Offered for sale is a wonderful example of a late 1950s Evans by dfhrf555fcg


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									Offered for sale is a wonderful example of a late 1950's, early 1960's Evans tandem
bicycle. The paint, chrome, decals and overall finish are original, with upgrades only
in order to make this bike ready to ride and tour. Evans cycles are one of the oldest
manufactures and retailers of bicycles in the UK and this tandem was made in London
in the late '50's. The workmanship rivals any of the other famous British makes like
Bob Jackson, Jack Taylor, Claud Butler or Sun. The advantage this particular frame
has, over many other English tamdems, is the rather ample room provided to the rear
(stoker) rider. It is a most handsome machine, black with lovely lug work, stripped in
gold, and set off by red, shellacked, cloth bar tape. The paint is very good with a deep
shine and lovely glow. There are a couple minor scratches that can be touched up.

Unlike many vintage bicycles, this particular tandem has been upgraded to make is
fully functional and ready for a century ride. The wheels have been replaced with new
rims, hubs, stainless steel spokes, tubes and tires, while maintaining the classic look
of the originals. (By the way, the original wheels had been replaced in the 70's and are
long gone...) New cables and housing, grease, shellacked handlebar tape as well as the
'priest' style stoker handle bars (Nitto) complete this machine. Here are the specs. . .

Front compartment-Seat tube = 60cm, Top tube = 57cm, Standover height = 33.5".

Rear compartment-Seat tube =51cm, Top tube = 54cm, Standover height = 30.5",
though not important on a tandem. Wheelbase = 65".

Tubing-Reynolds 531 (heavy gauge tandem)

Wheels are new-Rims, front-NOS Wolber Gentleman 81, Rear-MA2.

Hubs, front is a NOS Sturmy Archer Alloy Drum brake, 36 spoke (stainless steel),
rear is a 40 hole Campagnolo Record High Flange rim with new stainless steel spokes
to match the front.

Tires-New Continental Duraskin K (KEVLAR) 27x1 1/4

Cranks-Williams front and rear, 180 and 170 lengths.

Pedals-Campagnolo SR steel axle , front and rear.

Drivetrain-5 speed (14-34), Simplex JL front shifter and classic touring Crane rear.

Brakes-classic Mafac cantilever with new Kool Stop brake pads. These pads, in
conjunction with the SA front drum, make for good stopping power. The left Mafac
lever is a duel cable, tandem, designed to activate both the front drum and the front
cantilever brake.

Saddles-Front, vintage (and comfortable) Brooks B17 with saddlebag loops, the rear
is an even more comfortable Brooks B66 with cushion springs.

Fenders-Rare and vintage alloy Bluemels "Airweight".
Rack-Original tube construction Evans rear luggage rack for panniers. (I have vintage
Karrimor and Carridice panniers and bags available at additional cost, if desired)

Lighting-Vintage Miller dynamo and front lamp and red rear lamp...fully functional.

2 water bottles

been receiving questions about the date on the tandem. Some folks think it is earlier
while others question some of the components from the 1970's. Let me try to clear up
some of these questions.

I checked my records and the bike was bought new, in either 1960 or 1961, directly
from the Evans factory, 44 & 46 Kennington Road, London. At the same time, the
buyer bought an Evans solo bike which now belongs to Doug Wagner and can be
viewed on the ‘BikeBrothers’ website. ( It's
a personal homepage about bikes and cycling, there in the UK, and they have a
particular interest in the Evan’s marque. Much of the construction on this frame is
consistent with that used in the late 30's so I understand the confusion regarding it's
date of manufacture.

When I purchased this tandem, it had incorrect sew up wheels, no pedals, incorrect
rear handlebar and a few other modifications from it's original assembly. But, the
paint and decals were excellent. The frame, alloy Bluemels fenders, front Simplex
shifter, seat posts, stems, bottom bracket, headset, front bars, cranks and chainrings,
rear rack, paint and decals were complete, original and in good condition. I contacted
Evans, in England , and asked about the tubing and I was assured, by one of the older
employees, that it was Reynolds 531 and so I installed that decal. All other decals
original. I carefully cleaned and prepped the paint with 3M Hand Glaze which brings
out the luster in the paint and transfers. I had the wheels built, as described in the ad,
so that the bike was not only fully functional, but still retained much of the classic
appearance of the original Normandy hubs. Tires new too. I located a better rear
handlebar, wrapped and shellacked the cloth tape on both. All cables, housing, grease
replaced, basically making this tandem very 'rideable". I treated the original saddles
so that they are subtle and very comfortable. I installed the Campy pedals, not original
but not a terrible thing to do. I also installed the lighting, but this is of the same
vintage so it not only looks, but works fine. I also installed the bottles and cages. The
rear derailleur was a Campy Record which was fine for the incorrect wheels but the
larger freewheel that I installed on the new wheels works great with the Crane.

I did not intend to misrepresent this tandem as being all original. The modifications
are easy to change, if the buyer decided to do so. All the original bits can be found,
with some hunting. The main structure of the tandem is original to 1960.

I ride a Co-motion ti tandem, and have ridden tandems for years. The Evans frame is
unusual in that it has a large front compartment and the rear will accommodate my 5'
tall stoker. If you are familiar with vintage tandems, this is a rare size combination. I
hope I have answered some of the many questions.

Thanks, Karl
If you have any questions, please email and ask. All items are described to the best of
my knowledge. Shipping and insurance will be determined after the auction. I suggest
two boxes be used, one for the frame and one for the wheels so please anticipate
greater costs for transport. Payment must be received within seven days after the
initial email notifying winner of the auction. Money orders, cashier's checks and
personal checks (must clear before shipping) are accepted. Many thanks, Karl in
Eugene, OR.

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