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									Whirlpool Evansville

                                              Creating loyal customers for life            Wednesday, February 24, 2010


   We have been informed that the Local 808 leadership has planned a rally on Friday, February 26th in protest of the
   closure of the Division. This rally is scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m., which coincides with the time when most of our
   employees will either be coming to or going from work. We have asked the union leadership to make certain that
   the entrances and exits to our property are clear to ensure safety of our employees. We have told the union that
   they do not have permission to utilize our property in any manner and have expressed concern over safety along
   the highway. The last union rally at the Division led to two automobile accidents on Highway 41.

   We understand that the union’s purpose is to encourage Whirlpool to revisit the decision to close our Division. We
   have reminded the Local 808 leadership that the decision to close is final and is not under further consideration.

   In the last six months we have delivered strong results in spite of having to see a good deal of our equipment
   taken out of the building and moved to its new location. I believe that it is a testament to your character that you
   have continued to work hard to preserve the positive reputation of the Evansville workforce during this period.

   With this in mind, we have shared our concern with Local 808 leaders that these negative activities will only ham-
   per employees when they look for future jobs. The entire community is aware and sympathetic towards the situa-
   tion we all face. We fear that potential employers will view the actions of a few and determine whether they would
   want to hire any of Evansville Division employees in the future. We hope that this is not the case, but think it is
   certainly a consideration.

   Since the announcement, we have operated extremely well working together. We are trying to make this difficult
   situation better by providing a wide range of support including applying for and securing the TAA grant; offering
   TAA meetings on site; offering computer and refresher courses on site; counseling retirement age employees of
   their options; communicating as much information as we have on what to expect, and many other things. We are
   disappointed that Local 808 is not also focusing energies on the transition, where it will make a difference.

   None of us like this situation, but at this time we have to make the best of it and take positive actions towards our
   future outside of Whirlpool.


     TODAY’S QUOTE: “The face is the mirror of the mind,
                                                                     WHIRLPOOL STOCK: 82.92
     and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the
             - Saint Jerome
OCC, GLADIATOR                                         3rd SILENT AUCTION
                                                          The Evansville Division will hold the 3rd Silent
                                                       Auction for employees beginning today at noon
                                                       and ending Friday morning, February 26, at 11:30
  Several hundred employees stopped by to see          a.m. The auction will take place at Col. Line D-E25 in
the Gladiator GarageWorks Orange County Chop-          the Building 3 area. Bid sheets and the bid box are lo-
per yesterday. Employees had the option of having      cated on the south end of the auction items. Employ-
their photo taken with the chopper and close to 200    ees can bid on as many items as they want, but only
employee photos were taken! Employees will receive     one bid sheet per person and only one bid per item.
their photos via e-mail or supervisors next week.      Please round the bid off to the nearest dollar. Only
  We also held a prize drawing at the end of the       whole dollar bids will be accepted. In the event of a
event. Following are the prize drawing winners:        tie, a winner will be drawn. Pickup will be on Tuesday
                                                       March 2. Please watch tomorrow’s Advantage for
Gladiator 30” wall gear box:                           more news.
       * Cris Craig, 213
Gladiator 24” wall gear boxes:
       * Daniel Smith, 220
       * Bill Eblen, 226
       * Tommy Denton, 271
OCC polo shirt:                                         PERFORMANCE INCENTIVE SUMMARY
       * Alan Lucas, 792
OCC long sleeve T-shirts:
       * Robert Moore, 231                                      Quality    Assembly   Safety      Payout
       * Charlotte Smoot, 233                                   FPY        Yield      I.R.        Earned
OCC short sleeve T-shirts:                             Oct.     87.2%      97.2%      .70         $400
       * David Denning, 271                            Nov.     88.6%      99.4%      1.57        $400
       * Rich Gates, 266                               Dec.     90.8%      98.4%      .80         $400
OCC blanket:                                           Jan.     90.5%      98.9%       0          $400
       * Tina Camp, 233                                Total                                      $1,600*
OCC hats:                                              Goal     >84%       >95%       <2.0
       * Darlene Walker, 226 (cap)
       * Iris Jackson, 226 (cap)                       Feb. Update:               FPY   Assembly Yield
       * David Isbill, 238 (sock hat)                                     Daily   91.4%      101.2%
                                                                          MTD     89.9%      98.4%
   Thanks again to all who attended and helped and
a special thanks to Mark Stout from the Gladiator      * Assumes zero attendance points each month.
group for making this happen!

    The Shoemobile will be at the Evansville Divi-
                                                           Advantage Editor: Janice Jillson; 812-426-4474
 sion today (at the SW Guard Station) from 5-9 a.m.,
                                                           Attendance call-in: 1-800-445-4592
 10 a.m. - noon and 12:30-3:30 p.m. If you are un-
                                                           EAP: 1-877-510-9668
 sure whether or not you are due for shoes, check          Near Miss Line: 6477 (MISS)
 the Shoe Book located in Safety and at the Main           XYZ Sale Hotline: 812-426-4972
 Guard Station.

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