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									How to File a Travel Authorization Request (TAR)

A TAR is submitted to the travel office prior to departure of travel. The TAR is signed by the traveler’s
supervisor. In the event that traveling expenses are funded by a department other than the traveler’s, the
TAR must be signed by the department head of the funding department and the traveler’s supervisor
departure of travel.

A. Preparing a TAR

   1. Obtain a Travel Authorization Form (TAR) from your administrative staff or the Travel Office,
      Building 1/Room 1200.
   2. Fill out the TAR entirely.

   For detailed information on completing the TAR, please refer to the Travel Procedures Manual @

B. Signature Approval

   1. Sign the completed TAR on the Traveler’s Signature line.
   2. Forward the TAR to your Supervisor/Department Chair for signature.

C. Grant Funded Signatures

   1. Forward the TAR to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs if travel is being funded by a
      grant account.

D. Foreign/International Travel Signatures

   1. Forward the TAR to the President’s Office for signature if Foreign/International Travel is being

   Note: Presidential signature is required for Foreign/International travel, including Hawaii, Alaska,
   Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico.

E. Submission of TAR

   1. Once signatures are complete, send TAR to the Travel office.
   2. Date stamp the TAR and retain the Pink copy for your records.

F. Submission of Foreign/International Travel TARs

   If International Travel is being a requested, an International Travel Form (ITF) must accompany the
   TAR. Please refer to the Travel website @

   1.   Forward the TAR with the ITF to the International Center (UNF-IC) for Director Approval.
   2.   Obtain the TAR from UNF-IC.
   3.   Make copies of the ITF and forward the TAR and ITF to Travel.
   4.   Date stamp the TAR and retain the Pink copy for your records.

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