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									                       Writing Instructions

                  How to make a jam sandwich

♦   On your paper write a list headed You Will Need

♦    Underneath it write down what you need to make a jam

    There should be 5 things.

    These instructions are in the wrong order.

    Work out the right order then copy them out correctly:

∗   Use the knife to spread butter on one side of both slices of
∗   Place two slices of bread on the plate
∗   Cut the sandwich into four squares or four triangles
∗   Spread jam on top of the butter on one of the slices
∗   Eat and enjoy your sandwiches while they are fresh.
∗   Take the slice of bread with no jam on and put it on top of the
    jammed slice.
∗   The buttered side should go on top of the jam.

Finally, draw a picture of the jam sandwich to go with your

If you think any other pictures would be helpful, draw these too.

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