Document Sample
                              12 May 2008


    David Penney, Andree Pomfret, Petra Wilson, Lisa Higson, Sam Plum, Andrew
    Campy, Ryan McDowall, R Pidwell, C Hughes, Nadeem Malik, Syed Nadim, Town
    Cllr Dorothy Lord, Carol Kerr, Trevor Walsh, Eric Crimmins, Town Cllr Yvonne May,
    Town Cllr Maureen Arnold, Cllr Mike Calvert, Town Cllr Janet Whincup, David
    Whincup, P Moore, Kerrie Payton, Tony Rindl, Trevor Dennett, Tony Martin, C Cllr
    Tim Ormrod, Mr and Mrs Masters, Inspector Ian Cooper, PCSO Carla Pickard,
    Constable Ann Wright, Sergeant Andy Cartwright, CBM Damian Pemberton, PCSO
    Tony Martin, Tim Horsley, Mr Johnson, Town Cllr Pat Howarth, P Wilson, Peter
    Noland, Mr Altaf, Mr S Ahmed, Asif Rasool, Margaret Parker, Gill Harbour, Ian
    Robinson, Mr Johnson,

1   Apologies:
    Cllr Tony Greaves, Cllr Graham Roach, Cllr Phil Boyle, Cllr Sharon Davies, Cllr Ann
    Kerrigan, Janet Davies, Heather Shaw, Mr Hartley – Hall Street

2   Minutes from the last meeting

    North Valley Retail Park – Johnathon Duck has sent an email to Mark Walker
    regarding the issues that we have previously raised.
        Maintenance Contractors will be on site from Monday 19th May.
        Landscape works are almost complete on the land at the rear of KFC, K-
           frames to be installed.
        Hopefully Boulders will be put in place soon to prevent wagons parking on
           this site.
        A security company will be in place from the 27th May to lock the car park
           gate and service yard gate at 10pm each evening.
    Andree to monitor any progress and report back to future meetings. Cllr Dorothy       AP
    Lord to pass this information onto The Colne Times.

    New Town Councillors – David Penney Introduced the new town councillors to the
    NAG / PACT Group.
        Cllr Janet Whincup
        Cllr Pat Haworth
        Cllr Maureen Arnold
        Cllr Dorothy Lord
        Cllr Yvonne May
        Cllr Mike Calvert is a new local and town councillor

    Enforcement of Wheelie Bins – PBC will be using legislation powers to make
    residents return their wheelie bins to their back yards.

3   Matters Arising

    At our next meeting on the 7th July we will be choosing a new chair and vice chair.
    The process for choosing a new Chair and Vice Chair, and for membership of the
    Action Planning sub group (EXEC) is as follows:
    Please nominate who you would like to be Chair and Vice Chair – by                    ALL
    completing the attached forms.
    Please complete the Exec form if you would like to be elected to join this          ALL
    group. This group meets to monitor how the NAG is performing against the
    Action Plan, and makes recommendations to the NAG on certain issues, e.g.
    priorities for spending Grot Spot funding and directing the work load of the
    Neighbourhood Management Team.

    Please let Andrée or Petra have completed forms BEFORE the next NAG
    (which is Monday 7th July)

    All members of the NAG will be able to vote for their choice of Chair and           ALL
    Vice Chair, anonymously at the next NAG meeting.

4   Community Development Report – Update                                             PW

    Bolkers Fun Day 15th March - This event at King George V Playing Fields was
    attended by around 400 young people. The day was a huge success and the
    weather held out which was an added bonus. Neighbourhood Management
    worked with four young people from Byron Road Youth Club (Ryan McDowall,
    Lee Dickson, Tom Davies and Luke Ormerod) who played a big part in the
    organisation of the day – they organised meetings, booked activities, visited
    local Primary Schools, gave assemblies at their own school, were stewards on
    the day and even featured on 2BR! They can rightly be very proud of

    Last week they were rewarded by a trip to Prestige Go Karting and a meal at
    Carlo‟s in Colne. Please take a minute to look at the displays.

