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					SSC CUSTOMER OPEN DAY                            Feedback                                         In addition, we received feedback on how we

This report explains the outcome of our           About 92% of customers told us they            can continue to improve the customer
                                                   have contacted us over the past 12
customer open day held on 7th October                                                             experience:
2009 and our plans to improve our services                                                              To respond quickly to enquiries
                                                  Over 86% of customers contacted us by
based on the feedback we have received.            telephone                                            To give names so customers know
                                                                                                         who they are speaking with
The purpose of the open day was to provide        About 14% contacted us either by writing
                                                   to us or through the Web                             To be dealt with by polite and
customers with an insight into how the                                                                   helpful staff
Shared Service Centre (SSC) works and to          Here are the reasons why customers
                                                   contacted us:                                        To be dealt with by knowledgeable
obtain feedback on how we can continue to                                                                staff
improve our services.                                                 Reason For Contact
                                                                                                        To answer and resolve queries in
                                                                                                         full first time
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE                                             10%     10%

The SSC was formed in 2007 with the help                  10%                                           To keep customers informed of
                                                                                                         progress if their queries is not
of customers who designed the services they                16%
                                                                                            88%          resolved first time
wanted and how it should be delivered.
                                                                                                        To give customers a timescale
                                                                                                         when their queries will be resolved
To find out if we are still meeting the needs               Repair               Rent
                                                            ASB                  Local Services
                                                                                                         whenever they contact us
of our customers and in preparation for the
                                                            General Enquiries
                                                                                                  We also received other suggestions on how
open day we wrote to over 190 customers to
                                                  76% of customers told us they were             we could improve our services and we have
tell   us   about   their   experiences   when
                                                   satisfied with their overall experience        included those suggestions in the action plan
contacting the SSC. We received feedback           and the services they received when
                                                   they contacted us                              at the end of this report.
from 33% or 63 customers.

                                                            The Regenda Group
                                                 Making the North West a better place to live
THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY                                   Brother    Diary    Room”,      where     they    left   EVALUATION
The SSC Customer Open Day was attended                 feedback messages on video.                              At the end of the event we asked customers
by       over   40     customers     who   attended                                                             to tell us what they thought about the open
                                                       The feedback we have received has given us
workshops to understand the services we                                                                         day to assist us with planning future events.
                                                       a better understanding of how customers
provide at the SSC.                                                                                             Here are some of the comments we have
                                                       define and experience our services from their
The workshops were interactive and allowed             own point of view and we have used this
                                                                                                                     Over 93% of customers said the
customers to describe their experiences or             information to highlight where improvements                    open day gave them a better
the „journey‟ they follow, when contacting the         can be made. We will also use the feedback                     understanding of what we do at the
                                                                                                                      SSC and that their queries were
SSC for a service. Customers attended:                 in reviewing and delivering services that                      answered fully
                                                       continue     to    meet   the     needs    of     our
          Customer Services workshop                                                                                Over 86% of customers were
                                                       customers.                                                     satisfied with the overall event
          Repairs Workshop
          Income Generation workshop                                                                                Over 90% of customers            were
                                                       We have summarised the outcome of the                          satisfied with the workshops
          Lettings workshop                           workshops (please see the action plan at the
          Anti-social behaviour workshop              end   of   this    report),     highlighting     what         Majority of customers told us that
                                                                                                                      we would need more time/ allow
                                                       customers said they wanted and how we                          more time in workshops when
In addition to the workshops, some of our
                                                       would respond to those challenges in order                     planning future events
customers       also    tested     our   brand   new
                                                       to continue to improve the quality of services
customer service website, listened to some
                                                       to our customers.
calls to understand how we manage call                                                                          We are grateful for all your comments and

quality and gave us valuable feedback both                                                                      will take them into consideration when

at individual workshops and in our “Big                                                                         planning future events.

                                                                     The Regenda Group
                                                         Making the North West a better place to live

               The Regenda Group
    Making the North West a better place to live
This action plan contains what customers told us about our services and how we are going to respond to ensure we meet their expectations.
We have received feedback from customers who completed our Customer Experience Survey as well as from those who attended our open
day Workshops.

