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Guide teaches you how to curl short hair

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									         Congratulations on your purchase of our revolutionary new rollers. Designed to give you stylish, beautiful curls and to simplify your life!

                                          5 Special Tips — Read before beginning 5
Wrap, Snap & Go TM is designed to be the lightest weight rollers on the market — creating lift at the root instead of a flat spot at your scalp. They are designed to
give you a more even curl from the roots all the way to the ends, because you can use the 8” length of the roller to spiral roll instead of rolling hair on top of hair.
✦ Always start at the top of your head at your forehead and roll backwards until you have a strip of rollers down the middle of your head from forehead to the
  back of the neck (like a mohawk) and use the shorter rollers around your face.
✦ Always interlock rollers (like a chain). This secures the rollers and gives you lift and volume at the root — each interlock lifts hair up at the root.
✦ Always pull hair tightly as you roll to ensure an even, secure roll that will not slip out. See Tip 1, below.
✦ Short hair tip: ends will need hair spray, moose, gel or foam, See Tip 3 below. Apply product, mold ends to a point and then pinch roller tightly as you tuck in
  the ends pulling tightly on the hair strand as you roll. This will keep short hair from slipping out of the roller. See Tip 2 below.
✦ Roll on clean, dry hair. If desired, slightly damp hair can be rolled, but you may need to use a hair dyer to insure it is completely dry when finished.
✦ We recommend spraying each section of hair with hair spray, moose, gel, or foam (your preference) as you roll - pay close attention to spray under hair at roots
  and spray ends so they don’t slip out. See Tip 3 & 4, below. This makes the rolling process much easier.
✦ For medium or long hair, you will get the most long-lasting curl if you sleep in Wrap, Snap & Go TM overnight.
✦ Short hair can be rolled in the morning. Use a hair dryer 5-10 minutes after rolling for quickest results, or roll and leave in for one hour while walking, jogging, or
  getting ready in the morning. Then unroll and comb with fingers.
✦ To get tight spiral curls, use small sections of hair and roll very tightly. To get loose curls or waves, use bigger section of hair and roll loosely around the rollers.
✦ For spiral curls, hair must be rolled from one end of the roller to the other like a candy cane.
✦ For conventional curls, roll as you would a conventional roller.
✦ To launder, machine wash roller on the gentle cycle, cold water and dry on the lowest setting.
         Tip 1:            Tip 2:

Tip 3:
                  Tip 4:
                                                              Curl Variations
Straight hair (Image A) can be rolled loosely using bigger section of hair for a more traditional curl (Image B) or hair can be rolled in very small
sections all along the roller in a spiral to accomplish tight spiral curls (Image C). Use a brush or comb to style more traditional curls. Use fingers or
a pick to style spiral curls.

                                       A                                                      B                                                  C
                                                    Wrap, Snap & Go Instructions

       **Read Tips before beginning**

Always start at the front of your hairline and
roll towards the back of your head. The first
roll should be rolled very securely and tight.

1. Start rolling by tucking your ends around
the roller and then roll tightly on top of your
ends until they disappear under hair and are
securely tucked in. See Tips 1 & 2.

2. As you roll, spiral your hair along the roller
so the hair is rolled evenly from one side to
the other. This will create a more even curl
from roots all the way to the ends.
3. Roll all the way to head and twist securely   4. The completed roller will feel loose and        5. Twist second roller securely to head.
until hair is not loose. Snap ends together.     may fall forward. This is okay. Roll next roller
                                                 securely to head. Same as the first roller.
6. Interlock second roller with the first roller.
The interlocking is what lifts hair up at the       7. Snap closed. This will create lift at the        8. Roll the third roller directly behind the
roots creating root lift and volume. Unlike         roots and stabilize the first looser roller so it   second roller.
traditional hot rollers, Wrap, Snap & Go does       won’t slip out.
not sit flat on the head — they are so light
weight they create lift. No more Flat roots!
9. Interlock third roller through second roller.   10. Pull interlock through and snap   11. Continue rolling down your head to
                                                   securely.                             complete the row of rollers from the front of
                                                                                         your head to the back of your neck. Pull hair
                                                                                         tightly while you roll.
12. Roll to head securely and snuggly.   13. Interlock and snap closed.   14. Once this first strip is done, you have a
                                                                          secure base to start rolling the sides and
                                                                          interlocking the sides to the top for maximum
                                                                          lift and volume at the roots.
15. Now, start the sides - pulling tightly as you roll.   16. Spiral as you roll to use as much of the roller’s
                                                          length as possible to create an even curl from roots
                                                          all the way to the ends.

       17. Continue rolling sides and
       interlocking them to the top row                                        18. Complete both sides until all hair
       of rollers.                                                             is rolled and interlocked for an
                                                                               uplifting feel.
                                          Wrap, Snap & Go Short Hair Variations

Short hair can be rolled in the morning and left in for one hour while you get ready or use a hair dryer 5-10 minutes after rolling for quickest setting results.
   ** Read Special Tips before beginning**               2. Start at front and pull tightly as you roll.     3. Roll tightly to your head and snap. First
                                                         Spray ends so they will stay tucked in. Use         roller will flop forward and feel loose, this is
 1. Start with clean, dry hair. Short hair must
                                                         hair spray, moose, or gel to mold ends to a         okay! The second roller will secure it as soon
 be rolled tightly so it does not come out. You
                                                         point, then pinch roller as you tuck ends in        as it is interlocked together.
 need approximately 4-5 inches of length to
                                                         and roll. See Special Tips for more detail.
 secure tightly.
4. Roll second roller pulling tightly while rolling   5. Short hair should be rolled very securely   6. Style with fingers for tighter curl or style
and interlock at head and snap.                       and tightly if you want to sleep in the        with comb or brush for looser curls.
                                                      rollers. This keeps them from slipping out.
                                           Wrap, Snap & Go Up-Do Day-stylesTM

             Have a beautiful up-do all day and curl your hair at the same time. At the end of the day, just unroll for an evening of curls.

1. Gather hair into a pony tail on the very top      2. Roll one Wrap, Snap & Go roller pulling         3. Roll and twist until secure and even to your
of your head.                                        tightly all the way to the top of you head.        head.
4. Snap together.   5. Use one large bobby pin to secure roller    6. Style will look like a horizontal French
                    so it does not flip forward. Snap should be    Twist. Very loose around the face; yet it
                    pinned down to show the lift from the front.   will be curling your hair all day!
If you want more curl or have thicker hair, you   2. Roll the top section, then roll the bottom   3. Interlock the two sections together and use
can do the Up-Do day style using two rollers.     section.                                        a bobby pin to secure the roller in place.

1. Divide your hair into two section.

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