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					BASR annual conferences                           DISKUS and BASR Occasional Papers                   BASR Bulletin

An annual conference is held for members and      DISKUS is the Journal of the British                The BASR has published a Bulletin since 1972.
other interested scholars at which academic       Association for the Study of Religions. It is a     Currently, there are two issues a year (in May
papers and research reports are presented.        peer-reviewed, on-line (free access) journal        and November). The contents include
The AGM and BASR Annual Lecture take place        which publishes articles from scholars in the       information on BASR, IAHR and EASR matters,
during the Conference. Recent conferences         Study of Religions and related disciplines. More    institutional developments concerning Religious
have been devoted to the following themes:        information is available on the BASR website:       Studies, debates on themes in teaching and
Methodology; Religions in Transformation:                    research in the study of religions, reviews of
Innovation,   Adaptation    and     Syncretism;                                                       books, forthcoming conference information and
Encounters of Religions: Conflict, Co-existence   From 1991 to 2006 the BASR published                past       conference     reports,     members’
and Co-operation; Contemporary Symbols of         Occasional Papers, short articles on topical        publications, international news, obituaries and
the Sacred; Authority and Religious Traditions;   and important issues in the broader world of        scholarly profiles. A list of new members’
Religion and Media; Religious Experience;         Religious Studies, written by leading scholars      names and institutional affiliations appears in
Religion and Innovation; Religion, Conflict and   in the field. The series aims to engage with the    the November issue.
Violence; Religion and Community; Religion        diversity of religious traditions, as well as the
and the State; Religions in Transition; The       complex inter-relationships between religious
Ethical Dimension; and Religious Experience in    groups. Papers have always reflected trends in
Global Contexts.                                  the wider discipline, paying particular attention
                                                  to how the world of Religious Studies shapes
The Annual Lecture was first held in 1991.        and is shaped by its wider theoretical and
Speakers have included Stewart Sutherland,        methodological contexts..
Peter Antes, Michael Pye, Ria Kloppenburg,
Ninian Smart, Margaret Chatterjee, Gerrie ter     For more information on how to order
Haar, Richard Gombrich, Elizabeth Amoah, Ian      Occasional Papers, and for a full list of papers
Reader, Brian Bocking, Tariq Modood, Kim          available, please see the BASR website at
Knott, Hackett Rosalind, Ursula King, Seth
Kunin, and Maria Jaschok. Up until 2006,
annual lectures were published as Occasional
Papers, since then they have been published in
BASR    Constitution       and     Executive     BASR: How to join

The BASR has a constitution and an executive     Membership of the BASR is open to those
committee comprised of a President, Secretary,   normally resident in the UK whose research or
Treasurer and four further officers.             teaching is related to the study of religions.
                                                 Members receive copies of the Bulletin,
The current committee members are:               information about BASR conferences, IAHR
                                                 and EASR events, and are involved in policy
President:               Prof Douglas Davies     decisions and elections through participation in   The BASR is committed to promoting the
Honorary Secretary:      Dr Bettina Schmidt      the AGM.                                           academic study of religions.       Through its
Honorary Treasurer:      Fr Dermot Tredget                                                          annual conference, Bulletins and DISKUS, it
Bulletin Editors:        Dr Dominic              The annual subscription is £20; for                provides a forum for the discussion of issues,
                  Corrywright and Dr Helen       postgraduate students and researchers without      theories, data and methods in the study of
                  Waterhouse                     employment, £10.                                   religions. It monitors and reports on Religious
Diskus Co-ordinating Editor: Dr Mathew Guest                                                        Studies as an academic discipline in Britain’s
                                                 For an application form or further information     universities and colleges. It is a registered
Previous presidents of the BASR have                                                                charity (no 801567).
                                                 about the BASR, please see the BASR
included: E O James (1954-72), Geoffrey
Parrinder (1972-77), Andrew Walls (1977-80),                                                        The BASR was formed in 1954. Originally the
Trevor Ling (1980-81), Ninian Smart (1981-85),                                                      British section of the International Association
Cyril Williams (1985-88), Peter McKenzie                                                            for the History of Religions, its name was
(1988-91), Ursula King (1991-94), Brian                                                             changed in 1989 to the British Association for
Bocking (1994-97), Kim Knott (1997-2000),              Dr Bettina E. Schmidt                        the Study of Religions to reflect the interest of
Peggy Morgan (2000-03), Jim Cox (2003-2006)            School of Theology and Religious             its members in a variety of methodological
and Marion Bowman (2006-09).                           Studies,                                     perspectives on the study of religions.
                                                       Bangor University,
                                                       Bangor LL57 2DG                              The BASR is affiliated to the International
                                                                                                    Association for the History of Religions (IAHR).
                                                                                                    BASR members may attend the quinquennial
                                                       Email:                congresses and regional meetings of the IAHR,
                                                                                                    and may subscribe as individuals to the IAHR
                                                                                                    Bulletin. The BASR President and Secretary
                                                                                                    are members of the IAHR International
                                                                                                    Committee. All members of the BASR are also
                                                                                                    members of the EASR with full voting rights.
                                                                                                    The BASR nominates one of its members to
                                                                                                    the Executive Committee of the EASR.

                                                                                                              Registered charity: 801567