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					Strategic Plan 2007 - 2011
This plan reflects consultations to date. We have attempted to link a number of expected outputs to
one central objective and at the same time describe possible key activities to realise these outputs.
The outputs and accompanying key activities listed, do not necessarily represent a final list and is
therefore still up for discussion

To reduce the vulnerability of persons with disabilities in Africa to the impact of HIV and AIDS.

By 2011, a coordinated response involving persons with disabilities is underway in at least 12 African
countries to achieve inclusive national HIV & AIDS policy and disability-inclusive programming.

    OUTPUTS:                                                   KEY ACTIVITIES

                                                               1. Training of regional ‗facilitation teams‘
    1.1      Persons with disabilities in a minimum of 12      (Southern, Eastern, Central, West African
    African countries are empowered to identify and use        regions) in the AIDS Competence Process
    best practices to tackle HIV and AIDS through the
    AIDS Competence Process (ACP)1 by December                 2. Self-assessment of ―AIDS competence‖
    2011.                                                      among disabled communities in selected
                                                               countries per region (12 countries total)

                                                               3. Knowledge creation and exchange
                                                               through ―Knowledge Fairs‖.

                                                               4. Design of regional and local
                                                               implementation plans for developing AIDS
                                                               competence among disabled communities

                                                               5. Monitor and assist the implementation of
                                                               the AIDS competence process at the
                                                               regional and local levels

                                                               6. Communicate knowledge and
                                                               experiences to partner links with
                                                               international networks
                                                                1. Adaptation and translation of existing
    1.2     Persons with disabilities in a minimum of 12       advocacy Training Manual into
    African countries have the capacity to effectively         Braille/audio and sign language (including
    lobby and advocate for disability inclusive HIV &          special preliminary training session for sign
    AIDS policies at the national level, by December           language interpreters)
                                                               2. Training and ‗coaching‘ by region on

 The AIDS Competence Process is based on the belief that when individuals, families and communities openly
acknowledge that HIV/AIDS is a matter that concerns them, they act to prevent its effects, and mobilise in their
environment the support they need to maintain the quality of their lives. It is a process that applies the Human
Capacity Development approach using tools rooted in Knowledge Management—
UNITAR/UNAIDS/Constellation. (
                                                         lobbying and advocacy for in-country
                                                         disability groups
                                                          - Policy analysis
                                                          - Outline advocacy strategy
                                                          - Detailed advocacy plan
                                                          - Implementation and monitoring
                                                             progress toward goals

                                                         3. Develop a toolkit for effective lobbying
                                                         and advocacy for equal access to HIV
                                                         information and services for persons with

                                                         4. Monitor progress toward achieving
                                                         disability inclusive HIV & AIDS policies per
                                                         region at the national level.

                                                         5. Communicate methods and progress to
                                                         partner links with international networks.

                                                         1. Meetings between HIV/AIDS
1.3       Links, including partnerships and strategic    organisations and persons with disabilities
alliances, are established between HIV/AIDS              to develop ideas for inclusive attitudes,
organisations and the disabled community for more        practices and outreach
effective advocacy and disability mainstreaming, by
December 2011.                                           2. Partnership development between
                                                         HIV/AIDS organisations and disabled
                                                         people‘s organisations

                                                         3. Collaboration with HIV/AIDS
                                                         organisations in the action plan for
                                                         inclusive HIV & AIDS policies at the
                                                         national level

                                                         4. Strategic alliances between groups of
                                                         persons with disabilities and groups of
                                                         people living with HIV and AIDS

1.4      A strategic plan for mainstreaming disability   1 Assess disability inclusion in existing HIV
in HIV & AIDS programmes jointly developed by            and AIDS programmes
persons with disabilities and AIDS services
organisations is operational in a minimum of 12          2. Sensitisation and guidance for disability
African countries, by December 2011.                     inclusion in HIV and AIDS programmes.

                                                         3. Widespread in-country collaboration in
                                                         the development of a strategic plan for
                                                         mainstreaming disability in HIV & AIDS
                                                         programmes nationally

                                                         4. Implementation and monitoring of the
                                                         mainstreaming process
    1.5 A minimum of 7 international decision-makers2         1. ID relevant donors and international
    and major AIDS donors3 willing and able to                decision makers
    encourage disability-inclusive policies and
    programming of recipient governments and                  2. Develop motivational write-ups
    organisations, by December 2011.
                                                              3. Create opportunities on international
                                                              platforms where disability and HIV & AIDS
                                                              can be discussed and invite international
                                                              decision-makers and major AIDS donors to
                                                              participate at these platforms

                                                              4. Information and advocacy targeting
                                                              international decision-makers and major
                                                              AIDS donors. (approach donors and
                                                              decision makers and provide of guidelines,

                                                              5. Participation by persons with disabilities
                                                              in important consultation opportunities with
                                                              civil society.

                                                              6. Promotion of Campaign messages at
                                                              international AIDS and Development and
                                                              Disability events.

    1.6      A knowledge bank, including a pool of            1. Collect, publish and disseminate
    documented resources and experiences, tools and           knowledge and pool of experiences from
    good practices from local communities across Africa,      the ‗Knowledge Fairs‘ and other sources
    is available to inform and influence global HIV &         and platforms.
    AIDS policy for equal access to HIV information and
    services for persons with disabilities, by December       2. Create a web-based knowledge bank,
    2011.                                                     including exchange forum and links with
                                                              partner organisations, to make universally
                                                              available knowledge and experiences for
                                                              achieving equal access to HIV information
                                                              and services for persons with disabilities.