    Colne Youth Forum - The Youth Forum met on April 30th and was well attended
    with 17 members representing their areas of work. It was a very productive
    meeting which provided a great opportunity to share the huge amount of good
    work that is being done in the town with and for young people by members of the

    Work has already been started on the recently formulated Action Plan:-
        Work with young people at Primet High School around the dangers of
          speeding and road safety.
        Discussions about the future of Waterside Youth Club.
        Forum members have now taken responsibility for leading on specific
          areas of the Action Plan.

    If any member of the NAG would like more detail about the Youth Forum please
    let me know.

    Sort it Group - I now visit the Community Sports Club sessions that take place
    on a Wednesday evening at Colne Leisure Centre to continue the work of the Sort
    it Project. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet different young people
    who up to now have not been involved with Neighbourhood Management. This is ALL
    a free sports session for 8 -16 year olds and runs between 6.30 and 8pm. If you
    have a young person in your family or in your area that thinks they may like to
    join in please pass on this information.

    Voucher Scheme - This scheme will now be running all year round to help            ALL
    young people in Colne get involved in sports activities, try out something new and
    use their time constructively. Please let me know if you know of a young person
    that may benefit from this and I will have a chat with them about how the
    scheme runs.

    Due to the success of the Colne scheme started over a year ago, there are plans
    to roll it out to other parts of the Borough.

    Future events/activities

          Surviving Teens - We would like to set up a parenting support group in
           the near future in Colne. This is aimed at helping families with children
           aged between 10 and 16 who may be going through a difficult phase with         PW
           their son or daughter. It will be a chance to share problems and hopefully
           some solutions at a time that is hard for both parent and „child‟. If you or
           someone you know think they would find this helpful please get in touch
           with me at Open Door or give me a ring on (01282) 861440.
          Celebrating Volunteers! 1 – 7th June is Volunteer Week. We will be             PW
           organising a „celebration breakfast‟ for the team of volunteers at the Open
           Door café on Tuesday 3rd of June. This is a small way to acknowledge the
           fantastic work they do at the Café providing much needed support to
           many local people by providing good value, healthy meals, a listening ear
           and help and advice on a range of things e.g housing and benefits.
          Knotts Lane Community Garden Public Opening 7th June midday                    AP
           to celebrate the completion of the garden and to enthuse other local           PW
           residents to get involved. Please come along and have a look at the
           wonderful results of lots of hard work.

5   Public Transport Audit – David Nana

    Unfortunately David Nana was unable to attend this meeting. Colne Connected
    have arranged for David Nana to carry out a Public Transport Audit of Colne and
    the local villages. The public transport issues were highlighted within the Colne
    Connected action plan. This audit will take place between now and August 08.
    David will be attending local groups and contacting NM for more information.
    These results will be published when complete. A lot of residents within this
    area are dependant on public transport so this audit is very important because it
    will highlight any issues/improvements that need to be made.

6   Co-ordinated Environmental Visual Audit (CEVA) – Tim Horsley

    Tim informed the group that street / visual audits have been carried out in
    Waterside for over 2 ½ years and have recently started within Horsfield over the      TH
    past 5 months. These audits are carried out every 4 months, and include staff
    from the following organisations: Anti-social behaviour coordinator,
    Neighbourhood Management, Operational Services, Police, Fire & Rescue
    service,. This involves auditing every street/back yard within the area and
    making sure the areas are clear of rubbish etc.

    Cllr Dorothy Lord explained that these audits are very important to help improve
    the areas.

    Tim asked residents whether we are focusing on the areas that urgently need
    improving and if not which areas need working on?
        Hawley Street – Land – Colne Area Committee is developing this land
           with Section 106 money.
        Sutherland Street – 3 properties need improving at the bottom of the
           street. Tim Horsley informed the group that Housing Regeneration is in
           the process of dealing with these properties.
          47 Earl Street – In the back yard of this property there is some
           corrugated sheeting and when it rains all the water is running into no 45
           and causing serious water damage. This sheeting needs removing asap.
          Property on Duke Street – 2 incidents have recently been reported to the
           Police regarding this property. The attic window is continuously being
           left wide open and concerns are being raised about the neighbour‟s
           properties being affected by this. The boarding has been removed from
           the windows and the windows are smashed so this property is open to
           the public.
           Environmental Health – 01282 661199
           Operational Services – 01282 661743
          Midgley Street Car Park – There is an ongoing problem of Flytipping and
           we need to find out who is doing this.

