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					Joint Initiative by December 18 and Migrants Rights International.

MIGRANT.NEWS, Issue 72, 30 June 2003

1. International Call for Universal Ratification of the Migrant Workers Convention

The UN Migrant Workers Convention enters into force on July 1st after a more than 10 year-
long struggle by migrants rights activists from across the world. Welcoming this important
event, 290 migrants rights organisations, unions, NGOs, and other civil society actors are
calling upon their governments to implement this new UN Convention or if they have not yet
done so, to ratify this international human rights instrument.

For a list of the signatories and the full text of the joint letter, visit:

More information is available by writing to

2. Worldwide events to mark entry into force of Migrants Rights Convention

For details about following events and for more events, see


01/07/03 – Celebration and Commemoration of the Entry into Force - Dhaka
Includes: demonstration, discussion session, and cultural function.
Organised by WARBE -

Hong Kong

01/07/03 – Press Conference – Organised by the Coalition for Migrants' Rights, Asian
Domestic Workers Union, Indonesian Migrant Workers Union and Asian Migrant Centre.


02/07/03 – Conference: Children and Migration – Rome
Organised by Associazone ReOrient. -

01/07/03 – Conference on Migration – Chiclana - Cadiz.
Organised by Argentinos de Norte a Sur in collaboration with Pro Derechos Humanos de
Andalucia -

03/07/03 – Conference on the Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers – Barcelona.
Organised by the Catalan IMD Platform.

Sri Lanka

24/06/03 – National Press Conference – Colombo
01/07/03 - Demonstration - Colombo
Organised by: Migrant Services Center, ACILS and ACTFORM.


30/06/03 – Press Conference – Organised by the Bern IMD Platform.

01/07/03 – Panel Presentation Marking the Entry into Force of the International
Convention on the Protection of the Rights of all Migrants and their Families - Geneva
Organised by Steering Committee Global Campaign

01-15/07/03 – Photo Exhibition – Geneva
Organised by IOM.

The Netherlands

21/06/03 – Information Session: Celebrating another Victory for Migrants Rights – the
UN Migrant Convention becomes another instrument to protect Migrant Rights,
Amsterdam – Organised by Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers and TNI.

United Kingdom

14/07/03 – Conference on Migrant Workers Rights: Could we do more in Britain?
London – Organised by Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and the Trades Union
3. Information Kit

Coinciding with the entry into force of the UN Migrants Rights Convention, UNESCO has
released an Information Kit, which can be found at:

4. International Calendar

For details about following events and for more events, see
To include yours, please contact at

30/06-01/07/03 - ILO Regional Tripartite Meeting on Challenges to Labour Migration Policy
and Management in Asia, Bangkok, Thailand.

1-11/07/03 - European Union Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy, Summer School,
Brussels, Belgium.

2-4/07/03 - Roma Media in Southeast Europe, Belgrade, Serbia.

6-10/07/03 - Roma Rights Summer Workshop for Romani Activists

6-10/07/03 - National Migration Conference, Washington, DC, USA.

6-18/07/03 - International Human Rights Academy, Ghent, Belgium.

7-11/07/03 - Democracy and Human Rights in Multiethnic Societies, Konjic, Bosnia

7-11/07/03 - International Institute of Sociology 36th World Conferences, Session 5:
Migration, Ethnic Diversity and Citizenship in the Perspective of Globalisation, Beijing,

7-25/07/03 - International Summer School in Forced Migration, Oxford, UK

14-18/07/03 - ICFTU-APRO/ICFTU-BC National Seminar on Plight of Bangladeshi Migrant
Workers - Measures to Protect and Promote Their Rights, Tokyo, Japan.

17-18/07/03 - "Future workshop" on migrants and the media, Freiburg, Germany.

17-19/07/03 - The Poetics of Exile, Auckland, New Zealand.

5-23/08/03 – UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, New

09/08/03 - International Day of the World's Indigenous People

11-20/09/03 - 5th Annual Workshop on the African Regional Human Rights System, Banjul,
15-19/09/03 - 8th International Metropolis Conference, Gaining from migration, Vienna,

22/09-26/09/03 - The Legal Situation of Foreigners in France, Paris, France.

28/09-01/10/03 -Migration Online-Using the Internet for Anti-Racism and Migration Work,
Hattingen, Germany.