In each service area we have highlighted what customers liked about the service and what they said they wanted us to improve upon. We
have indicated what we will do or reinforced what we are doing to meet the needs of our customers as well as improve the quality of our

Customer Services Workshop

What our Customer told us                                              What we will do

       What customers like about the service

   The staff are easy and helpful to talk with

   Your staff are so competent in their answers to queries

   “The customer services is “first class”-thank you”

                                                               The Regenda Group
                                                    Making the North West a better place to live
         What customers said they wanted

   Replace the 0844 number                                        We have replaced the 0844 number with an 0344 number as
                                                                    requested by customers. The cost of calling 0344 number is
                                                                    the same as any standard landline even from a mobile
                                                                    phone. We will promote this in our next edition of “Belong”

   Answer the phone quicker and improve waiting times             We will keep telephone waiting times to a minimum and will
                                                                    aim to answer 85% of calls within 30 seconds

                                                                   All our staff will receive intensive training before taking calls
   Better training for telephone staff
                                                                    and will attend compulsory weekly workshops and monthly
                                                                    training to continue to improve their skills and knowledge

   When we leave a message on answering machine , please  If you call and wish to leave a message for our staff to call
    return our call or if we request to be called back      you back, we will put you through to their voicemail and
                                                            send a workflow to confirm your request and you will be
                                                            called back within 24 hours. If we are not able to put you
                                                            through to voicemail we will tell you why (e.g. staff on leave
                                                            on off sick) and suggest a solution

   More staff who can speak other languages to help with
                                                           We have appointed staff who can speak other languages. If
    language barriers                                       you call us and have language difficulties, we can ask our
                                                            staff member who can speak other languages to assist or
                                                            we can use „Language Line‟, our interpreting service.

                                                          The Regenda Group
                                               Making the North West a better place to live
   If we make a complaint, we want staff to tell us who will be  When you make a formal complaint we will log it on our
    dealing with the complaint                                     system and tell you who will be dealing with it. We will
                                                                   acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 24 hours.

                                                                      When you call us, we will bring up you details and the
   We want you to be able to tell who we are i.e. tenant or           history of your previous or ongoing issues but we would
    leaseholders and the problem we are chasing instead of             ask you a few security questions to make sure we are
    repeating ourselves                                                speaking with the right customer, in line with Data
                                                                       Protection legislation

   We would like to know the outcome of complaint within the  When we acknowledge your complaint we will send you a
    time scale promised without having to chase this up         copy of our complaints procedure, detailing how we deal
                                                                with a complaint and the time scale for resolution. If we
                                                                need more time to investigate your issues, we will write and
                                                                tell you and will confirm when you can expect a response

   When transferring calls to a „duty officer‟ tell us the name of  If you call and wish to speak with any of our duty officers in
    the officer who you are transferring us to                        repairs, income generation or lettings, we will tell you their
                                                                      names before transferring the calls

                                                             The Regenda Group
                                                  Making the North West a better place to live
Repairs Workshop

What our Customer told us                                           What we will do

         What customers like about the service
   We are getting a lot of the ongoing repairs done a lot more

   The repair service has improved by over 1000%

   The core group meetings make things happen

   New customers who joined Regenda from Servite said they
    receive a better repair service from Regenda

   M&Y contractors are courteous and treat people with

   The new gas contract is showing some improvements

        What customers said they wanted
                                                                     We have recently introduced a system for keeping customer
   Keep us informed of progress and if you say you will ring         informed of progress about their repair through text
    someone then call them back                                       messages or automatic voice message on their land line.
                                                                      We will keep to our promise to ring customers back within
                                                                      24 hours if we say we will do so

                                                            The Regenda Group
                                                 Making the North West a better place to live
   Keep promises regarding speedy repairs. Give dates when  We will confirm an appointment when you report a repair
    repairs will be done                                      and tell you when the repair will be done. If this is not
                                                              possible we will tell you the reason why

   Make sure any appointments from contractors are kept             We will ensure that our contractors keep to 100% of
                                                                      appointments. If they fail we will register this as „service
                                                                      failure‟ against them. We would also challenge them and
                                                                      offer you an apology as well as an alternate date

   The out of hour services is your weakest service and needs  We are currently reviewing our out of hour service with the
    improving urgently                                           aim of improving the quality of service for customers, with
                                                                 the option of bringing the service in-house

   Scheme repairs are not being done                                We will order a repair for schemes within 48 hours of receipt
                                                                      and provide details of the job to the Neighbour Officer for
                                                                      the scheme. If the job could not be ordered we will advise
                                                                      the Neighbourhood Officer and explain the reason why

   We would like workmen to always wear blue shoe protectors  We have advised all our contractors to always wear blue
    when entering a resident‟s home to carried out repair       shoe protector, when carrying out repairs in the homes of
   Asset management should improve stock condition
    information and use this knowledge to plan improvements  We are currently carrying out a stock condition survey to
    e,g windows, painting programmes etc                      enable us to plan our maintenance work better

   Would like contractors to have the flexibility to carry out        We would allow our contractors to carry out extra jobs
    multi-task while attending a particular job                         providing they are qualified to do so

                                                            The Regenda Group
                                                 Making the North West a better place to live
Income Generation Workshop

What our Customer told us                                          What we will do

      What customers like about the service

   We like your new rent arrears letters and your debt
    information sheet

       What customers said they wanted
   Provide more information on methods of payments                 We have publicised various methods of rent payments on
                                                                     our website. This will also appear on your rent statements
                                                                     and will be included in the next edition of Belong magazine

   If we are in arrears, contact us verbally instead of sending
    heavy handed letters                                          We have reviewed our letters to make them more customer
                                                                   friendly and will aim to contact customers by telephone or
                                                                   home visit where possible
   As new Servite tenants we would like to receive a statement
    of rent showing our closing balances before transferring to  We have contacted Servite to send closing balances to our
    Regenda                                                       new customers.