                                                              3. Continuous maintenance of the website,
                                                              which will include graphic representation of
                                                              progress toward goals and objectives.

  International decision-makers are persons or organisations who influence global HIV & AIDS policy, research
and resource allocation. These will include WHO, UNAIDS, the International AIDS Society, the African Union,
and the Organisation of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS, among others.
  Major AIDS donors include primarily the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria (GFATM), European Union,
USAID/PEPFAR, World Bank, DFID, the Gates Foundation, other bilateral and private donors.

By December 2011, persons with disabilities in at least 12 African countries will have equal access to
mainstream HIV/AIDS information and services.

 OUTPUTS:                                                   KEY ACTIVITIES

 2.1     Disabled persons‘ organizations (DPO‘s),           1. Preparation and presentation of
 national HIV/AIDS coordinating bodies, HIV/AIDS            facts/info by campaign partners at
 service organizations, donors and African Ministries       international and local events, conferences
 of Health in a minimum of 12 countries aware of the        and meetings where HIV/AIDS is the focus.
 vulnerability of people with disability to the impact of
 HIV and AIDS, by December 2010                             2. Developing and disseminating
                                                            awareness raising campaign materials
 2.2     Agreements/commitment from a minimum of            1. ADDP with backing of AU engage
 12 African Ministries of Health/HIV/AIDS                   African Ministries of Health Forum on
 coordinating bodies and NDSC/National Federations          inclusion of disability into their countries
 to include disability issues into national HIV and         Health plans and policies (2006 – 2009)
 AIDS policies and programmes, by December 2009
                                                            2. Lobbying of AIDS coordinating bodies,
                                                            HIV/AIDS coordinating bodies, health
                                                            ministries and AIDS organizations by
                                                            DPOs (2007 – 2009)

                                                            3. Signed letters of intent from targeted
                                                            Ministries (end 2007)

                                                            4. Signed MOU between relevant parties
                                                            (end 2008)

 2.3 Ministries of Health and/or AIDS Coordination          1. Develop motivational write-ups
 Bodies in a minimum of 12 African able and willing to
 include persons with disabilities in programming           2. Create opportunities on international
 processes, December 2009.                                  platforms where disability and HIV & AIDS
                                                            can be discussed and invite international
                                                            decision-makers and major AIDS donors to
                                                            participate at these platforms

                                                            4. Information and advocacy targeting
                                                            Ministries of Health and/or AIDS
                                                            Coordination Bodies. (approach Health
                                                            Ministries and /or AIDS coordinators and
                                                            provide of guidelines, guidance)

                                                            5. Participation by persons with disabilities
                                                            in important consultation opportunities with
                                                            civil society on HIV & AIDS programming

                                                            6. Monitor and report back on
                                                            implementation of the guidelines. (field
2.4 Sufficient and relevant campaign                      1. Draft communications policy + strategy
communications and awareness raising materials by
December 2011.                                            2. Plan, develop, translate and disseminate
                                                          quarterly newsletter (electronically and
                                                          other relevant and accessible formats).

                                                          3. ID needs for awareness raising material

                                                          4. Write, design and produce
                                                          communications material (fact sheets,
                                                          brochures, media releases)

2.5 Research reports on a minimum of 2 research           1. Identify and prioritize key research
questions relating to impact of HIV and AIDS on              questions
disabled populations, by December 2010
                                                          2. Create consortium of research parties &
                                                             Engage researchers to explore the
                                                             identified priorities

                                                          3. Perform research

                                                          4. Development of reports

2.6. A minimum of 12 National HIV & AIDS                  1. Analysis of international and in-country
coordinators have tools, information and guidance to      HIV & AIDS monitoring mechanisms.
capture relevant data on disability in their monitoring
systems, by December 2011.                                2. Revision/development of monitoring and
                                                          evaluation tools, (including; checklists,
                                                          indicators and other)

                                                          3. Agreement with relevant ministries on
                                                          parameters/Key Performance Indicators to
                                                          be measured

                                                          4. Dissemination tools in various formats

                                                          5. Information and advocacy targeting in-
                                                          country monitoring bodies.

                                                          6. Regular follow-up of data on disability for
                                                          analysis and consideration of its relevance
                                                          to policy and programming.
2.6 A minimum of 50 Africans with disabilities            1. Develop criteria for trainees
trained as HIV/AIDS outreach workers by December
2009                                                      2. Prepare and translate training materials

                                                          3. Arrange training sessions

                                                          4. Deliver training
By December 2009 the Campaign will have entered into agreements of support with at least 5 donor

 OUTPUTS:                                             KEY ACTIVITIES

 3.1 A fundraising strategy developed by February     1. Discuss and agree on draft strategy at
 2007.                                                strategic planning session.
                                                      - Principles
                                                      - Unique Selling Points
                                                      - Action
                                                      - Agents
                                                      - Timeframes
                                                      - Possible sources of funding
                                                      - Monitoring & Evaluation

                                                      2. Further develop and finalize strategy

 3.2 Agreements between Campaign and at least 5       1. Implement fundraising strategy
 donor agencies by December 2009
                                                      2. Identifying the Campaign priorities

                                                      3. Identifying potential donors and their

                                                      4. Develop proposal including budget

                                                      5. Submit project proposal donors

                                                      6. Enter into agreement with the targeted

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