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									                           DUNDEE ICE SKATING CLUB – OPEN COMPETITION
                                      26TH & 27TH SEPTEMBER 2009

                                      COMPETITION REGULATIONS
                                               DURING THIS EVENT

1.    Entry is open to all fully paid up eligible members of NISA.

2.    Competitions will be held in accordance with NISA regulations and under permit (applied for).While it is
      intended that most Levels within this event will be judged under the International Judging System this
      will depend on the further development of the software to incorporate the NISA Generic Criteria.The
      Beginners event in particular will be judged under Relative Judging System (6.0).However and reference
      should be made to all relevant ISU communications relating to the IJS in particular 1556,the most recent
      communication as the generic IJS rules will be applied to both IJS and RJS eg definition of a fall.

3.    Entry is by application form only (photocopies acceptable) and must quote competitor’s NISA membership
      number, or it will be returned and entry may be refused. All entry fees must accompany entry forms – payable
      to Dundee Ice Skating Club. Entry forms not giving coach membership details or details of FM seminar will be
      returned to skaters without being accepted. It is a requirement that the programme contents sheet is
      completed for Levels 7 – 10.

4.    Closing date for entries is 23rd August, 2009. Please ensure entry is posted in good time, as proof of postage
      does not imply receipt. Entrants for individual events will be accepted in order of receipt of application forms,
      and places may be limited due to ice time available. Received entries will be posted on our web-site
      www.dundeeiceskatingclub.co.uk so please log on to make sure we have received your entry.

5.    Dundee Ice Skating Club reserve the right to refuse entry without reason or to cancel an event, in which case
      the entry fee will be refunded. Dundee Ice Skating Club’s decision is final.

6.    Dundee Ice Skating Club reserve the right to omit, combine or add events to the final competition list subject to
      entries. In oversubscribed events a reserve list may be created or the event may be split according to age and
      competitors will be notified accordingly.

7.    Full refunds will be made to all competitors not offered entry. Cancellation after closing date will be refunded
      only if place can be filled from the reserve list.

8.    Competitors and coaches are requested to read the Technical Requirements for the events carefully. These
      have been set according to published regulations governing NISA competitions and championships for 2009./10
      Exceptions, appeals or requests for modifications will not be considered.

9.    Maximum/minimum test requirements as quoted in the Technical Requirements must be met on or before the
      closing date of 23rd August, 2009 for all events. The qualifying date for age, if applicable, is 23rd August, 2009.

10.   Where only one competitor enters an event, the referee may set a standard to be achieved for the trophy to be
      awarded. The competitor in that event will be notified and given the option to either skate or to withdraw.

11.   CDs may only be used and must be marked clearly with the Competitor’s Name and Competition Entered.
      The programme music must be the ONLY piece of music on the CD.

12.   Flash photography is NOT permitted on or off the ice during competitions. Anyone breaking this regulation will
      be asked to leave the rink complex and will not be permitted to return.

13.   All skaters will be filmed for IJS. The event will be officially videoed. No other videos will be permitted. Skaters
      will have the opportunity to purchase a commercial copy of their own event. Skaters who wish to be excluded
      from the commercial DVD must complete a video exception letter and submit this with your entry form
14.   This event may be subject to DOPING CONTROL.

15.   Trophies will be held for a maximum of one year at the winner’s risk and returned at the request of Dundee Ice
      Skating Club. Winners MUST sign receipts before removing trophies from the ice rink.
16.   Dundee Ice Skating Club and Dundee Ice Arena will not be liable for any accidents or damage, however
      caused, to any competitor or to any official appointed by Dundee Ice Skating Club arising out of or in connection
      with the activities of Dundee Ice Skating Club.
17.   Entry is conditional upon acceptance of these general rules and regulations.
18.   The draw for the order of skating will be held on Sunday September 20 at Dundee Ice Arena

19.   Enquiries to Sharon Kean – preferably by email to SHARONKEAN@aol.com or by post to 20 Piperdam
      Drive,Fowlis,Dundee DD2 5LY If calling please Tel: 01382 581822 or 07515325690 between 7 & 9 p.m. only.

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