Generic exclusive Music sync license by malcolmfrancis1


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      Agreement between (YOU) (“Licensor”) and _________________________
(“Company”), said Licensor, in consideration of the payment of the sums set forth
below, hereby grant to Company, the nonexclusive, irrevocable right, license, privilege
and authority to:

Perform said musical compositions and use said master throughout the universe but
only in synchronization or timed relation with the television program identified below,
upon and subject to the terms and conditions set forth below:

       1.      The musical composition covered by this license is:

               (a)    Master/Title: See attached

               (b)    Writer: See Attached

      2.      Licensor shall receive a payment of $___________ for the rights
hereunder, payable upon execution hereof. This fee shall represent payment in full to
Licensor for all rights herein, and Licensor waives the right to any further compensation
hereunder. Company shall provide to Licensor a cue sheet, demonstrating the use of
the compositions and master within thirty (30) days of airing of the Program.

        3.     The title in the _______________(the “Program”) with which said
recordings may be used is “_____________”. As used herein, the term “Program” and
all versions thereof now or hereafter in existence, whether foreign language television,
television, videotapes, videograms, in-flight entertainment or any other form (but not
including remakes or sequels), and trailers, television and radio spots, clips of said
television program or any version thereof.

       4.      Th
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