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									 NSW Department of Planning
Presentation to the Gosford Housing Forum 2008
• Final CCRS was recently adopted and provides a plan to manage
  expected growth across the CC Region 2006 to 2031
• The Strategy plans for +100 000 people, +56 000 dwellings, +45
  000 jobs
• Guide planning and development to 2031
• Future reviews to include review population and employment
  capacity targets
• Councils to meet capacity targets in Regional Strategy, via LEPs
  (s.117) and in line with distribution in CCRS (e.g. dwellings
  across range of centres and review of fringe zones)
Centres and Housing
• Concentrates more medium-high density
  development around centres, housing types
  that are traditionally more affordable
• Specific Actions:
  – 4.13 Consider a range of affordable housing strategies, including
    forms of low-cost housing, suitable zonings and development
    controls to improve housing choice, and specific schemes. These
    strategies must be consistent with relevant State policies.
  – 4.14 State Govt. will develop options for improving housing
    affordability, with a focus on affordable housing for particular groups
    in the community. Departments of Housing and Planning to identify
    how these initiatives can be applied to the Central Coast.
  – 4.15 Councils to consider appropriateness of the locations in which
    caravan parks are permissible during preparation of principal LEPs,
    including their access to services. This review is also to have regard
    for protection of existing affordable housing stock.
Other Affordable Housing Policy Initiatives
• SEPP 10 – Retention of Low Cost Rental
   – Aims to ensure that people with low incomes have affordable
     places to rent
   – Applies to Metro area, Including the CC
   – Applies when owner of low rental residential building wishes
     to alter or add to, subdivide, or in some circumstances,
     change the use of or demolish the building
   – No. of considerations, including how proposal will affect
     rental stock in the area, impact on current residents and
     future needs of community
   – Applies to boarding houses, hostels and low rental residential
     flat buildings (low rental as as January 2000)
SEPP 70 – Affordable Housing
(Revised Schemes)
• identifies that there is a need for affordable
  housing in several Sydney LGAs e.g. Sth Sydney,
• describes the kinds of households for which
  affordable housing may be provided, and
• makes a requirement with respect to the
  imposition of conditions relating to the provision of
  affordable housing.
1.   Where circumstances described in section 94F…. an affordable housing
     condition should be imposed…. mixed and balanced communities are
2.   Affordable housing .…so that a socially diverse residential population
     representative of all income groups is developed….
3.   Affordable housing….made available to a mix of very low, low and moderate
     income households.
4.   Affordable housing….rented to appropriately qualified tenants… at
     appropriate rate of gross household income.
5.   Land provided for affordable housing…. is to used for affordable housing.
6.   Buildings provided for affordable housing… managed…to maintain
     …continued use for affordable housing.
7.   Rental from affordable housing, after….expenses …generally to be used for
     the purpose of improving, replacing or increasing affordable housing.
8.   Affordable housing…. consist of dwellings constructed to a
     standard….consistent with other dwellings in the vicinity.
Seniors Living SEPP
• Vertical villages required, in return for increased density, to provide
  10% of dwellings within development to be dedicated as affordable
• Hostels likely to be required to provide affordable options given
  smaller sized dwellings and shared facilities
• ‘Affordable’ = An aged or disabled person:
   – Whose gross income falls within set ranges, of percentages of the
      median household income, for Sydney, as defined by ABS,
   – Who is to pay rent that is less than benchmark 30% of resident’s
      household income
SEPP 65 – Design Quality of
• SEPP 65 outlines ten principles for residential
  development to guide good design and evaluation
  of design solutions (DAs and DCPs)
• To acknowledge the importance of economic
  considerations, recent SEPP 65 amendment (No.
  2) amended Principle 9 (social dimensions)
• When preparing DCPs and assessing DAs
  councils should give consideration to housing
  affordability matters, such as optimising the
  provision of economic housing choices and
  providing a mix of housing types.
Changes to s.94 contributions
• 2008 EP&A Amendment Bill seeks to
  amend s.94
• Key goal in amending s.94 is to reduce cost
  to development and improve affordability to

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