7   Health Awareness Campaign

    Andree informed the group that a recent campaign has been launched by the
    Primary Care Trust regarding Health Awareness. This campaign will last for 9                AP
    months raising awareness of Alcohol and Coronary Heart Disease.

    The meeting was presented with a display highlighting these issues and Andree
    has asked for residents to leave feedback on issues such as, Have you seen
    these posters in your community? Has this had any impact on residents?

    David Penney highlighted that Carol Kerr from PALS also brought a display
    regarding the Health Service. If you have any issues then please speak to Carol
    at the end of meeting and take any relevant information.

8   Colne Neighbourhood Area Updates

    Horsfield – Cllr Dorothy Lord explained that there have been ongoing problems
    with young people from Park High School causing damage and dropping litter                NHP
    within the area. A meeting has recently been held with the Head Teacher and
    they are now working together to resolve these issues. This meeting was very
    positive and teachers are now on duty at break times/lunch to monitor young
    people leaving/returning school.

    David Penney highlighted issues with young people gathering on King George V              NHP
    playing fields drinking alcohol and causing damage on the Park.

    Churchfields – Peter Noland raised issues with the flats at the back of Ivegate,          AP
    there is rubbish being left and not cleared up by the shop owners. Dorothy Lord
    has taken photos 3 weeks ago and will continue to monitor the area. There is a            Op
    raised area near the elderly flats and this is all filled with litter. Dorothy Lord has   Serv
    added this area to be cleared as part of the Colne In Bloom. There is also a
    dangerous wall outside the elderly flats, this needs looking at urgently. At the
    bottom of this hill there is a salt bin that has been tipped over.                        AP

    A resident expressed concerns over the standard of works on Mason Street. The
    residents stated that the workmanship was not up to standard and the pointing
    is falling out and tiles are dropping of. He also stated that although he had
    reported these complaints that PBC are not doing anything about these problems
    and they need to be sorted out asap. There are also problems with empty
    properties on Bright Street, this work has been going on for 4 ½ years and
residents are becoming very annoyed with the lack of progress and the
standards of the work. Andree informed the residents that there will be a
meeting held on the 20th May at the Lesser Muni to discuss these issues. The
date of the meeting has now been moved to Wednesday 4th June, 7pm at Colne
Lesser Muni, Albert Road, Colne

Elevate Grot Spot funding has been used by Neighbourhood Management on
Land above MacDonald‟s which is currently in the process of being
developed/landscaped. Work is also being done to prevent vehicles from               AP
accessing the land. CCTV will also be installed for security. Inspector Cooper
intends to have more patrols on site while improvements are being made. It has
also been suggested that CCTV is installed onto the car parks outside KFC and

Waterside - A local town bus has recently increased its services to every hour for
a trial basis only. Residents stated that they had never been made aware of this
service and due to this the bus is hardly being used.
Andree agreed to find out more information regarding these services, Cllr Mike
Calvert said that he has some information and he will send this onto Andree.         AP
Please find attached the information on the bus route.

Spring Gardens – there are some lorry containers on this site and young people
are vandalising them and this could cause a very serious accident. Damian told
the group that these issues are a PACT priority and he is currently trying to
arrange a meeting with the owners of LBS. There are issues regarding the
dangerous parking of the lorries in the area and this will also be mentioned to      NHP
the owners of the vehicles. Photos of these vehicles were handed to the Police
by residents.

