hulk Hogan tells you to do a bunch of exercises you haven’t
even heard of like the pig-roll and leg-ups for the next week. But you say, “ I can’t
do it.”
          Hulk Hogan just replies, “Just do it.”
          After weeks and weeks of training, Hulk Hogan says, “You are now ready
to wrestle.”
          “Wrestle who?” you ask.
          “Your friend, Mick Foley!” Hulk Hogan replies.
          “Well, how do you know that I’m ready to wrestle?” you ask again.

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Fourth Grade                                Story
Benchmark Paper                             Rubric Score: Four

       “I just know,” he replies.

                              If you choose to wrestle your friend, go to the triangle.
                            If you choose not to wrestle your friend, go to the square.

       You tell Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Mick Foley that you don’t want to
wrestle him. One thing that you say to try and to use to persuade them is, “We are
       But Holk Hogan and Ric Flair decare, “NO WRESTLE, NO WWE.”

       You get dressed before the match. If you are a boy, you’re wearing pants
like Stone Cold Steve Austin’s and a vest, so all your muscles are showing. If
you’re a girl, you’re wearing what Beth Phoenix does. You get in the ring and you
feel like you’re going to faint.
       Then Mick Foley grabs you and throws you into the belt buckle. He tries to
jump on ou like a tiger but you move and go against the ropes. You grab the back
of his head and slam it on the mat. WHAM! You go for the pin and win. When
you’re done, you help him up. You say, “Good match.”
       Then Hulk Hogan and Rick Flair tell you that you are going into the
WWE in a month, but gefore that month is over you are going to train with them.
The month is over and you become WWE champion by beating Randy Orton at
Backlash. Then out of nowhere you get a phone call that you are going into the
WWE Hall of Fame. You hang up and you feel happy.
                                     THE END
       Ric Flair is glad to be your trainer. “You are going to do the same exercises
I did,” Ric Flair replied. You do them all and you can’t walk because you did one
after another. You get up and say with all your might, “I QUIT!” You walk out
feeling happy and mad at the same time.

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Fourth Grade                                Story
Benchmark Paper                             Rubric Score: Four

                                About My Kitten

       Hi, my name is Bunny. I am a kitten and I am 1 month old and my
birthday is December 24, 2007. I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers but I lost a brother
and a sister because they were too small. My owner, Brianna, started crying and I
was too. Brianna buried our sister and brother in the backyard.
       One day I went into the house and I fell asleep by mom. When I woke up. I
told her I was going to play with my ball of yarn. I was chasing it outside. After
that I got lost and I was trying to trace my footsteps but the snow was blowing over
my footsteps. I could hear Brianna calling me from a distance, “Bunny!”
       I didn’t know which way the voice was coming from. So I was trying to
follow my owner’s voice, but then the voice stopped.
       I fell asleep in a small hole and I woke up the next morning. It had stopped
snowing. The I fell in was much deeper and I could not get out. All I could do is
meow as loud as I could over and over again. I hoped Brianna would hear me and
come get me.
       I heard her voice, so I started to meow as loud as I could. Her face appeared at
the top of the hole. I gathered all the strength I could and leaped p. Brianna was
able to grab me and pull me out of the hole.
       She took me home in her arms and a worm blanket wrapped me into
warmth. Brianna fed me some food and pet me the rest of that day. I curled up at
her side as we took a nap. I was happy to be home and out of the cold.

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Fourth Grade                           Story
Benchmark Paper                        Rubric Score: Four

                                The Deep Blue
      One day I was swimming in my wonderful water tank. My old
fish friends—oh, by the way, my name is Billy—we were playing tag
and I saw some weird tall things. They had no fins or tails. The giant
thing that gives us food everyday came in the water tank holding a
big blue thing, a stick. My friend says it was a net. I asked my
friend, “What?”
      He said,”It takes you away.”
      I said, “What?” and turned to see that everyone was gone. But
the time I looked back, the net hit me straight in the face! I was picked
up out of the water and my body felt cold. I couldn’t breath! I was
gasping for air.
      When I dropped back into the water, I caught my breath and
realized I was not with my friends anymore. I looked to my lef t and
saw a ginate, weird face staring at me. I screamed and swam the other
way as fast as I could when I slammed into a clear wal! Everything
went dark.
      Then I woke up to find myself in a toilet bowl and I saw a brown
log next to me. It talked to me, saying, “Hi.”
      I said “Hi” back. “My name is Billy, what is yours?”
      “My name is Charlie Brown, but my mom just calls me Charlie,”
and as he continued, “Where did you come from?”
      Charlie said back, “You don’t want to know.”

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Fourth Grade                             Story
Benchmark Paper                          Rubric Score: Four

         Then I saw a giant hand reach for a silver handle and press it
down. We started to hear a loud noise that sounded like a
“shhhhhwwooosh.” We started to go round and round until we went
down a small tube and then it went black again.
         We shot out of the tube and into the ocean. “Home sweet home” I
shouted out for everyone to hear. I turned around, wondering where
Charlie went, when he came flying out and slammed right into my
         Charlie said, ‘I’m sorry. I left a little brown mark on your face.
         I said, “Yeah, it kinda tastes like corn.”
         I saw Charlie floating away from me and we said our goodbyes.
         That was the last I saw of my wonderful friend Charlie Brown.
He was a nice guy.
         Well, that’s about it. I swam back to where I was born to see
everyone had gotten older. I am proud to say I grew up to have a few
children and a great life. Everything pretty much went happily ever

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