Spanish, Italian and French version available upon request at

Spanish version translated by Maria Ruiz, Spain, French version translated by Isabelle
Slinckx, Belgium and Italian version translated by Eny Giambastiani, Italy.
                    International Call for Universal Ratification
                                        of the
         UN Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers
                           and Members of their Families

                              1 July 2003 – 290 signatories

International/Regional Organisations / Networks

Amnesty International – International Secretariat
Anti-Slavery International
Caritas Internationalis
Caritas Europa
Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe
Coordination Européenne pour le Droit des Étrangers à vivre en Famille
December 18
Emmaus International
European Network Against Racism (ENAR)
European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
European Women's Lobby (EWL)
Foro Migraciones
Franciscans International
Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW)
International Alliance Against Racism, Racial Discrimination and Xenophobia
International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC)
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)
International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination
International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID)
Migrant Forum Asia (MFA)
Migrants Rights International (MRI)
Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM)
UNITED for Intercultural Action
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
World Union of Catholic Women Organisations


Albanian Youth Council                                                        Albania
Oxfam Albania                                                                 Albania
Rencontre et Développement-CCSA                                               Algeria
Asociación Civil Casa del Paso del Peregrino                                  Argentina
Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales                                         Argentina
Departamento de Migraciones del Arzobispado de Buenos Aires                   Argentina
Mujeres Peruanas Unidas Migrantes y Refugiadas                                Argentina
Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office                                Australia
Indigo Foundation                                                             Australia
Jesuit Refugee Service Australia                                              Australia
Presentation Sisters Justice Ministry                                         Australia
Presentation Sisters Wagga                                                    Australia
United Nations Association of Australia                                       Australia
Asylkoordination Österreich                                                   Austria
Diakonie - Evangelischer Fleuchtlingdienst Oestereich                         Austria
Human Rights Center of Azerbaijan                                             Azerbaijan
Society for Humanitarian Research                                             Azerbaijan
Bahraini Human Rights Society                                              Bahrain
WARBE                                                                      Bangladesh
Human Rights Commission of Belize                                          Belize
11.11.11 Coalition of the North-South Movement Flanders                    Belgium
Association Culturelle Berbère Jugurtha                                    Belgium
Bachtale Chave                                                             Belgium
Centre d'Action pour le Développement des relations Euro-méditerranéenne   Belgium
Commission nationale immigrée du MOC                                       Belgium
Convivial asbl-vzw                                                         Belgium
Espace Culturel Nord-Sud asbl                                              Belgium
Filipiniana-Europa vzw                                                     Belgium
FGTB wallonne                                                              Belgium
IMD Platform Vlaanderen                                                    Belgium
Jesuit Refugee Service Belgium                                             Belgium
Ligue des droits de l'Homme Belgique francophone                           Belgium
Opré Roma vzw                                                              Belgium
Paix et Solidarité en Afrique                                              Belgium
Romano Dzuvdipe                                                            Belgium
Samahan Ng Mga Manggagawang Pilipino Sa Belgium                            Belgium
Sodémi/eas                                                                 Belgium
Solidarité et Partenariat Nord-Sud                                         Belgium
Steunpunt Mensen Zonder Papieren                                           Belgium
Vaka/Hand in Hand                                                          Belgium
Wereldsolidariteit                                                         Belgium
Amnesty International – Canada                                             Canada
Canadian Human Rights Foundation                                           Canada
Inter Pares                                                                Canada
Karuna Community Services/Green Lotus International                        Canada
Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic                       Canada
South Asian Women's Community Centre                                       Canada
Vancouver Association of Chinese Canadians                                 Canada
Nido Del Gufo                                                              Colombia
Central American Human Rights Network                                      Costa Rica
Caritas Czech Republic                                                     Czech
Friends of Nature                                                          Czech
Réseau Euro-Méditerranéen des Droits de l'Homme                            Denmark
Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization                                Egypt
The Egyptian Center for Women's Rights                                     Egypt
People to People                                                           Estonia
Finnish Public Service Unions FIPSU                                        Finland
Immigration Développement Démocratie                                       France
Initiative D'Entreaide Aux Libertés                                        France
Institut Panos Paris                                                       France
Public Services International                                              France
Service Nationale de la Pastorale des Migrants                             France
Human Rights Information and Documentation Center                          Georgia
Emmaus in Koeln e.V.                                                       Germany
KINAB KOK/Federal Association against traffic
and violence in the migration process                                      Germany
Kölner Appell gegen Rassismus e.V.                                         Germany
Nordelbische Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche                                Germany
Terre des Femmes e.V.                                                      Germany
Camps Happy Children Happy Youth                                           Greece
Caritas Hellas                                                               Greece
Greek Forum of Migrants                                                      Greece
