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                             Generic Job Descriptions & Person Specifications
   These have been produced in relation to the posts listed below.

 Ref.                   Post Title                                            Comments                             Grade
                                                      Applies to all cleaners in school, including those in        HC2
GEN01     Cleaner
                                                      school DSOs
                                                      Applies to all cleaners in school, including those in        HC4
GEN02     Cleaner-in-charge
                                                      school DSOs
GEN03     Assistant Caretaker                                                                                      HC3
GEN04     Caretaker                                                                                                HC4
                                                      To be classified as a Nursery Nurse, the post holder         HC5
GEN05     Nursery Nurse                               must be qualified in accordance with the person
GEN06     Children’s Superintendent                                                                                HC2
                                                      This role covers both curriculum and SEN roles when          HC3
GEN07     Teaching Assistant Level One
                                                      groups of children are involved
GEN08     Teaching Assistant Level Two                                                                            HC4
          Teaching Assistant Level                                                                                HC5
          Teaching Assistant (SEN)                    To be used solely in relation to posts designated as         HC4
          Level One                                   giving one to one support in the pupil’s statement
GEN11     Teaching Assistant (SEN)                                                                                 HC5
          Level Two
GEN12     Clerk to the Governors Level 1                                                                           HC3
GEN13     Clerk to the Governors Level 2                                                                           HC4
GEN14     Minibus Driver/Attendant                                                                                 HC3
GEN15     School Escort                                                                                            HC3
GEN16     Exam Invigilator                                                                                         HC3
GEN17     Administrative Assistant – L1                                                                            HC2
GEN18     Administrative Assistant – L2                                                                            HC3
GEN19     Administrative Assistant – L3                                                                            HC4
GEN20     Administrative Assistant – L4                                                                            HC5
GEN21     Administrative Assistant – L5                                                                            HC6
GEN22     HLTA                                                                                                     HC6
GEN23     Kitchen Assistant                           289pts (Jarvis OPS405)                                       HC3
GEN24     Senior Cook/ Supervisor                     367 pts (Jarvis OPS421)                                      HC4
GEN25     LEARNING MENTOR                                                                                          HC5
                                                      *At Oct 04 DO NOT USE - Currently only one Walking
                                                      Bus Supervisor -Role still unique.
          SENIOR CHILDREN’S                                                                                        HC3
          AFTER SCHOOL
          HOLIDAY CLUB                                                                                             HC4
          CHILDREN SUPERINTEND                        Special Schools ONLY – Barrs Court, Blackmarston ,           HC4
          (SPEC SCHOOL)                               Leom Westfield & Brookfield
          SPECIAL SCH TEACHING                        Special Schools ONLY – Barrs Court, Blackmarston ,           HC5
          ASSIST L1                                   Leom Westfield & Brookfield

