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									                 How to park your car properly.
Parking your car can be a difficult task, particularly if you are a moron. For these
reasons, I have given you this guide, in which I will attempt to explain the finer points of
automobile parking while using simple language and illustrations.

Bad Parking:
Car 1                  Car 2                 Car 3                             Car 4                             Car 5

Cars # 1, 2, and 4 have parked over the lines. This is incorrect – the car should remain
between all of the lines. The driver of car number 4 also has some insecurity issues. Car
# 3 is sticking out the back of the parking slot, and car number 5 has parked in some sort
of zone marked with diagonal lines, probably a fire lane. These areas are designated “NO
PARKING”, which means that you’re not allowed to park there.

 Questionable Parking:                                                                  Car 6             Car 7
 You’ll notice that in each of these two cases, the
 cars are technically between all the lines. However,
 car number 6 is parked too close to the side line –
 this could prevent the doors from opening in an
 adjacent car, which is annoying. Car number 7 is
 parked crooked, which could make backing out
 difficult, especially when parked next to a another

 Good Parking:

 This is what you should strive for. Notice how the
 car is parked in the middle of the space, parallel to
 the lines, and not hanging out the back.

                        Note: neither nor its authors placed this flyer on your car. We just write the stuff.

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