Sudanese Community in Greece                                                 Greece
Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants                                            Hong Kong
Asian Human Rights Commission                                                Hong Kong
Asian Migrant Center                                                         Hong Kong
Asian Migrants Coordinating Body                                             Hong Kong
Coalition for Racial Equality                                                Hong Kong
Indonesian Migrants Workers Union                                            Hong Kong
Movement Against Discrimination                                              Hong Kong
United Filipinos in Hong Kong                                                Hong Kong
National Domestic Workers 'Movement                                          India
Pasumai Thaayagam                                                            India
Tamil Migrants International                                                 India
Center for Community Development and Education                               Indonesia
Consortium for Indonesian Migrant Workers Advocacy                           Indonesia
DAMAR Foundation                                                             Indonesia
Federation of Indonesian Migrant Workers                                     Indonesia
Flower Aceh Foundation                                                       Indonesia
Indonesian Moslim Student Movement                                           Indonesia
Masyarakat Transparansi Indonesia                                            Indonesia
Rights in our hands                                                          Indonesia
Terre des Hommes                                                             Indonesia
Yang-san Foreign Workers House                                               Indonesia
Yayasan Kuala Tanjung                                                        Indonesia
Yayasan Kata Hati                                                            Indonesia
Yayasan Pelopor Perjuangan Rakyat                                            Indonesia
Yogyakarta Joint Secretariat for Gender Issue                                Indonesia
European Network for Intercultural Action and Exchange Ireland               Ireland
Irish Congress of Trade Unions                                               Ireland
Mercy Sisters Justice office, South Central Province                         Ireland
The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland                                            Ireland
Kav La'Oved                                                                  Israel
Agenzia Scalabriniana per la Cooperazione allo sviluppo                      Italy
Associazione interculturale di donne native e migranti Trama di terre        Italy
Associazione NO.DI (Nostri Diritti)                                          Italy
Casa Diritti Sociali                                                         Italy
Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers                                      Italy
Commissione nazionale permanente per l'immigrazione
Partito rifondaizone Comunista                                               Italy
Coordinamento Italiano per il Diritto degli Stranieri a vivere in Famiglia   Italy
Federazione delle Chiese Evangeliche                                         Italy
FILCAMS CGIL                                                                 Italy
Jesuit Refugee Service International Office                                  Italy
Les Cultures onlus                                                           Italy
Rete d'urgenza contro il razzismo di Torino                                  Italy
Ufficio per la Pastorale dei Migranti                                        Italy
DAWN-Japan                                                                   Japan
Solidarity Network with Migrants                                             Japan
Arab NGO Network for Development                                             Lebanon
Fondation Caritas
The First Childrens Embassy in the World MEGJASHI                            Macedonia
Mouvement pour les droits de la personne humaine                         Mauritania
Casa del Migrante                                                        Mexico
Centro de Apoyo al Trabajador Migrante                                   Mexico
Centro de Derechos Humanos del Migrante                                  Mexico
Centro de Derechos Humanos Ñu´u Ji Kandii                                Mexico
Centro de Derechos Humanos Tepeyac del Istmo de Tehunatepec              Mexico
Centro de Estudios Demográficos y de Desarrollo Urbano                   Mexico
Centro de Investigación y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social     Mexico
Centro Regional de Capacitación a Mujeres del Bajío                      Mexico
FI-México                                                                Mexico
Franciscans International México                                         Mexico
Servicio Jesuita a Migrantes                                             Mexico
Sin Fronteras                                                            Mexico
Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla                                        Mexico
Society for Refugees of the Republic of Moldova                          Moldova
Association chantiers jeunesse Maroc / Section Ahfir                     Morocco
Association de Défense des Droits de l'Homme au Maroc                    Morocco
Association Marocaine d'Etudes et de Recherches sur les Migrations       Morocco
Association marocaine pour l'education de la jeunesse / Section Tanger   Morocco
ATTAC Maroc                                                              Morocco
Centre for Media Freedom-Middle East and North Africa                    Morocco
Forum Vérité et Justice:Association des victimes de la
repression politique au Maroc                                            Morocco
GERERE                                                                   Morocco
NepalWatch                                                               Nepal
Rural Reconstruction Nepal                                               Nepal
AYNI Bolivia-Nederland Foundation                                        Netherlands
Centre euro-mediterranéen Migration et developpement                     Netherlands
Coalition for Grassroots Women Organizations                             Netherlands
Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers                                  Netherlands
Kuku Association in the Netherlands                                      Netherlands
Missionair Centrum                                                       Netherlands
New Sudan Organizations Network                                          Netherlands
Novib Oxfam Netherlands                                                  Netherlands
Stichting Sawa Sawa                                                      Netherlands
Southern Sudanese Women Association in the Netherlands                   Netherlands
Stichting Kapatiran                                                      Netherlands
Stichting Oikos                                                          Netherlands
Sudanese Organizations Forum in the Netherlands                          Netherlands
Sudanese Orphans Support Trust                                           Netherlands
TIYE International                                                       Netherlands
Human Rights Foundation of Aotearoa NewZealand                           New
Caritas del Peru                                                         Peru