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 Ref.                Post Title                                              Comments                         Grade
           SPECIAL SCH TEACHING                        Special Schools ONLY – Barrs Court, Blackmarston ,     HC5
           ASSIST L2                                   Leom Westfield & Brookfield
GEN33      SPECIAL SCH TEACHING                        Special Schools ONLY – Barrs Court, Blackmarston,      HC6
           ASSIST L3                                   Leominster Westfield & Brookfield
GEN34      KITCHEN / DINING ROOM                                                                              HC1
GEN35      DO NOT USE YET -                            DO NOT USE YET - MARGARET CHECKING WITH
           EXTENDED SCHOOLS                            SUTTON SCHOOL & AWAITING REPLY
GEN36      AFTER SCHOOL                                                                                       HC3
GEN37      AFTER SCHOOL                                                                                       HC4
           HOLIDAY CLUB
GEN38      SENIOR LABORATORY                           DO NOT USE – GROUPED WITH GEN43
GEN39      General Assistant                           (OPS415) 253pts                                        HC2
GEN40      ICT Manager                                 Previously U254                                        HC8
GEN41      Senior High School Bursar                                                                          HC11
GEN42      Cover Supervisor                                                                                   HC5
GEN43      Senior Lab Tech                             Previously U072 (GEN38 Grouped with GEN43 after        HC5
GEN44      Nursery Supervisor                                                                                 HC4
GEN45      Nursery Assistant                                                                                  HC3
GEN46      ICT Technical Assistant –                   Previously U234                                        HC3
           Level 1
GEN47      Swimming Instructor                         Halo PLC 236/7                                         HC5
GEN48      ICT Technician – Level 2                                                                           HC4
GEN49      Lifeguard                                   Halo HLP05                                             HC3
GEN50      Handyperson/ Assistant                      Previously U121                                        HC2
GEN51      Site Manager                                Previously U090                                        HC5
GEN52      Inclusion Mentor                            Previously U069                                        HC5
GEN53      Resource Centre Manager                     Previously U106                                        HC4
GEN54      High School Bursar                          Previously U285                                        HC8
GEN55      Head Science Technician                     Previously U257                                        HC5
GEN56      Training Instructor                                                                                HC6
GEN57      ICT Technician – Level 3                                                                           HC5
GEN58      Large Primary School Bursar                                                                        HC11
GEN59      Extended Schools Partnership
           Project Co-ordinator
GEN60      Learning Mentor – Special                                                                          HC6
GEN61      School Security Attendant                                                                          HC4
GEN62      VACANT -
GEN 63     Teaching Assistant – All Pupils                                                                    HC5
           School Inclusion/ Behaviour                 Changed from U200 to SG36                              HC6
GEN 64     Manager
GEN 65     MFL Assistant                               Changed from SG25                                      HC4
GEN 66     Exam Officer                                                                                       HC5

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GEN 67     Librarian Assistant                         Previously U005, U087, U171, U145                       HC4
GEN68      Senior Instructor                                                                                   HC7
GEN69      Laboratory Technician                       Previously SG03, SG21, SG24                             HC4

    List of Generic numbers For SCHOOL GROUPS (specific to individual schools) –
    Care when entering school group number on database – only 4 digits – e.g. SG16, NOT SG016

   Ref.                   Post Title                                    Comments / Name of School            Grade
 SG01          SCIENCE TECHNICIAN (SCH GRP)                       AYLESTONE HIGH ONLY                        HC3
 SG02          SECURITY OFFICER (SCH GRP)                         AYLESTONE HIGH ONLY                        HC3
 SG03          LABORATORY TECHNICIAN (SCH                         BISHOPS HIGH ONLY                          HC4
 SG04          CARETAKER (SCH GRP)                                BISHOPS HIGH ONLY                          HC4
 SG05          SUPPORT ASSIST TRANSPORT                           SPECIAL SCHOOLS ONLY –                     HC4
               (SCH GRP)                                          BLACKMARSTON
 SG06          TEACHING ADMIN SUPPORT                             BROADLANDS ONLY                            HC1
               (SCH GRP)
 SG07          FREE SCHOOL MEALS PROVIDER                         CREDENHILL ONLY                            HC2
               (SCH GRP)
 SG08          DEPARTMENT ADMINISTRATOR                           FAIRFIELD HIGH ONLY                        HC4
               (SCH GRP)
 SG09          TEACHING ASST SEN (SCH GRP)                        HAMPTON DENE PRIMARY ONLY                  HC4
 SG10          (Documents Archived – not being                    Was HHS101 – Receptionist – Not in use.
 SG11          TEACHING ASST (SCH GRP)                            HUNDERTON JUNIOR ONLY                      HC3
 SG12          CHILDREN SUPERINTEND                               LEDBURY PRIMARY ONLY                       HC2
               (LEDBURY PRIM SCH GRP)
 SG13          TEACHING ASST SEN L1                               LEDBURY PRIMARY ONLY                       HC3
               (LEDBURY SCH GRP)
 SG14          TEACHING ASST SEN L2                               LEDBURY PRIMARY ONLY                       HC4
               (LEDBURY SCH GRP)
 SG15          TEACHING ASST L1 (LEDBURY                          LEDBURY PRIMARY ONLY                       HC2
               SCH GRP)
 SG16          TEACHING ASST L2 (LEDBURY                          LEDBURY PRIMARY ONLY                       HC3
               SCH GRP)
 SG17          TEACHING ASST L3 (LEDBURY                          LEDBURY PRIMARY ONLY                       HC4
               SCH GRP)
 SG18          NURSERY NURSE (PDU) SCH                            TRINITY PRIMARY ONLY                       HC5
 SG19          CHILDREN SUPERINTEND (PDU)                         TRINITY PRIMARY ONLY                       HC4
               SCH GRP
 SG20          TECHNICIAN (SCH GRP)                               WHITECROSS HIGH ONLY                       HC4
 SG21          LABORATORY TECHNICIAN (SCH                         JOHN MASEFIELD HIGH ONLY                   HC4
 SG22          RECEPTIONIST (SCH GRP)                             JOHN MASEFIELD HIGH ONLY                   HC3
 SG23          FINANCE ASSISTANT (SCH GRP)                        JOHN MASEFIELD HIGH ONLY                   HC4
 SG24          LABORATORY TECHNICIAN (SCH                         MINSTER COLLEGE ONLY                       HC4
 SG25          MODERN FOREIGN LANG ASST                           JOHN MASEFIELD HIGH ONLY                   HC4
               (SCH GRP)                                          CHANGED TO GEN 65 OCTOBER 2006
 SG26          AFTER SCHOOL CLUB ASSIST                           CANON PYON PRIMARY ONLY
               (SCH GRP) – Could be changed to
               Generic when consolidation done,

