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Guide teaches you how to send email

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									                 LMS GUIDE TO SEND AN EMAIL TO STUDENTS

   These instructions will help you email a document already on your computer OR to
   send an email to your students (all of them or select ones).

   1.) Go to the Main Webpage at -Select FUS WEB (on left-
       hand side)
   2.) Log In to the FUS WEB:

Login by entering ID in ‘User ID #’
   And if you used academic assistant in the past- enter that password for that in
   New users enter last four digits of social security number in “Password”
** CONTACT: if you have forgotten your password.

   3.) If you login properly, it should look like this:
** Notice: Tabs under the Franciscan Logo (may vary)-Home, Academics, Campus
Life, Faculty, My Pages – This is your navigation in the system.

4.) Select the Faculty Tab to view your classes. The default is current classes.
    Selecting the drop down tab will show past or future. Select the course to
    send email.

5.) The following will appear with the course selected and the pages listed. Select

6.) Then select coursemates.

7.) The following will appear. Select all or whichever ones you want to sent an
    email. Then, click email selected members.

   8.) This screen appears, you may select all the students that you want to receive
       the email or select then remove at this point (if you change your mind.)

Browse to the file on your desktop or simply type your message in the message field
along with a message header. Click Send (bottom of page).


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