Pastoral de la Movilidad Humana - Conferencia Episcopal Peruana          Peru
Ateneo Human Rights Center                                               Philippines
Center for Migrant Advocacy Philippines                                  Philippines
Development Education Media Services Foundation                          Philippines
Development Action for Women Network                                     Philippines
Institute on Church and Social Issues                                    Philippines
KAKAMMPI                                                                 Philippines
OMI Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation                             Philippines
Philippine Migrants Rights Watch                                         Philippines
University of the Philippines Population Institute                       Philippines
Obra Católica Portuguesa de Migrações                                    Portugal
Asociatia Studentilor si Tinerilor Romi ROMANITIN            Romania
ATTAC Romania                                                Romania
Media Monitoring Agency – Academia Catavencu                 Romania
Romanitin Roma Youth and Students’ Association               Romania
Aldet Centre                                                 Saint Lucia
International Indigenous Peoples Think Tank                  Saint Lucia
Organization of Human Rights Defenders, Auditors
and Reporters (Caribbean Region)                             Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia Commission on Human Rights                       Saint Lucia
Caritas Slovenia                                             Slovenia
Scalabrini Development Agency                                South
Scalabrini Refugee Service                                   South
Institute for Democracy in South Africa                      South
Ansan Migrant Shelter                                        South Korea
Asan Migrant Worker's Center                                 South Korea
Catholic Uijengbu Migrant Center                             South Korea
Daegu Migrant Works Counselling (Shelter) Center             South Korea
Emmaus Korea                                                 South Korea
Galilea                                                      South Korea
Gwangju Mission Association for Foreign Workers              South Korea
Gwangju Migrant Workers Center                               South Korea
Human Right Center for Migrant Women                         South Korea
Inchon Migrant Workers' Center                               South Korea
International Workers Counselling Office                     South Korea
Jinchon Migrant Brothers' House                              South Korea
Joint Committee for Migrant Workers in Korea                 South Korea
KASAMMAKO                                                    South Korea
Korean Migrant Workers' Human Rights Center                  South Korea
Kyungnam Migrant Workers Counselling Office                  South Korea
Kyungsan Foreign Workers' Church                             South Korea
Legal Aid Center for Foreign Workers                         South Korea
Medical Mutual-Aid Union for Migrant Workers in Korea        South Korea
Migrant Workers House/ Korean-Chinese House                  South Korea
Migrant Workers' Human Rights & Culture Center               South Korea
Migrant Workers' Human Rights Center                         South Korea
Namyangju Women Migrant Center                               South Korea
People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy              South Korea
Pocheon Migrant Workers Center                               South Korea
Pyongtaek Migrant Worker Center                              South Korea
Seoul Migrant Worker's Center                                South Korea
Shalom House                                                 South Korea
Suwon Migrant Workers Center                                 South Korea
The Association for Migrant Workers' Human Rights            South Korea
The Diocese of Busan's Labor Apostolate and the Apostolate
for Salaried Workers                                         South Korea
The House of Shalom for Migrant Workers                      South Korea
Uijeonbu Migrant Center                                      South Korea
United Women Migrant Counselling Center                      South Korea
Welfare Mission Center for Korean Chinese                    South Korea
Won Buddism Seoul Foreigners' Center                         South Korea
World Neighbours Seongdong Migrant Workers' Center           South Korea
Asociación Apoyo                                             Spain
Asociación Salud y Familia                                            Spain
Associació Sociocultural IBN BATUTA                                   Spain
Casa Argentina de Barcelona                                           Spain
Casa Argentina de Madrid                                              Spain
CODENAF-Almeria                                                       Spain
Coordinadora Contra la Marginació de Cornellà                         Spain
Juventudes Socialistas de España                                      Spain
Unión de Asociaciones Familiares                                      Spain
Web de extranería del ReICAZ                                          Spain
American Center for International Labour Solidarity                   Sri Lanka
Migrant Services Centre                                               Sri Lanka
Arab Migrant Center                                                   Sudan
Bahr El-Ghazal Youth Development Association                          Sudan
English International Association of Lund                             Sweden
ARIS (Anti-Racism Information Service)                                Switzerland
Association contre le racisme ACOR SOS Racisme                        Switzerland
Collectif de soutien aux Sans-papiers de Genève                       Switzerland
Collectif de soutien des Sans-Papiers du canton de Neuchâtel          Switzerland
Geneva Forum for Philippine Concerns                                  Switzerland
Solidarité sans frontiers                                             Switzerland
Stella Maris International Service Center                             Taiwan
Taiwan International Workers Association                              Taiwan
Taiwan Migrants' Forum                                                Taiwan
Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development                      Thailand
Catholic Commission on Migration (Women's Desk)                       Thailand
Foundation for Women                                                  Thailand
Association for Human Rights & Democracy in Africa                    U.K.
Dalit Solidarity Network UK                                           U.K.
Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants                           U.K.
Kalayaan: Justice for Migrant Domestic Workers                        U.K.
Liberty                                                               U.K.
Office of Refugee Policy, Catholic Bishops' Conference
of England and Wales                                                  U.K.
Oxfam GB                                                              U.K.
United Nations Association-UK                                         U.K.
Human Rights Advocates                                                U.S.
Jesuit Refugee Service USA                                            U.S.
Migration Policy and Resource Center                                  U.S.
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights                     U.S.
US Jesuit Conference, Office of Social and International Ministries   U.S.