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             check personnel
SG27         TECHNICIAN (SCH GRP)                               FAIRFIELD HIGH SCHOOL ONLY                    HC3
SG28         Computer Systems Support                           BISHOPS HIGH SCHOOL ONLY.
             Technician (Sch Grp)
SG29         ON HOLD for Wigmore High –                         On hold at Nov 04
             awaiting decision from HT either new               WIGMORE HIGH SCHOOL ONLY.
             school group or 3 individual Unique
             posts. Nick to advise once spoken
             with Geoff Sharratt
SG30         IT Tutor (Sch Group)                               ST MARTINS PRIMARY ONLY
SG33         D & T Technician                                   John Kyrle (Previously U093)                  HC4
SG34         English/Maths Tutor                                St. Martin’s Primary School
SG35         Workshop Technician                                BISHOPS HIGH SCHOOL ONLY                      HC3
SG36         Social Inclusion/Behaviour Manager                 WHITECROSS                                    HC6
                                                                U200 now SG36
SG37         Learning Advisor                                   Whitecross                                    HC6

  1. The generic job descriptions and person specifications should only be used when a post in school is
     described by these documents. There are two important points to remember about this. Firstly job
     descriptions do not have to list all the tasks that employees may be asked to but must give an accurate
     reflection of the range of tasks. Secondly, post holders do not have to be doing all the duties shown in the
     job description for it to be appropriate to their post. However, and this is most important, the job
     description must show clearly the level of responsibilities required in the post.

  2. If the generic documents do not suit the role of a similarly named post in school, the head teacher is at
     liberty to produce a job description and person specification reflecting more exactly the post in school. In
     that case the post will become either a “unique” post or a school “group” post if more than one employee
     occupies the post. The job description and person specification so produced must be discussed and
     agreed with the post holder(s).

  3. In assessing which generic post might apply to an employee, head teachers should be guided by the
       duties carried out by the employee rather than the person specification. The person specification will not
       affect current employees. Therefore, for example, if an employee is currently clearly working as a
       Teaching Assistant (Level Three) but does not have the required qualifications, that employee should be
       designated as Level Three. The qualifications in the person specifications should be used for filling posts
       in the future and not for classifying employees in the job evaluation exercise.


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