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What are steroids?                                How do steroids work?
Steroids are a class of man-made drugs            Steroids function in different ways. The
similar to the male hormone testosterone.         primary way is by binding to androgen
The two main types are:                           receptors in muscle cells. When steroids
                                                  bind to these receptors, they promote the
   •	 anabolic steroids (for building muscle)
                                                  production of specific proteins. This results
   •	 androgenic steroids (for increasing
                                                  in an increase in muscle tissue throughout
      masculine characteristics)
                                                  the body in a short period of time.
Steroids were first developed in the 1930s
to treat a male growth problem that affected      Why do people use steroids?
physical development and sexual functioning.      Steroids are often prescribed to people who
Today they are still prescribed to people         are slow to reach puberty. They’re also given
suffering from growth problems and a variety      to patients with certain blood disorders,
of other health concerns. They are also used      breast cancer and diseases that result in a
illegally by bodybuilders and others trying to    loss of muscle mass, such as HIV/AIDS.
increase their muscle mass and strength.
                                              Some athletes use steroids to improve
Steroids can be taken orally or by injection. their physical performance. Steroids are
Most often users take steroids in cycles of   particularly popular in sports requiring
weeks or months rather than use them          strength and bursts of power, such as weight
continuously. Sometimes people combine        lifting, football, and track and field. This
different forms of steroids in an effort to   is because steroids can reduce fatigue and
maximize their positive effects and minimize increase motivation. When a person uses
the negative side effects.                    steroids while training hard and eating well,
                                              they can increase their muscle mass and

                                                                     Steroids were first developed
                                                                       in the 1930s to treat a male
                                                                     growth problem that affected
                                                                  physical development and sexual
Primer Fact Sheets | 2008 | Steroids |
                      Some people use steroids simply to improve       Females who use steroids for an extended
                      their appearance by becoming bigger. This        period of time can experience
                      is especially true for young men who are
                      naturally small or lean.                           •	 increased facial and body hair,
                                                                         •	 increased clitoris size, reduced breast
                      What are the health effects of                        size,
                                                                         •	 irregular periods, and
                      using steroids?
                                                                         •	 deepened voices and male-pattern
                      Steroids impact the hormone system, and in
                      the short term, they may enhance a person’s
                      athletic performance. When combined with         High doses over a long period of time can
                      intensive training and a nutrition program,      lead to:
                      steroids can increase lean muscle mass and
                      strength.                                          •	   ruptured tendons
                                                                         •	   blood clots
                      Some of the short-term side effects of steroid     •	   stroke
                      use may include:                                   •	   heart disease and heart attacks
                                                                         •	   liver disease
                         •	   acne
                                                                         •	   cancer
                         •	   high blood pressure
                         •	   increased cholesterol levels
                                                                       When is using steroids a
                         •	   sexual problems
                      In high doses, steroids create a feeling of      Whenever a person’s steroid use negatively
                      euphoria, followed by:                           affects their life, or the lives of others, they
                                                                       have a problem with the substance.
                         •	 aggressiveness and irritability (also
                            known as “roid rage”)                      Buying non-prescription steroids is always
                         •	 anxiety                                    risky because the drugs are sold illegally and
                         •	 sleeping problems                          not monitored for safety. The substance a
                         •	 depression                                 person picks up at a gym may look legitimate
                         •	 mania, paranoia and delirium               but could be diluted or mixed with toxic
                      Long-term use of steroids in males can result
                      in                                               There are also risks related to the amount
                                                                       of steroids that are used. Many athletes
                         •	   shrunken testicles,                      take doses five to 10 times larger than those
                         •	   swollen breasts and low sperm count,     prescribed medically. Body builders and
                         •	   Temporary infertility, and               weight lifters may take doses up to 200 times
                         •	   difficulty achieving an erection.        larger.

                                                                       Continued use of steroids has been linked to
                                                                       impulsive violent behaviour. Several clinical
                                                                       studies assessing roid rage have shown that
        Anabolic steroids are not related                              people who are most likely to experience it
        to corticosteroids, which are                                  are also most likely, prior to steroid use, to be
                                                                       angry, hostile or violent. This suggests that
        prescribed for asthma and other
                                                                       roid rage may occur more commonly in those
        disorders. Corticosteroids do not                              who are already at risk for violent behaviour.
        build muscles.

Primer 2007 | Post Partum Depression Factsheet |
Primer Fact Sheets | 2008 | Steroids|
Steroid users may also display symptoms           What to do if you or someone
of various forms of mental illness, like
                                                  you know is experiencing a
schizophrenia, mania, and depression.
Anabolic steroid use has been linked to a         problem with steriods
higher incidence of suicide than exists in        For information on treatment options and
the general population. Chronic steroid           resources throughout BC, call
users should seek professional supervision           Alcohol	and	Drug	Information	and	
before stopping their use of steroids, as            Referral	Service
depression and the potential for suicide are         1–800–663–1441 (throughout BC)
especially likely during the first three months      604–660–9382 (in Greater Vancouver)
of the withdrawal period. Other withdrawal
symptoms include mood swings, nausea,             For information on ways to help yourself
fatigue, headache, sweating, dizziness, and       with a substance use problem, see the “Tips”
irritability.                                     section of the Here to Help website:
                                         The website also
Using steroids is particularly risky when it      features detailed information on substances
involves                                          and mental health disorders.
  •	 sharing	needles. People who share            You can also find information on a wide
     needles risk contracting hepatitis, HIV      variety of substance use issues on the Centre
     and other blood-borne diseases.              for Addictions Research of BC website:
  •	 mixing	with	alcohol. Both steroids and
     alcohol are processed by the liver and
     can independently lead to liver damage.
     Using them at the same time can
     increase liver damage.
  •	 teens. Even though steroids help
     people “bulk up” high doses taken by
     adolescents can permanently stop the
     lengthening of bones and stunt their

Is using steroids legal?
Steroids are legal by prescription only.
Anabolic steroids are banned by most
professional and amateur sports governing
                                                     Fast facts about steroid use
                                                     in Canada

                                                       •	 About 83,000 Canadians use
                                                       •	 Most steroids users are males
                                                          between the ages of 11 and

                                             Partum Sheets | 2008 | Factsheet |
                          Primer 2007 | Post Primer FactDepressionSteroids |

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