Achieving Equality and Diversity – Action Plan

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					                                                 ACHIEVING EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY – Action Plan

Action Learning Set:                           A

Learning Set Co-ordinator:                     STEVE GRANT________________________

Project Title                                                                                                 Comments/Notes

Aims and Objectives
                             To identify a subset of staff to be targeted

                             To implement a project plan to investigate the support of the following:

                             General aims are:

                                   To raise their profile and perception

                                   To improve conditions, development, opportunities

                                   To develop induction processes

                                   To widen career opportunities

                                   To improve University’s reputation as an exemplary employer in local

Outputs                            The group has agreed the targeted staff to be within House Services
                                    e.g. Porters, Building Attendants, etc., across campus.

                                   Simon to contact Diana Hampson – Director of Estates, to inform her
                                    of our proposed project.

                                   Specific objectives to be designed once relevant data has been
                                    gathered regarding the current situation, both perceived and actual.
                                    These will incorporate attitudes and aspirations of current staff, both
                                    senior and junior.
Project Title                                                                                    Comments/Notes

Roles and                                                                                        Rosemarie to contact Jayne Hindle.
Responsibilities    Sarah Beer – Data gathering
                    Steve Grant – Group co-coordinator (PA to organise meetings)                 Simon to contact Georgina Mills.
                    Rosemarie Horton – Action Plan/Agenda/note-taker
                    Mike Morris – Data analyst/note-taker                                        Rosemarie and Mike to share role of
                    Simon Merrywest – Communications/Liaison?                                    note-taking.
                    Jayne Hindle - to be discussed at next meeting
                    Georgina Mills – to be discussed at next meeting

Communication       Email correspondence
Strategy            Telephone
                    Conduct a survey of targeted staff views
                    Face-to-face discussions with members within the targeted group to explore
                    personal experiences
                    Consultation with management structure of targeted group

Timetable/Working   It was agreed that objectives would be manageable and attainable in the
Schedule            short term.

                    Project to be completed for the December 2007 conference
Project Title                                                                                    Comments/Notes

Meeting dates       7th December 2006, 9.30 -4                                                   To meet in June & Oct in readiness for
                    19th February 2007, 2-4                                                      December Conference.
                    8th March 2007, 2-4
Contact details/email                  (tel: 52082)
addresses                   (tel: 58834)
                          (tel: 55801)
                                (tel: 51424)
                              (tel: 52812)
                           (tel: 51573)

                              (tel: 51866)
                        Associate Vice President for Equality & Diversity
                         (tel: 65857)
                        Assistant to A Esmail
                        PA to Steve Grant

Summary of Key
Action Points                 To identify barriers to enable progression of subset

                              To review the policies in place

                              To observe the managerial culture

                              To design specific objectives

             Please return your completed action plan to Ann-Marie Walker via email by Monday 26 February 2007

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