   Make it easy to contact Income Generation Officer through  We will provide our staff email address if customers
    email                                                       request for this. Customers can also send us an email on

   Include a strap line, “ Do not Lose your Home” in all your
                                                                      We will include this information in our letters before April
    standard letters”

                                                           The Regenda Group
                                                Making the North West a better place to live
Lettings Workshop

What our Customer told us                                           What we will do

       What customers like about the service

   We like the flexibility that your choice based lettings and
    traditional allocation processes offer

       What customers said they wanted

   Publicise information about transfers and your lettings and  Our lettings and allocations procedures are currently under
    allocations procedures and other housing options              review. We will provide information on our allocations policy
                                                                  on our website

   Do not rehouse people who cause anti-social behaviour  We take references on tenants before re-housing them to
    problems on estates                                     make sure we do not house those who may cause ASB

   Make it easier to apply for rehousing by offering paper  We have introduced application registration over the phone
    application, ability to register over the phone and to apply and have made it possible for applicants to apply on line.
    on line

   When making an offer, we would like to be contacted by  When we make you an offer of an accommodation, we will
    telephone and in writing                                 confirm details of the offer on phone and in writing

                                                            The Regenda Group
                                                 Making the North West a better place to live
Anti-social Behaviour Workshop

What our Customer told us                                            What we will do

        What customers like about the service

   We are impressed with the amount of legal actions that the
    Group is taking to combat ASB.

   The Group take action to „nip ASB in the bud‟ very quickly
    and deals with cases professionally

   It is very good that the Group supports perpetrators of ASB
    & provides support where necessary in order to deter ASB
    from reoccurring.

   “I was contacted every five days while my cases was being
    dealt with to make sure I was okay and provide needed

      What customers said they wanted
   Keep promises regarding zero tolerance on drugs and anti-  We are keen to promote zero tolerance of drugs and ASB in
    social behaviour                                            our Neighbourhoods. We will take legal action against
                                                                perpetrators where we have sufficient evidence

                                                             The Regenda Group
                                                  Making the North West a better place to live
       You should do more to support complainant of ASB                We will respond to all ASB complaints and agree an action
                                                                         to support complaints. We will contact complaints every
                                                                         five working days to make sure they are okay and happy
                                                                         with how their case is progressing

       Publicise the work you do and successes in combating ASB  We have publicised numerous articles in local and National
        in neighbourhoods                                          newspapers about our successes in dealing with ASB and
                                                                   will continue to so at Neighbourhood levels

Local Neighbourhood Service

                      What our Customer told us                                                    What we will do

          What customers like about the service
       The local services are excellent. Neighbourhood Officers
        maintain a visible presence on estates.

          What customers said they wanted
       We pay a service charge. Ensure the people providing the         We will meet regularly with contractors who provide service
        service meet standards needed                                     and will continue to ensure they provide the services

       Clean windows regularly and make more effort to keep front       We will make sure that windows are cleaned as planned

                                                               The Regenda Group
                                                    Making the North West a better place to live
    and back gardens free from rubbish                                    and will write to residents who no not look after their
                                                                          gardens to do and will tell them what action we may take to
                                                                          enforce their tenancy agreement.

   More cleaning of halls and stair wells
                                                                          We will ensure that contractors carry out cleaning as
                                                                          specified, including halls and stairwells and will periodically
                                                                          review service levels with residents on a scheme by scheme

   If Neighbourhood officers report a job to be done they             Our Neighbourhood Officers        will liaise with our Shared
    should chase it up to make sure it is done and not leave it         Service Centre to chase up        any outstanding jobs on a
    up to customers                                                     scheme by scheme basis             and provide feedback to
                                                                        customers on progress either      individually or via a scheme

                                                                       We will return your calls in line with our service standards
   Return phone calls when promised                                    to return calls – this will be within 24 hrs and we will monitor
                                                                        these regularly

   As new tenants from Servite Housing, we would like regular         We currently hold monthly meetings at our sheltered
    visits from our neighbourhood Officer                               schemes and will continue to do so. The Regional Director,
                                                                        West, has arranged 3 meetings events with our new tenants
                                                                        from Servite and is committed to arranging additional visits
                                                                        to all ex-Servite residents

                                                             The Regenda Group
                                                  Making the North West a better place to live

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