On July 1, 2003, the Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members
of their Families will finally enter into force.

There is abundant evidence        that worldwide documented and undocumented migrant workers -
including a growing number of women - are providing key contributions in such sectors as agriculture,
construction, high tech and (domestic) services. They are, however, increasingly subject to racism,
discrimination, abuse and violent attacks. We, therefore, welcome the entry into force of the
Convention, although it took thirteen years to accomplish this.

Among the main obstacles for ratification - in particular in the privileged North - are fears of what this
Convention will bring and a lack of political will to go for something different. Without efforts to share
wealth more evenly, migration will only increase. Migration is a phenomenon, not a problem. In this
matter, no short term and obvious solutions exist.

Therefore, following the example of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, we, the undersigned non-
governmental organisations, call on all political leaders to embrace the potential migrants represent, to
'demythologise' migration, to address the negative myths and fears and to inform the voters about the
benefits of a migration policy that includes respect and dignity for all migrants.

The Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their
Families is not an open invitation for more migration but an instrument that provides a necessary
universal basic standard to protect the human rights of both documented and undocumented migrant

It demands that States to prevent and eradicate illegal migration - sending and receiving - and inform
both migrants and citizens - including employers - about their rights and obligations. As migration is
not a one-way ticket without possibility to return and without a future, the Convention looks at the
obligations of both the sending and receiving country, throughout the full migration process.

All undersigned non-governmental organisations ask the 22 State Parties to the Migrants Right
Convention to fulfil their obligations as required and to start implementing the Convention as soon as

All other governments, including those that already signed and those that indicated their commitment
to ratify it through active participation in its drafting and at the time of its adoption, are asked to
reconsider their priorities and to ratify this 7th International Human Rights Instrument. Respect for the
human rights of migrants should be an inherent part of every government's migration management