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Conditions Of Hire - G-BRGI – 1st May 2009

A few Definitions.
   1. The Company includes the owner of the aircraft and any or all agents or representatives of
      the owner.
   2. The Hirer means the pilot entering into the hire agreement with the company.
   3. Period of hire means the entire period that the aircraft is under the control of the hirer from
      the time the keys are collected from Rochester Airport to the time the aircraft is returned to
      Rochester Airport and the keys returned to the tower.

At Clear Sky Aviation we believe there should be as little restriction applied to your flying activities
as is possible and that pilots using our aircraft can be trusted to treat the aircraft with respect and
to fly sensibly, proficiently, and at all times within the scope of the Air Navigation Order and all
other relevant laws. So it is hoped that a few basic points presented here will suffice to ensure this
principle is adhered to by all and for the benefit of all. We reserve the right to remove any member
from the group and withdraw access to the booking system if anyone fails to adhere to these

   1. Pilots wishing to be considered for inclusion in the group will be asked to submit some
      details about themselves and their flying history via the “Registration Form” on our website.
      After these details are received and approved, pilots will be required to undergo a check
      flight with one of our approved instructors to ensure their proficiency. All costs involved in
      such a check flight will be the responsibility of the hirer including fees payable directly to the
      instructor. Upon successfully completing such a check flight and recommendation from the
      instructor the hirer will be considered to be enrolled into the group and will issued with a
      password with which to access the on-line booking system. Only pilots registered in this
      way are permitted to fly the aircraft, no exceptions. Aircraft availability may be checked
      and bookings made as and when required. It is expected that members will be as fair as
      possible to other group members in not making excessive bookings at prime times and
      should a member be unable to fulfil a booking such should be cancelled as soon as
   2. Payment for the duration of the hire will be based upon the hours logged on the “Tacho”
      and will be considered to have commenced when the keys are collected from the tower and
      only terminated when the aircraft is returned to Rochester Airport and the keys returned to
      the tower. In the aircraft will be found a folder containing all the relevant aircraft documents
      required for flight within the UK and Europe including a Tech Log to be completed for each
      flight. Please take time to familiarise yourself with this document before filling it in as it is a
      legal requirement. Upon completion of the hire period a “Payment Slip” should be filled in
      using the sum of the “Tacho Hours” recorded during the period of hire multiplied by the
      current hourly rate and a payment preferably by cheque should be submitted to the
      company immediately.
   3. Insurance. The aircraft is insured for all risks including Crown Indemnity of £7,500,000 -
      Danish Liability of DKr 60,000,000 Third Party, DKr 5,000,000 Property - and German
      Liability of €3,834,689.11
      In common with the majority of aviation policies in the UK there is a policy excess or
      deductible of £750 for each and every claim. In the event of a claim this will be charged to
      the hirer. However the policy also includes a “Franchised Deductible” clause which will
      waive the policy excess/deductible in the event of the claim exceeding £750. What this
      means in reality is that should you be involved in an incident resulting in a claim or damage
      costing less than £750 you will be liable for the full amount of the claim, should the value be
     above £750 the insurance company will cover it in full. A copy of the insurance policy details
     is available for inspection in the documents folder.
     Please Note: If you are not prepared to accept this liability please do not sign the
     tech log and DO NOT FLY THE AIRCRAFT!
     Please also note that whilst you will not be liable for fair wear and tear to the aircraft,
     you will be responsible for any damage caused by whatever other means whilst the
     aircraft is in your care and for the full duration of the hire period.
4.   Fuel & Oil. Please feel free to fuel the aircraft as required for each flight from the fuelling
     station at Rochester Airport. Any fuel/oil obtained in this way will be charged to the company
     account. Should you need to re-fuel at another airport you must obtain an official VAT
     receipt bearing the aircraft registration and submit this with your payment slip to the
     company. The value of the fuel so purchased may be deducted from the cost of the hire
     provided the cost per litre is below or the same as the current rate at Rochester. ie. the
     most we are able to rebate is the current Rochester rate.
5.   Technical Failure/Defects. It is the responsibility of the hirer as “Pilot in Command” to
     ensure that every flight can be conducted safely. A “minimum equipment list” can be found
     in the documents folder listing the required items for flight in various situations and
     circumstances where any defect may be deferred. Please record any deferred defects on
     the form provided and advise the company as soon as possible. Where a defect is
     discovered which prevents the flight from being undertaken and which will effectively ground
     the aircraft this should be recorded on the Tech Log and again advised as soon as possible
     to the company.
6.   Illegal activities. If any pilot is discovered to be involved in any illegal activities at any time
     during the period of hire such member will be immediately removed from the group and
     flying activities will be withdrawn. In addition the relevant authorities will be informed and
     details of the pilot concerned will be made available to such authorities. There will be no
     exceptions to this rule!
7.   Finally, we ask that all hirers/members treat the aircraft with respect at all times. You are
     therefore expected to leave it in a neat and tidy condition after use. Please do not leave
     litter or other items in the aircraft, refit the seat belts over the seats and replace the Cambrai
     cover after use ensuring both cabin and baggage doors are locked. Please do not forget to
     return the keys to the tower after use too.

                                     Happy Flying To All.

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