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					Activities of the Association of Norwegian Patent Agents summer/autumn 2003.

1. Trustees

Brit Alstad

Members of the Board:
Arnhild Fiskaa
Dag Thrane
Anne Nævestad
Kate I. Løhren

FICPI ExCo delegates:
Arild Tofting (delegate)
Kate I. Løhren (sub-delegate)

Representatives in the Examination Committee and Board of Patentkonsulters
Morten Balle
Kjell Myhre

Representatives in the Council of Patentkonsulters Samfund:
Gunnar Østensen
Håkon Svendsen
Kjell Myhre

Representatives of CONOPA (Committee of Nordic Patent Agent Associations)
Brit Alstad
Knut Byklum

2. Revision of the Norwegian Patent Act
Norway has finally accepted the EU Bio Technology Directive (98/44) and will be
implemented in the Norwegian Patent Act and most likely be oper ative from 1 February
At the same time the Patent Act will be amended to extend the deadline for entering
national phase of PCT applications from 20/30 to 31 months. The new term applies both
for Chapter I and Chapter II applications.

3. Revision of the Norwegian Company Name Act
A new company act has replaced the old one. Only identical names are refused
registration. The Patent Office has become the new Appeal Division for company names
registration in respect of distinctiveness and risk of confusion. A company name
registration now provides national protection and not only locally as it used to be.

4. International Design.
The Geneva context to the Haag Agreement will most likely become effective in Norway
during 2004.

EXCO/SG04/BUR/005-Norway (revised)                                                1/2
5. Meetings:
a. Members Meetings:
Two members meetings have been arranged during this period, one of these was the
Christmas meeting. The Association continues to arrange short seminars in connection
with the members meetings. The topics of the seminars were as follows:
“Presentation of the effects of the recent amendments of the Design Act” and
“Universities and High Schools shall promote inventions – what about patenting”?

b. Board Meetings:
There has been 6 Board Meetings during the period; several of these have been

6. Authorisation:
The Association has taken initiative to establish a national education for Norwegian
patent attorneys together with the PTO and the Association of Patent Attorneys in
Norwegian Industry in view of the possible accession of Norway to the European Patent

7. Hearing Group
A group of 6 members has been set consisting of 6 people from different private practices,
3 patent engineers skilled within different fields and 3 lawyers. The task is to provide an
opinion to the Association when the Association has been appointed to be a hearing body
by Norwegian authorities, to evaluate documents from FICPI and other organisations, and
prepare this for later voting among the members.

8. Meetings with authorities:
One contact meeting between the Patent Office and representatives from the professional
trade has been held during this period and the Patent Office intends to continue this
activity twice a year in the spring and in the autumn.

9. Number of members:                 January 2004          April 2003
Ordinary members:                     74                    74

(The Association used to have a Junior members category. Since the new by -laws came
into force no new Junior members are adopted).

17 January 2004
Arild Tofting
Kate I. Løhren

EXCO/SG04/BUR/005-Norway (revised)                                                      2/2

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