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									                                                       Account Scoring Index

This tool was designed to help you analyze your Accounts and prioritize your time.
The best possible score for an Account is 100, based on 6 different criteria for
evaluating explicit and implicit needs for your product or service. The value in
parentheses is the maximum value that can be granted for that particular category.

Track how many Accounts are being converted from each class (A, B, C, D), and
focus on moving each Account up the account-quality ladder. This system is
particularly effective for determining which Accounts have the most opportunity.

Account                   Explicit Score             Implicit Score      Total    Class
                Profile   Size    Age        DM      Opp.     History
Company                                                                  (100)    (A-D)
                 (15)     (15)    (15)      (15)     (20)      (20)
ABC               10       12      5          5       20        10        62       B

Profile – does this company fall into an industry that many of your other clients do?
1 = 0% of other clients are in this industry, 15 = 80% of clients in this industry.

Size – how large is this account (employees or annual revenue)?
1 = too large/too small for your products, 15 = perfect size for your products

Age – how long has this customer been with your organization?
1 = is not currently a customer, 15 = good customer for over 5 years

Decision-Maker – how much influence does your key contact have?
1 = no purchasing power/not satisfied, 15 = authority to buy/satisfied customer

Opportunity Size – what is the revenue potential for this account?
1 = minimal revenue potential, 20 = potential for high revenue

Purchasing History – does this customer regularly purchase new products?
1 = no purchases in past year, 20 = purchases within last 3 months

Class         Points        Recommended Actions:

  A           80-100        Complete Key Account Plan & Visit Regularly
  B           60-79         Complete Key Account Plan & SPIN Probing
  C           25-59         Set Appointment to Identify Needs (SPIN Probing)
  D           0-25          Continue Prospecting to Gather More Information

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