Problems were highlighted regarding the new take away on West Street. The
takeaway is open from 11am till 11pm and this is attracting a lot of young           NHP
people to the area. Incidents of anti-social behaviour/litter and racial abuse
have been reported to the Police. There is a bench outside this property which
is attracting the young people to congregate – discussion about whether the
bench needs removing or relocating followed, but many agreed that it should
stay where it is and deal with the problems of the young people. Young people
aged between 12-17 are also buying alcohol from the local shop.
Concern was raised by a resident over the removal of this bench as local
residents use this bench. Problems with this takeaway should calm down in the
near future, these problems are occurring because this takeaway is new to the

Boundary Mill Store – The flood lights are being left on over night. Mark Walker     NHP
is making contact with Boundary Mill to see if this can be resolved asap. David      AP
Penney agreed that this needs looking into as a matter of urgency.

Yvonne May expressed concern over the amount of dog fouling within the Primet
Bridge Area. Work needs to be done with residents regarding dog fouling. Pat         Op
Haworth said that the land at the bottom of Midgley Street is constantly being       Serv
used for dog fouling and this needs to be stopped. Free dog bags should be           dog
given out to residents within the area. On Basil Street there are two dogs kept      warden
in the back yard – this needs looking at asap.

Adventure Play Area – We are looking to find a site for a new play area, we have
received funded for this project but this funding will expire in December 2008.      AP
    We propose that the new play area is situated on Patten Street/Shaw Street           Alan
    area, we are looking at having an adventure play area which includes wooden          Binns
    equipment. This was agreed as the way to proceed.

    Knotts Lane Pond – Colne Area Committee agreed over 6 years ago to improve           AP
    this area but nothing has been done. Andree to find out about any progress and
    report back.

    Southvalley Masterplan Newsletter should have been delivered to residents
    within the area. These are available if you didn‟t receive one.

    Cllr Graham Roach asked for volunteers to help make improvements at the
    Greenfield Nature Reserve tomorrow evening at 7.30pm.

    Plastic Bag Free Project – This will be held on Saturday 17th May at 11.30am at
    the Market Hall Colne.

9   PACT Meeting                                                                         NHP

    Waterside issues and priorities
       1. Monitor Applegate Children‟s Home – Damian Pemberton has recently
           made contact with the owners and they are working closely to resolve
           any problems. No more incidents have been reported.
       2. Monitor Laithe St, Thomas St area for juvenile nuisance –
       3. Monitor Keighley Road – PC Clare Sharples and Trish Thompson‟s area.
           Keighley Rd to has CCTV in the area and this seems to have resolved the
       4. Monitor motorbikes on the Old Sidings – The offenders are from the
           Oxford Road area of Nelson. These young people have tried to contact
           the owners of the land to get permission to ride their bikes. We are now
           working to get a piece of land for the young people to use for their bikes.
       1. Green Road/LBS/Spring Gardens Road – 2 youths were arrested
           last weekend for criminal damage in this area. There are also problems
           with young people gathering under the bridge in the area.
           LBS – Parking issues need addressing.
       2. Colne Lane/West Street/Lune Street – There have been problems
           with anti-social behaviour on Lune Street
           Damian to invite the Dog Warden to the next PACT meeting.
       3. Greenfield Road – speeding issues – Damian to speak to Road Policing
           Unit tomorrow.
       4. Knotts Mount – there are a lot of needles within this area.
           There have been recent problems with the 1 way system – signs will be
           replaced when building works have been complete and new road
           surfacing has been done.

    Horsfield issues and priorities

    We are currently making links with the local schools and starting projects with
    young people.

    “Don‟t Do Damage” – This criminal damage projects will be delivered to pupils in
    year 5 and 6.
     “On The Pop” – This project will be delivered to young people within year 9 and
     10 to highlight issues that may be linked to alcohol i.e juvenile nuisance and
     criminal damage.

10   Grot Spots

     Money has been made available by Elevate for work on grot spots. NM are
     focussing on developing the land at the bottom of Sutherland Street. PBC are
     currently in the process of purchasing this land from the Coop and then
     development works can begin.

11   Report from HMR

     This report was circulated to members

12   Date of next meeting

     Monday 7th July 2008